VILLAINS The Movie!  (Doll Maker, Granny, Bandits, And More) / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

VILLAINS The Movie! (Doll Maker, Granny, Bandits, And More) / That YouTub3 Family I The Adventurers

– Guys, I gotta show you something. I just came into our
living room and found this. Check this out. I don’t know what this means. I don’t know what it’s about. But, I have a feeling that
this is a little sketchy. Check this out. There’s a sign on it that
says want to play a game? There’s only an option for yes. I wonder if there was a no
right there but it’s gone. And then there’s these
boxes with question marks and they’re all unique
with different colors. It’s on some sort of a platform
that is completely sealed. This is like metal tape, too. I don’t know what’s going on with this, how this got into our living room. I have no idea. Guys, I’m gonna call a family meeting. We got to figure this out. Family meeting! Family meeting. – Whoa, what? – What? – Whoa, what is this?
– Check this out. – What? Is this is a surprise? What’s going on? Want to play a game? – I like playing games. – This seems a little sketchy. – Where did this come from? – [David] I have no idea. – Look.
– Jordan, look. – What is that? Want to play a game? – Wait, you didn’t set this up? – [David] I did not. I just walked in and saw this as well. – This looks fun. – There’s six boxes. That means we can all have our own box. – [David] Wait, wait, wait, wait. I don’t think we should
be doing anything yet. Look at this, it’s on some
sort of sketchy cardboard– – No, it looks fun. – [David] There’s boxes
with different colors. – What if someone just gave this to us? – [David] Okay, how many times
did you walk into the house and there’s this with a message? I have no idea, I don’t even know what game it’s asking to play. – Maybe grandpa could have
given these boxes to us. – [David] Do you think your grandparents came in and did that? – [Mom] Who would have done this? – I don’t know.
– Summer surprise? – I want to play a game. – [David] Wait, before you touch that. – Ty, what’d you do? – [David] Did you guys just see that? – [Mom] Yes. What’d you do? We didn’t even decide. – Okay, I have a feeling
grandpa gave this to us. – I just thought it was a game. – Okay, did you guys notice that when Ty grabbed the envelope,
something changed in our house. – Oh my god, what is this? – [David] Katie, what does that say? – I don’t know. – [David] Careful, careful. – [Audrey] You ripped it open. – [David] Okay, read it out loud to us. – You have chosen to play Villians. – [David] Villians? Oh no. Have you ever played
Villains before, Audrey? – I don’t even know what Villains means. – Rule one, open a box. – [David] One of those boxes? – I guess. Rule two, beat the villain. – [Audrey] What does that mean? – I don’t even know. – Is there like a little toy inside? – [Katie] Like a game, a video game? – Or a board game? – Okay, we can do this, we can play. – [David] I dunno, what
are the rest of the rules? – Open the next box. Continue till you beat all villains. Game does not end till
all villains are beat. – [Audrey] This is like Jumanji. – Yes.
– I don’t want to play. Guys, let’s not do it. – [David] You know what, I
think when he grabbed the thing, the game started. – Villains are not good guys. – The game is waiting for us. All right, rule one was
that we had to pick a box. Don’t touch a box, don’t touch a box. Don’t touch it. I think we all have to agree
on which box we’re gonna open before we touch one, because– – That one. – I don’t want to open up multiple boxes and have multiple villains. – Well which one looks
like the most friendly box? – That one! – [Katie] Pink does, probably pink. – [Jake] Yellow. – I mean, come on, what’s
gonna come out of there? A doll, like yay, I’m a Barbie doll? – Whoa, careful. Villain. – A ballerina?
– Friendly is not a villain. – [David] Could be. This box seems way sketchy. Why would anybody open a black box? – The black box is a scary box. – [David] I wonder if there’s any hints. So pink with purple– – Wait, what’s around the whole thing? – [David] Orange and yellow. – Can we pick pink? – [David] I don’t know, don’t
touch it, don’t touch it, don’t touch it.
– There’s no clues in the back. – [David] Yeah, I didn’t see anything. And it’s all sealed like, it
goes all the way to the floor. There’s no gaps, nothing. You can’t see anything. Look at this. – [Katie] Well now we have to play. – I don’t want to play this game. – He said yes, he picked the yes envelope and now we have to play. – I thought it was just a game. A toy. – [David] Guys, the game’s waiting for us. We have to choose a box. – I think we just have to pick this one. – [David] Wait! (explosion) – What just happened
to all the other boxes? (Audrey screaming) – [David] Audrey, what’s
going on with you? – I feel weird. (explosion) (thunder cracking) – [David] What was that sound? Where did Audrey go, guys? Ty, did you see her? – No, she just disappeared. – I told you guys this was sketchy. – No, I don’t want to play. What happened to Audrey? – [David] Where’s your sister? – Where did she go?
