ZANU PF Youth Affiliates response to Job Sikhala' threats

I welcome you all to this press conference where we are issuing a presser could behalf of all affiliate organizations to the revolutionary part South Pier in response to the statements or sentiments made by one job we were scanning an honorable member representing a satirical situated from which to visa following service and we noted with a great concern that I during the weekend jokes Cara made the statements threatening that you overthrow the government being led by poverty massive numbers of nagawa before 2023 freedom of expression is there democracy is there I think 2018 was the only a where MDC people campaigned freely without our being beaten without being harassed they expressed their freedom they were sleeping in their houses company which is one thing they must be appreciating about the leadership of President Amazon Tammuz o Managua they haven't been doing so for a long time however we're not really great concern that MDC alliance is now mistaking democracy for lawlessness they are now mistaking freedom of expression for insults inviting upon themselves law enforcement agents to react because such statements are treasonous however on this presser we are happy to announce to you that we are again asleep in job Cara being arrested for if we get arrested we won't be able to locate him since we were to be having access to the prisons or to them what were police cells as politicians he's a politician we have decided to confront him we are not going for Hedren with you his statement that prisoners we can't afford our hands and relax when our government is under attack well the president is under attack wirelessly the rest of the nation is expecting the president to deliver a lot of people are expecting they are looking forward to be millionaires in billionaires under the leadership of President Abbas and Amazon Addabbo and nobody like we were comes and threatens to overthrow a person to whom all of us are expecting it and looking up to for our lives so we are saying to Java Scala we are giving you not more than 72 hours to withdraw your statement if that easier to overthrow a war government to any city an elected president I think it's much more easier to overthrow him as an individual if it's easier to eliminate the president according to him I think it's much more easier to eliminate him whatever you meant by that we know you might be applying semantics and whenever MDC people threaten to eliminate a sample of official government representative they say want to eliminate if we respond by saying we are going to eliminate you too they say certain people wants to kill us no we are saying the same elimination entertained the same overthrowing me threatens is the one we are going to impose on him before he does this for if he manages to overthrow the government every simba brain is going to feel the impact is very definitive is about me but overthrowing of jobs Carla as an individual will only affect his family so here we are we are faced with two situations one is to save the country number two is to save the family of scanner and we are going for an option of saving the country serving the country how by silencing jokes Carla how are going to silence him by what if I'm in SSI that will safeguard our country to guarantee peace in our country what royal order so the police we know Java Scala is doing this to seek attention he wants to be arrested after being arrested the donors releases money for him lawyers like the parent limited to us would because representing him saying you must be free jobs car whatsoever so we have decided to take it upon ourselves as citizens before we have the mandate which is constitutional to make sure that we defend our sovereignty we defend our territory Zimbabwe because we are involved in the fest and political party members later on Friday if your test on Friday we are going to royalty-free hypnosis Mandela we have been nothing in the following with the great concern that Nelson Mandela is now in no-go area for people wearing Party regalia's that are not MDC alliance so we are taking it upon ourselves from Thursday to Friday we are going to have a campaign we are calling free up Nelson Mandela strips where we are going to take over Nelson Mandela and give it to baby to the residents of Zimbabwe no Ferrari no sir Mandela himself was good he was never kill his own no one do this they can never cry foul that I was abused by no sir Mandela but the streets itself is now some extension of empty silence they must know that their offices half it sounds so intestine frightened we are going to make sure we clean up no sand Mandella streets and we guarantee you Oh from whatever political parties that you belong you will be free to put on a regalia of zanu-pf regalia Vipp regalia of mdc-t a carry on pranam take and walk scot-free in no sir Mandela so this marks the end of our press statement we thank you for coming if there are questions and we encourage you to ask questions that enlighten you with the address that we have delivered righty


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