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hi guys this is Alisha for markers on board comm today in this video I'm going to talk to you guys and tell you guys about a company that needs people to call in orders from home also tell you about another company that is looking for people of all ages to work from home pass along a couple of updates and then show you guys a payment proof so first the updates cue me is now going to give you guys $3 to refer the first person to use this site up until May the 25th so if you haven't used their referral program yet make sure you try to refer someone they're giving $3 instead of the normal dollar that they give you to refer people now for those of you guys who don't know what Kimmi is it's basically an extension that you can install on your browser it's free it won't harm your computer when you search for things online then cumene will notify you on the left-hand side and they will let you know if you visit this website you can get so much per click now the pay ranges from a few cents up to a dollar per click if you're on Amazon or Ebay or searching on Google or wherever you search it's random but when you search for different things online then you can get paid to visit those websites your money will accrue into your account in real time there's no payment threshold they're open in the US and the UK you can get paid through your PayPal account and so until the 25th of just doing a hashtag mae-mae it forward incentive for those members who have yet to refer people so make sure you refer your friends tell your friends and your family to use cumae and how they can make a little bit of extra money searching the internet and if you want to sign up for this site make sure you click on the link below this video to get started I also want it to pass along an update about virtual be now this is a company that pays people to work from home typing in alpha numeric images starting during the first though changing their payment system and they're now going to pay their users via Dwolla they used to either send a check or pay you through direct deposit but they're changing it to Dwolla and Dwolla is free it's similar to PayPal where you link up your bank account they will notify you that you've received a payment and then you can just transfer it to your bank account and now I kind of like this change because I think what it's going to do is going to allow you to be able to get your money faster because no longer will they do the 30 dollar payment threshold if you have under ten dollars in your account they will notify you via email and issue you a payment and so that may encourage you guys to stay on the site longer to work even more and you could even get paid now you know a couple of times a week or multiple times a week depending upon how much you work now they're still looking for people to do this from home if you want to apply to this company make sure you click on the link below this video you will need to take a test but there's no experience required a typing test I made a video on how to score a hundred on the test and so I'll leave that video link below this video for guys to watch if you want to do so now I want to tell you guys about the company that needs people to call in orders from home now the name of this company is called post mates some of you all may have heard of this company it's kind of an on-demand delivery service where people can call in orders either online or you know make orders online or either through their phone and what they're do is they'll select some food items that they want delivered to them and then people will who live in major cities like San Francisco actually that's where this company is based in different cities major cities New York Chicago and so forth they will deliver those items to those individuals either by car bicycle and other means and so now they have work at home positions as well because what they need people to do from home is to call in orders either to restaurants or groceries are different other places and so what you're going to need now this job doesn't require any experience at all but they are looking for people who can speak clearly are familiar with the variety of food items that can commit to 10 hours a week that is comfortable talking over the phone and has a phone computer internet connection now you don't have to have a landline phone but you will need to make sure that you have unlimited minutes and long distance that you can call and so you can commit to that 10 hours a week and call these various businesses so the pay for this particular job pays per call but it averages out to $10.50 an hour but calls lasts about two minutes long so they pay every week direct deposit for those of you guys who want to know now you can set your own schedule they do require that you do a background check but there are no fees associated with that at all the company is going to cover those fees so you don't have to worry about that in order for you to be able to apply to this company you will need to email them your resume I'll have the email address right below this video so in order to find the email address all you have to do is either click on the show more button or the description button below this video and then you'll see their email address now if you don't have enough to date resume or a resume or you never work from home or you have no work work experience and you're not really sure what to put on your resume I'm gonna leave a link to another page on my official website at workers on board comm where I give you guys some sample ideas and intent tips on what to put on your resume for example staying you had a business out of your home a home business or you cut hair from your home or you sew a vine or you know you volunteered some ball to work you can include all of those things on your resume if you don't have any any experience at all I also have some sample resume templates that you guys can use the free that you guys can use if you want an up-to-date resume or a more professional-looking resume that you guys can use as well but you will need to send them your resumes and like I said you do need to work commit to at least 10 hours a week and so I'll have all the information below this video make sure you go through that page too so that it can look over some more ideas of what to put on the resume if you have not worked from home before or worked in general I also wanted to tell you guys another about another company now I talked about it before here just about three or four weeks ago about a been looking for social media evaluators to work from home but I noticed one detail that I may not have mentioned in that video and that was is that they're looking for social media users of all ages to work from home this is a part-time job so that means that there is a possibility that teens can work from home doing this you will need to be active on social media every single day that's what they're looking for you'd also need to have an interest in social media you need to have strong writing skills a computer that's less than three years old you can use a Mac computer if you have one or a windows-based computer you will need hospital in turn Act and be able to work at least four hours a day it's flexible we can choose thee whenever you want to work but at least commit to four hours a day for five days a week and one of those days need to be on a weekend day so all you have to do is apply online I'll have the link below this video but they are hiring a lot of people right now to do this from home and you're going to like I said you're going to be helping to improve the newsfeed for a leading global social media platform I'm not really sure who that is but like I said they're hiring people social media users of are you just to do this from home so make sure you go and apply online now I want to show you guys payment proof it's been a while since I've showed you guys one and it comes from Ebates I've talked about it before but I wanted to show you guys so you guys can see that I got paid from them that's $80 guys might be able to see all that okay for me baits and on here it says big fat check can you see that you guys now I've talked about this particular company before I recommend you guys to sign up with Ebates and i'm gonna tell you why first of all it's a site that's free to use and all they're gonna do is they're going to track different places that you shop online and they're gonna give you cash back to do this that cashback will accrue in your account and then they will send you a check so how it works is Ebates works with over 1,500 stores online from amazon to ebay to Sam's Club group on so many different businesses and stores that you guys probably shop at her and are familiar with and her does and so what you do is when you want to shop online a lot of you guys maybe shopping online anyway there's gonna be a lot of sales and deals going on for the holiday weekend and so when you go in to shop online make sure you go through Ebates first you can either go through or you can download their Ebates cashback button and then when you're on a site it will tell you how much cash you're going to get back go to the site shop like you normally would and then Ebates will kind of tally up the cashback that you've earned from each store and they will hold it or accrue it until three months I think they they hold it and send out your check quarterly so it's every three months so say if you were to sign up today you click on the link below this video for Ebates you signed up you shopped online we saw some deals or specials any wants to shop then on August the 5th you'll get a check just like the check that I showed you guys you're gonna get a check that's how it works it's free it doesn't cost you anything in fact when you sign up they're going to offer you a free gift card now you won't get that gift card until you shop online but you will get that free gift card but as soon as you do you're going to get it and so you guys it's if you're shopping online anyway and you're not using ink baits essentially it's like you're kind of losing money that you could get you know it's free if you're gonna shop online anyway you might as well use it eBay also has coupons as well and right now there's 25 stores that gives you double cashback for the Memorial Day weekend so I wanted to tell you guys about that make sure you click on the link below this video to go through Ebates it's a free service and then you guys can get some extra cash just for shopping online also another thing I wanted to tell you guys briefly before I forget there is Lacey here I wrote it down make sure you guys go to the Friday freebie page today on workers onboard calm I posted brain and work at home jobs there is a job for or away for YouTube creators those who have YouTube channels to make extra money there's a company that will pay you to upload an episode to your YouTube channel they will pay you one hundred and fifty dollars per episode I have that listed there and there's also another job for video game experts to work from home you're going to share ten tips on video games I think the tips last between one to three minutes long and they put they pay you a flat fee and also I think you get revenue share too but you can go to the Friday freebie page there and apply online so there's no experience needed for that but I wanted to tell you guys about that too thank you guys so much for watching and for subscribing also the video that I made about Panther Network is on my other channel it workers on board insiders I did make the video and uploaded it yesterday and I'll have the link below this video for you guys to if you want to see how you can make money with this site thank you guys again so much for watching if you have any questions please feel free to go to workers on board ask and answer leave me your question and I'll get an answer for you guys and if you haven't subscribed make sure you do so and make sure you check out for my next video