– I don’t know. This just got super real, guys. – What were the rules? How do we get her back? I can’t remember. – [David] I don’t know,
but I don’t like the sound. – Open a box. We have to open one– – I don’t want to, I call not it, no nose. – If we don’t open the box,
we don’t get Audrey back. – [David] Okay guys, I think– – [Jordan] I don’t want
to disappear either. – [David] We have to open the box. – Uh, okay. I just hope I don’t disappear. – [David] Let’s see what– (all screaming) – Granny’s here to play. (thunder cracking) Kids. I smell, oh. A baby. – [David] Guys, run. – Run!
– Run! – [David] There’s Granny,
she’s right there. – Who wants to play a game with Granny? – Go, go, go, go, go, go. Go, go, go. – [Audrey] I can hear you. – Okay guys, we need a game plan. Okay, so. – [David] I turned Audrey into Granny. – And we know Granny. We know what happens. We’ve battled Granny before. We have to find the
items to unlock the door and escape Granny’s house. – And she can hear us,
but she can’t see us. So we have to use that to our advantage. Maybe we can hide and sneak past her but we have to be super quiet, guys. – I know we need a key and a crowbar. – Guys, she’s coming. – Now we play. Nobody cooked Granny cookies last time. If no one gets Granny’s food,
I’m taking Logan with me. He will be my cookies. – Not Logan. – Guys, she left her purse. – [David] I wouldn’t touch it. That’ll probably have, it
probably has a tracker. – [Katie] She took our dog. – I don’t see anything. – We have to get out of this house. – No, nothing’s in here. The purse is empty. – [David] What? Is it a magical purse? ‘Cause I’ve seen her
pull stuff out of there. – Yeah me too. That’s so weird. – Guys, let’s start searching. – ‘Kay, so we need keys, a
crowbar, and we need that electrical tool to be able
to turn off those lights. ‘Cause remember it’s electric. Keep looking, let’s go. Guys, comment down below
if you see, (gasps) guys look! – Granny’s secret area?
– Do we dare go in her secret area? – Did she go this way?
– I don’t think she did. She took Logan upstairs. Let’s try it. – It might be in there. – [David] Let’s go see. This would make sense ’cause
this is Audrey’s room. – Wait, what’s this up here? – I don’t think that’s it. – [David] I don’t think
that’s anything, dude. I think that’s how you
break into Granny’s room. (dramatic music) – A pine cone. Look, she has pine cones. – What’s that for? – [David] I don’t think
it opens the front door. We gotta be looking for keys, crowbar, and the electric tool. Keys, crowbar–
– Is it in the trashcan? She could have put it anywhere. – She probably is going to come real soon to her secret area, we have to hurry. – [David] I heard her. – I don’t want to get
caught in Granny’s room. No, I’m not doing this game, I’m out. Go, go, go. Wait, where do we go? – I’m feeding the doggo cookies. She will be all stuffed
up, ready for dinner. You want some cookies? ‘Kay, I think you’re ready Logan. Come on. Come on. – Granny can’t be giving our dog cookies. That’s not good. We gotta get our dog back. – We gotta get Logan back. I have a plan. What if we find a stuffed animal dog, we replace Logan with
a stuffed animal dog? – Let’s do it. – [David] Okay, hurry, find
a stuffed animal dog, hurry. – Jake, let’s search for the tools. – [David] I can’t believe
Granny left her purse. – Dad! – [David] What’d you find? – A present. – [David] Oh, you found
the electrical tool. – Yeah.
– Nice. Where was it?
– Right there. – [David] It was sitting right over there? – Yeah.
– Okay, let’s go keep on. – Guys, do you think is
close enough to Logan? – [David] I think, I think it’s close. – We can try. – Logan, Logan. Logan’s here. – [David] Did you find Logan? Okay. – [Jordan] He escaped. – [David] Good job Logan, stay here. – We need to replace Logan
with this stuffed dog. – Granny. Puppy? Is that you? – She’s falling for it. She thinks that’s Logan. – Granny needs medicine. Granny’s not feeling well. – Guys, we saved Logan, we saved Logan. – [Katie] Good move, Jordan. – [David] He does look
like he’s well fed now. – We need to watch out for him now. Okay, let’s get up to the door. – Granny needs nap. (Audrey snoring) I’m energized. (Audrey slamming into door) – Okay, come on, come on, come on. Go to the door, she’s out. She knocked herself out. Okay, wait, wait. Whoa, this is different. Guys, the door is different. – Remove alarm lights in correct order. We have to get the first one. We can’t use the wrench. How do we do that? – [David] I don’t know,
this is a new twist. Don’t lose that Jake, you hold onto it. – [Jordan] She’s coming. – Granny not only has a cold now, she’s got a concussion. How’s the puppy doing? – [David] I think we can
go to the room down there. – We have to go. – [David] There’s a room right there. – Granny’s also feeling a little sweaty. Granny’s going to her secret lair. – Okay, she said she’s
going to her secret lair. That’s her room. Let’s go in here. Did you guys find something? – Yeah, come to the next villain party. Use code word– – [Jordan] Does anybody have their phone? Somebody take a picture of this. – Come to the next villain party. RSVP 555-555-5555. Use code Granny for VIP upgrade. What does that mean? – [David] Jake, can you figure that out? You call that phone number, Jake. Call the phone number, see what it does. Okay, code steps. Wait, Jake, Ty, you guys are good at math. Jordan, double check their math, okay? – [Ty] Three minus four– – Plus two.
– Three! – [David] Three minus four is what? It’s negative one. – Plus two, so it’s one. – [David] Okay, it’s one. So put one up there. Team short stuff can’t reach it. – Step two is 10 divided by two. – [David] That’s a pretty
easy one, isn’t it? – [Ty] Five. – Yeah, five. It’s five. – You got this, Ty. – Seven plus 10, seven plus
10 minus two divided by five? – Three! – [Jordan] We’re gonna have to hurry. – How did you guys come up with that? I can’t even get that so fast. – It’s seven plus 10– – Okay, so, the first
number to the second place, so put one right here. – Then what? – [Jordan] I don’t know. – [David] We don’t have all the clues. We know the second one to take off is one. – Well I got the number ready. – I think that we better leave it at that and let’s search this
room and get out of here before we get caught. – [David] Okay, Jake,
did you call the number. – No, should I? – [David] I think you should. What happens when you call 555-555-5555? – [Announcer] Welcome to Verizon Wireless. Your call can not be completed as dialed. – [David] It was a trick! – No, because it says you have to use the code Granny for VIP upgrade. – [David] Yeah, but it’s a trick. Maybe it’s to delay us in
here so Granny can catch us. – No, there’s probably, wait. – [David] Door. (dramatic music) Granny’s locked room. It’s locked, can’t. Yeah, try that door. It opens. Sorry, I don’t know where Granny is. – [Katie] Wait, what’s that? – [Jordan] Grab that, grab that. – [David] Oh, it’s a crowbar. We found it. Okay, let’s go, go, go, go, go. Sneaky sneaky sneaky. Keep out, don’t go in there. Where’s Granny at? – Which one? – [David] Let Jordan
help you take that off. – Where is she? – [David] I don’t know, it’s too quiet. – What one am I taking off? – [David] It’s a crowbar,
it takes off the bar. – Do we do this? Do we remove alarm
lights in correct order? Can I remove this? – [David] I think so,
that’s not the alarm lights. All right, so wait. So for the alarm lights, we know that that one’s in second
place, right, number one? – So then would we do two
first, then three, no. Two, then one, then three? – I don’t know. Guys, it’s really quiet. Where even is Granny? – I’m nervous. Okay, so, move the first
one to second place. So does that mean– – We just know that we have
to remove number one second but we don’t know what we’re doing first so we need to find more clues. We don’t have enough information. – [David] Okay, keep looking. – We just need the keys and the code. – Guys, I think we should
go back downstairs. – [David] Let’s go. Granny’s down there so be careful. – Don’t say anything. We just be very quiet. We don’t know where she is. (dramatic music) – Let’s see if she’s in her secret area. – Guys, this feels like a trap. It’s too quiet. – What are you doing in my room? – I told you it was a trap. Granny’s after us now. Where’d everybody go? We all scattered. I gotta hurry, Granny’s coming after me. – You don’t want Granny to get angry. Oh, exercise machine. Granny needs her exercise. – Guys, that was so close. – [David] Okay, there’s a reason. – I thought she was gonna
come out and get me. Guys, let’s search Granny’s
hideout place one more time while she’s not there. Let’s go. I don’t know where the boys went. Oh wait, there’s Jake. You didn’t get caught, okay. Hurry, hurry. – Ty, Ty, ‘kay, come on. – [David] Go, go, go, go. – What was she doing in here? – [David] I don’t know, but
I bet the keys are in here because she was guarding it. – Oh, I thought that was a frog. There’s keys. Wait, that’s what we were looking for. – [David] The keys. – Keys, I thought it was a frog. That scared me. – How did you think this was a frog? – [Katie] Just the way it was spread. – [David] Let me see, let me make sure. Okay, it does look right. Jordan, let’s have you unlock the door. – We can’t because the
electricity is still on. – [David] No, Jake’s got
the, Jake you have the– – But what order? – I’ll hold onto the
keys and we need to wait and figure out all the other clues. – [David] Do you guys
see any clues in here on what order to turn off the lights? – Well, there’s one star fish. And there’s three starfish over there. – [David] There’s three turtles. – And three starfish
there, with one whale. So I’m thinking– – [David] But wait, there’s only two blue and one, I don’t know. – So one goes to the second place. So I think you should open up– – [Ty] Two goes to the third. – [David] You think two goes to the third? – I think you open up three first. – [David] I think you do too because look, there’s three, and there’s three. I think three is the key. – Three, then one. – [David] And look,
there’s on in the middle. Look there’s three there. And then there’s one in the
middle, one in the middle. Three, let’s do that. – Okay. Three one two. – [David] Three one two. Ready Jake? Remember, you’re three, one,