  1. Hello you stated that you had the information about working from home with Postmates??
    but when I clicked on share the information was not there. Going on to the companies site was not helpful as you said. can you send me the link on how I can apply with the company. Thank you

  2. Have looked into things like this before but I prefer the affiliate marketing model because it allows you to generate sales on semi autopilot after you have done the work involved. It takes time to get to this point though..

  3. Hey Alisha, we appreciate the work you doing but almost every work from home jobs are limited to residents from US, UK and other European countries, so we request you to extend your search to as far as finding Work-From-Home jobs that can be even applied for by non US residents, like people residing in Africa particularly Rwanda where 4G Lte internet connection has been invented, therefore we also need to leap from it through work from home jobs. Thanks

  4. A week ago I joined the company empower network. At first I was a bit skeptical by there payment plan but I tested there system anyway. Now a week later I've made $237 already! I highly recommend you check it out. I can send you the link if interested!

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  6. Thank you for all of the wonderful and legitimate information that you provide on your channel.  I am always sharing your information on my page on Facebook and here in youtube. God bless!

  7. Hi Alisha

    I wasn't sure if you said advent or advent but I will look on your website for it.
    By the way I haven't started working from home yet I applied for just about every job on your site(you know the ones that work for me) but I know I will get one or two lol. Any way thanks for all your information. You are a real blessing. Thanks again


  8. Hi, these are not available in pakistan . can you share site which will work in pakistan ? most of survey site doesnt work in pakistan i have tried music xray , slice the pie , and many other sites from your videos but only instagc works from them . i need more site that are available in pakistan . i'll be waiting for your reply . thanks !


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