two, you gotta disarm it. – Granny’s there. – What’s in my purse? This looks like my
granddaughter Jordan’s phone. What does this thingamigger do? – [David] How’d she
get your phone, Jordan? – She’s taking pictures. – [David] Oh no. Jordan, can she get on
your Instagram account? – I don’t know. – [David] She’s taking
selfies on your phone. – [Jordan] She’s got the flashlight on. – Granny’s coming. Guys? Guys? – [David] Audrey. – Guys, the last key’s in. (Audrey yelling) It’s Granny! (dramatic music) – What just happened? It was Audrey for a second, and then it was Granny again. We gotta get past her and get that door. We gotta get out of here. – I’m ready for those
children to learn a lesson. They need to review Granny’s house rules. Number one, no crying. No hiding. No stealing. Only stay indoors. Only eat cookies. And listen to Granny. You grandchildren need
some better behavior. Do you hear me? Granny’s tired and old. – [David] Go, go. Unlock the lock. – [Audrey] Only stay indoors. – No, what was the number? It was two. – [David] It was three. – One, two. – Guys, none of these keys are working. – [Audrey] Children trying to escape. (glass breaking) – Attack back. – [Audrey] Are you coming back? – [David] Granny’s hair fell off. – What was the next number? – One. – Guys, I’ve lost the keys. – [David] Hurry Jordan. Keep working the lock. – Okay, got one unlocked. Two.
– Get that one. How you doing? How are you doing Jordan? – She’s coming. It worked, it worked. – [David] Go, go, go, go, go, go. – [Audrey] Children. Are you leaving again? Children. (Audrey screaming) – [David] Audrey, Audrey,
come here, hurry, hurry. – Yeah, I made it. – Oh my goodness. – Guys, I tried to warn
you where the last key was but Granny came over me again. – [David] That was crazy. – That was so crazy. We played the game, we won. – We won. We beat the first villain. – What’s the next rule? – [David] Wait, wait, there’s more rules. – Let’s go see, let’s go read the rules. Go, go, go, go. – [David] The house is
back to normal, guys. – What’s the rules?
– It’s a different box. – [David] What? – [Katie] It is a different box. – That’s not the same,
yeah, what is going on? – Wait, wait, wait, guys. Rule number three, open the next box. – [David] The next box? – Guys, do you hear something? I hear something. – [David] What do you hear? (child singing) – What is that? – It sounds so familiar.
– Oh my goodness. Wait, what’s happening? (thunder cracking) (doors slamming) (Jordan singing) – Guys. Jake. Ty. Ty, what’s going on? Wake up guys. (Audrey coughing) Get up, Ty. – Oh my gosh. The box! – Oh wow.
– Wait, guys, where’s Jordan? – [Audrey] I don’t know. She disappeared again. – That’s not good. That’s what you did last time. – It’s so foggy in here. – [David] Whoa! – [Audrey] Jordan! – Wanna play? (Jordan giggling) – The Doll Maker is back. – Oh no. – We need to save our sister. – She’s with Abigail. – I can’t remember. Was Abigail good or bad? It’s been too long. – Like we saved Jordan,
Abigail she disappeared. – So the second villain is the Doll Maker. – I don’t know what we’re supposed to do. We’re supposed to get water, let’s go see. – Guys! We can’t get to the
kitchen, it’s blocked off. – [Audrey] What is that? – Maybe we can use the bathroom, let’s go. – It’s locked. – [David] What do you mean it’s locked? Try all the doors. – Guys, we need water. That’s how we do it. We can defeat the Doll Maker with water. Remember how we sprinkled it? That’s all. If we can get to the
kitchen or get into one of the bathrooms, we can get water. – They’re locked and
there’s a force shield around the kitchen, how
are we supposed to get in? – Okay, guys, we need to
spread out through the house and look for any signs of clues. We need to–
– Or water. – Check out Jordan more, find out Abigail. I don’t know. – Obviously something changed
when we all fell asleep and when the Doll Maker
appeared with Abigail, making Jordan change. – She’s coming. – Let’s head downstairs and see. There’s a bathroom downstairs. – Let’s go try.
– To that bathroom. – There’s water there. – Yes, that’s my favorite show. Oh. Yes, she’s my favorite character. Oh my goodness. Yes. You are so pretty. I wish I was just like you. – Go, go, go. – There she is. She’s right there. – What do we do? I don’t know what to do. – Guys, look. Wait. – [Katie] What is that? – Was this here before? (Audrey gasping) He is coming again this fall. Watch out for a new boy doll. – A, do you remember when
we used to get those notes? – [David] Yes, that was from Abigail. – From A, and we found out it was Abigail. Abigail’s leaving us more notes. He’s coming again this fall. Who’s coming? – I don’t know, but there’s
gonna be a new boy doll. – So like, Abigail’s friend? – Oh no.
– This is not good. – Okay, guys, I’ll keep the notes. We wanna keep them for clues. – Jump, jump, jump. Ready? Three, two, one. Whoa, cool trick. Let’s do it again. Ready, ready? Three, two, one. Yeah, let’s go. – [Katie] No, it’s locked. – [Audrey] It wouldn’t work? Are you sure? – Yes, we can’t get water
out of any of the bathrooms. They’re all locked. – [David] Audrey, try your bedroom. You always keep a glass
of water next to your bed. Check Jordan’s room. – [Audrey] There’s a key,
should I try the key? – Try it. – [David] Why are they
all locked or jammed? What’s going on? Is it working? Not working. – Okay, we need to look for more clues because maybe Abigail left more notes. Audrey found one, maybe there’s more. Let’s go. – Okay, I wanna know is how
the Doll Maker or Abigail locked all of our doors. – [Jake] I found a wooden box. – [David] What’d you find? – A wooden box. Hurry, time is almost out. Go towards the light. – The light?
– The light? – [Audrey] There’s tons of light. What light? – But keep the clue. – ‘Kay, but that one’s not signed A. There’s no A on that
one, what does that mean? – This doesn’t look like
it’d be from Abigail. Look, the handwriting’s different. – [Katie] What? – Guys, I remember that was
a clue from another video. – Comment down below if you remember what video this is from. – I don’t think that has
anything to do with this video. I think we’re finding old clues. Let’s keep looking though. Anything over there guys? Anything back here? Jordan was playing over
here a few minutes ago. Nothing? – Guys, guys, guys. – [David] Where was that? – Right here. It says perform a superstitious
act to weaken his hold. A. – [David] A superstitious act. – To weaken probably
the Doll Maker’s hold. I’m guessing that’s what
we’re being warned about. – What’s a superstitious act? – Well, okay, like a black cat. If you cross the path of a black cat, isn’t there something about that? Like you’re not supposed to– – Walk underneath a ladder. – Yeah, is there a ladder? We don’t have a ladder. – Wait, wait, wait. You guys are naming ones
that bring bad luck. A black cat crossing
your path is bad luck. Going under a ladder is bad luck. Breaking a mirror is bad luck. We gotta do some for good luck. – I don’t know any good luck ones. – Salt, salt, throwing salt. Throwing salt. Like you spill salt and
you hurry up and pick it up and throw it, that’s supposed
to bring you good luck. Yes, so we gotta find– – Up in the kitchen. Wait, we can’t get in the kitchen. – What about a horseshoe? – Do we have a horseshoe? I don’t have a horseshoe. – We don’t even have any horses. – I don’t know what we’re going to do. – [David] What do you think? Audrey? – I’m out of ideas. I don’t know. – Dad, Dad, over here. – [David] What? – There’s popcorn salt right here. – [David] That’ll work. That’s salt, right? – Put it in your hand and
throw it over your shoulder. – [David] Just a little bit, not a lot. – Chuck it over your shoulder. – [David] Over your shoulder. Okay, that’s a superstitious act. – Now what happens? What happens? What does it say? I don’t remember. – To weaken his hold. – To weaken its hold. What does that mean? Maybe Jordan’s changed. Let’s go see. – Let’s go. (Jordan giggling) There goes Jordan, she’s right there. Where’d she go? (Jordan singing) – [Audrey] Jordan, Jordan. – Guys. The force field around the kitchen is starting to get weaker. – Wait, maybe that’s what it
means by to weaken his hold. – Guys, I think we’re doing it. – [David] Hey, every clue we
find, maybe it’s gonna make that force field go away
and then we can get in and get the water. – Okay guys, Jordan’s still the same. – [David] Ty, what’d you find. – [Ty] There’s a paper under the lamp. – [David] What? Where are all these coming from? – Don’t touch her or she will break. Hurry fast to change her fate. (Jordan singing) – [David] Don’t touch her it says. Let her go by us. – Wait, so if we touch her, she’ll break? – [David] Yeah, don’t touch her. – Her face is already cracking. – As soon as we found that
other clue that Ty just found, the force field is getting weaker. I can, I think we’re almost there. Let’s see if we can figure this out. – Let’s go after Jordan. – She’s holding Abigail. Maybe she’s dropping the clues. – Maybe. Don’t touch her, she’ll break. – [David] Don’t touch her. – [Audrey] Jordan, Jordan. – [Katie] Where is she? Where’d she go? – [Audrey] Jordan, Jordan. Jordan. Jordan, are you in here? Jordan. – She can’t just disappear, can she? Maybe she’s in one of the locked rooms. Maybe she knows how to get in. – [Ty] I found a clue. – What? – [Jordan] What was that? – [David] What did she do back there? (Jordan singing) – Oh yes, good idea. (Jordan giggling) – You guys, we need to save her fast. What’s going on? – [Jake] What’s she doing? – Where is it? – [Katie] What’s she looking for? – [Audrey] Maybe she’s
looking for something we need. – Hurry. – What’s she holding? Did you guys see what she’s holding? – I don’t know what it was. – Okay Ty, read the clue. Read the clue. – He is back at it again. Send a picture to my friends by midnight or Jordan becomes part
of his collection, A. – What time is it? – [David] It’s close, it’s like 11:30. – Send a picture to my
friends by midnight? – Send a picture of what? Send a picture to my friends by midnight. Send a picture of what? – Guys, I think I know. I think we need to send a
picture to Abigail’s friends. Shot of Yeagers, Smelly
Belly, and the Skorys all had a doll. It said send a picture to two. Okay, I’ve got phone
numbers to Shot of Yeagers and Smelly Bellies, should I go take a picture of Jordan and send it? – Yeah, I’d be sneaky
though, because I don’t know if she’s going to allow that. – You take the camera, I’ll
go try to take a picture. Got your camera ready. I missed the picture. Gotta go try again, come on. (Jordan singing) – Oh, you see this? – I think I got her. Okay, I’m gonna send this picture. Don’t let Jordan see me. Okay guys, I just sent it. All right, I gotta attach
the picture, shoot. They’re probably
wondering what’s going on. Here I go. I sent it. We did it. How’s the force field looking Audrey? – [Audrey] It looks so weak. It looks like there’s only one bar left. (Jordan singing) – Haha, boo! – Okay, where do you
think the last clue is? – [Katie] I don’t know, where did we look? I feel like we’ve looked everywhere. – Guys, come here. – Did we try these doors
to see if they were locked? – What if we have to go in the attic? – [Katie] We don’t have a
ladder to get to the attic. How would we do it? Guys, we are totally trapped. – There’s gotta be one. Look, it’s gonna be somewhere out just like all the other ones are. Plain sight maybe. (dramatic music) (Jordan singing) – Better hurry. – Guys, there’s only one laser bar left. Let’s find the last remaining clue. – Should we look in the box again? – In the box?
– In the box. – [Katie] I mean, we might as well. – Don’t touch it, don’t touch it. There’s nothing in there. – It’s just smokey. – Where could the last clue be? There’s a picture of Jordan. Look how young she was. – [Katie] What? When did that appear? – [David] That wasn’t there before. – I know but, ew, it’s dusty. – [Katie] ‘Kay guys, look around. We need to find this. – Boo! (Jordan singing) You wanna play? You don’t wanna play? – I didn’t want to touch
her ’cause she’d break. Guys, look, there’s a clue. Get it, Ty, grab it, grab it, grab it. What does the clue say? – [Katie] Guys, Audrey, run. – Play with me! (Jordan singing) – Read the clue, read the clue. – Who is knocking at the door? Go answer or the little boy is next, A. – What?
– The little boy? – [Katie] That’s the second
warning about the little boy. – Ty, Ty.
– Wait, our little boy? – I don’t know, but let’s
keep an eye out for him. – [Katie] No, we are not, Ty
is, this is not happening. – Someone’s knocking at the door. – [Katie] Go, go, go, go, go. – Ty, back away from the door. What if they’re gonna get you? – [Katie] Yeah, don’t let them get Ty. Keep Ty behind. Nobody’s there. Wait, what’s that? – Wait, why was the front door unlocked but all the other doors are locked? – [Katie] Logan? – Danger, you should be
afraid, very, very afraid. Scream, I’d turn back if I were you. Guys, the force field’s gone. – The force field! Let’s go. – Maybe that’s, I’d turn
back, that’s our clue. – [Katie] To turn her back? Get the water. – Okay, where is she?
– Abigail! – [Katie] I don’t know where is she? She’s getting crazier.
– Jordan! (Jordan singing) – [Katie] She knows! Don’t touch. – Everybody, grab some water, here. Give me your hand, put some in your hand. Put some in your hands. Okay, go sprinkle it on her. (Jordan screaming) (porcelain shattering) – Jordan? Jordan! – [David] You’re back. – Why are you spraying me? I’m all wet. Why’d you do that? – [Katie] Jordan, you
turned into the doll again. – [Audrey] You were with Abigail. – I don’t have Abigail,
what are you talking about? – [Katie] Abigail showed up. – Abigail was in our house. Come here, come look at the box. – [Katie] The box. – No. – [Audrey] Come look at the box. – [David] Guys! – We defeated the box. Look, look, we defeated the villain. – [Katie] That’s so
awesome guys, we did it. – Wait, I’m so confused. What’s going on, guys? – [Katie] We rescued Jordan, we defeated. – Guys, there’s a new box. (faint laughter) – Wait, wait, wait. Do you hear something? (evil laughter) No! – Guys, that box has been
making noise all night long. And we have been afraid to open it because we know what’s coming next. We know that laugh. We do not want to open that
box, but you know what, we’re stuck in this game,
we have to play the game. – If we don’t open it, we can’t end this, so we’ve got to do it. – [Katie] It literally, all night long. – You guys ready? – [Katie] No, I’m not ready. – [Audrey] Be careful, guys. – Here we go. Ty’s gone! Where did he go? – Oh no, that means Ty’s
gonna be the neighbor. I think Ty’s a really fast neighbor, too. – Wait, wait, the laughing stopped. – Where’d it go? (evil laughter) (dramatic music) – I hear the laughing again. – It’s back. – [Katie] What about Ty, guys? – Guys. (Audrey screaming) – [Jake] Whoa, what is this? – [David] Whoa, what is that? – [Jordan] I don’t know, you guys. – [David] What do you think we should do? – They look like the neighbor. I’m gonna touch it. Whoa! – [Ty] They’re gone! – I think those are the things we have to find, guys, to escape. – [David] We gotta find the figurines? – So wait, those three
figurines are hidden around this house somewhere
and we have to find them before Hello Neighbor finds us? – [David] That’s the
hardest Hello Neighbor we’ve ever played. Okay, keep your eyes open. – Maybe we need flashlights with us. – I want one too. – Guys, here comes the neighbor. Go! – [Katie] Wait guys, if you
are quiet, he can’t hear you, but he can see you. You gotta be quiet. – [Audrey] He can still see us. – Oh, if we be a statue,
he can’t touch us. – [Katie] Jake, be a statue! – [Jordan] Jake, stop moving! Be quiet and stop
moving, he can’t tag you. – [Katie] It works. It works. – Okay, so we can be statues. – Okay guys, we figured this out. The neighbor is very hard, very hard. – This is the hardest
one we’ve ever faced. – We just have to be quiet and if he sees us stand
very still like a statue. – But he can’t hear us
anyways ’cause he has– – That’s true.
– It’s playing music. – So all’s we have to do, I
mean, that’s why he’s not. – We can talk, but he can’t see us. – So if he sees us, we have to freeze. Going downstairs. Okay guys, we need to search upstairs. – [Katie] This floor’s clear. Let’s go, we’re clear. – Go fast, hurry. He can’t hear us. Remember, we can search everywhere, hurry. – Everything changes on each villain. Look, we can’t go in this room either. It’s telling us it’s the wrong way. – [Katie] Guys, what about in there? Let’s go see if there’s a clue. – [David] Look at those lights. – [Katie] Whoa. Could he have hid it in here somewhere? – [Jake] I don’t see anything. – Look, look. It’s our make today an adventure. Guys, guys, guys! – [Katie] No, did you just find it? – It was by our hoodie. And the camera. – Think he’s been taking pictures? – [Katie] I don’t know. That’s good, good job
Audrey, you found one. – Got one. (dramatic music) Guys, he’s mad. – He’s super quiet. You don’t know when he’s coming. – He’s speedy fast. – He just ran so fast. I didn’t even know he was coming. – [Katie] That was so close. – Maybe it would be a good
idea if we just stayed quiet, that way we could hear him. – We got one. – [Katie] I’m so scared, I
don’t want to go out there. – I know, I don’t know if
he’s gonna come zooming by. – [Katie] Okay, what if one person go and then wave the rest? Say freeze. – [Audrey] Freeze! (suspenseful music) He’s coming, he’s coming. – [Katie] Oh my gosh, go, go, go. Goodness, where, where, where? Where do we go, guys? Where should we go? Oh, we’re gonna go down here. – The bathroom. – [Katie] What? – There’s blue stuff on it. – [Katie] Wait, what about
in the toilet paper roll? – [David] I’ve never seen
this room like this before. – [Audrey] I don’t see it in here. – [Jordan] Guys, freeze! He almost caught me in the kitchen. – Guys, the neighbor took
the last neighbor token. The neighbor took it. It was right here, he just grabbed it. I was this close. It was literally sitting right there. – [Katie] And he got it? – He took it and he
shook his finger at me. – [Katie] So we only have one token? – Yeah, I almost got the second one. – Wait, is he going to
rehide it or something? – We gotta get them before he gets them? – [Katie] Yes. – He’s gonna keep moving them around. – Oh no, that makes it even harder. – Okay, we have to go fast, guys. What’s in here? – Guys. Why are there three passports out here? – Is he planning to like travel somewhere? – [Audrey] But why does he need three? – Is he taking us somewhere? Freeze! – His breathing is really creepy. Guys, I’m so scared I’ve got the shivers. – Guys, we need to get our Tyler back. – I know, ’cause he’s scary. – As the neighbor, he is so creepy. – We’ve got to the basement. – We’ve got to go to the basement. – I don’t want to get trapped down there. – Keep your eyes open. Shh. – I’m so worried that he’s gonna– – Freeze!
– jump scare me. Oh my gosh, he just ran downstairs. – [Audrey] No, he didn’t. Ow. The neighbor just hurt himself. He’s going to the basement. – Guys, the neighbor just
went to the basement. I don’t know what to do. But we have to. We have to get Ty back. We can’t leave him like this,
we have to complete this game. – Plus, if we don’t complete
it, he’s gonna be chasing us– – All night! We’ll never be able to get rest. We have to get this over. Oh no what? – Look at the Space Invaders video game. – [Jake] I want to play it so bad. – [Katie] No, don’t. No, don’t start another game. – Oh my gosh, look at the computers. – [Katie] What is going on? I’m so worried he’s gonna jump scare us. – There’s the neighbor. Here’s the neighbor. Okay, go. Wait, is this? This is us! Is he spying on us? – [Katie] What? No. – This is one of our Hello Neighbor games. – [Jake] Guys, we only got so much time. (dramatic music) – [Katie] He’s spying on us. – That’s me! That’s so creepy. – [David] That’s when we played Hello Neighbor in the mansion. – [Jordan] Where is he? – [Katie] He’s right there. He’s spying on us. – I felt like I almost was lost. There’s so many different
tunnels, just like randomly around his house, like it’s like. – [Katie] Okay, now I’m
getting creeped out, guys. What is going on? That’s so creepy. – This is very creepy. – We got to find those
other two figurines. – Now I see our neighbor gets in our house through all the tunnels and stuff. He spies on us. – [Katie] What? – [David] Audrey, your room is locked. – [Audrey] My room is locked? – [Katie] What? – [Audrey] It was unlocked before. – It won’t turn. – [Jordan] Coming, he’s coming! – [Katie] Guys, let’s go. Oh, that scared me. I thought there was a mouse. Oh my goodness. – You thought there was
a mouse in the room? – [Katie] Yeah, ’cause I saw something go across the floor, but. – [David] Confetti. – [Katie] Oh my goodness
I’m so freaked out. – Do you think it’s in
the popcorn machine? – [Katie] Yeah, check there. – Wherever there’s lights, you
know the neighbor has been. So that might be a clue. – [Jake] All around here. – All around here. – All around Audrey. – [Jordan] Oh, self promo. – [Audrey] But this is serious. Trying to find the figurines. – Whoa, look at the shadows it casts. Look at that. – [Audrey] Guys, you’re blocking it. – I could be the neighbor. – Why would you want to
be the neighbor, dad? Get back to finding stuff. – I just never saw that before. – [Audrey] Is it behind the curtain? – Why is there a hole in our ceiling? That wasn’t there, guys. – [Jordan] Do you think the neighbor punched a hole in our ceiling? – What happened? – [Jordan] Wait, do you
think he’s trying to like? – I don’t know what he’s
doing, but he’s like making secret rooms and compartments inside of our ceilings and floors. – Wait, do you think he’s
trying to make another tunnel but like in the ceiling or maybe an escape route or something? Or maybe he’s trying to get into like the pipes or something. That’s so weird. – [David] Maybe he’s
listening to us through that. – Okay, we should keep moving then. The neighbor’s back, guys. – [Audrey] And Logan. – [Jordan] Don’t move. – [Audrey] Logan, don’t move. – He’s got a phone. – [Audrey] Jordan, it’s your phone. – [Jordan] He has my phone! – [Audrey] He took a
picture on your phone. – He just gave me– – [Katie] He gave Jordan, is that a clue? He took a picture. What? – Look he took them on the couch. – [Katie] The neighbor took a lot of pictures on Jordan’s phone. – He hijacked my phone. – [Audrey] Guys look, it’s a live photo. – [Katie] So you can watch as he does it. What does this mean? – [David] I don’t know,
but we better hurry, guys. – It looks Ty is trapped
inside of the neighbor’s body. – Yeah, you can see,
like, you can kinda see when I move it right here,
you can kind of see Ty’s eyes. Right there, like he’s
trying to show us something. – [Katie] He’s stuck in, right? – He’s stuck in the mask.
– Oh, that’s just creepy. – Guys, he’s laughing at us. He’s laughing. We better hurry, that means
Ty might be coming up. – We haven’t found one
in the basement yet. There has to be at least
one in the basement. – [Katie] There should
be one down here, guys. – [Audrey] Do you think
it’s in Logan’s toys? (Dad gasps) – It’s the neighbor. Said I found ThatYouTub3Family. – [Katie] He found our house. Yeah, we know he found our house. He’s here. That’s us right now. – Wait, that’s him recording. That’s his footage. – That’s me. – [Audrey] I’ve never seen that before. – [Jake] I really want to play. – No, don’t. If that starts making noises,
that’ll bring the neighbor. – [Katie] I don’t think we
should enter any other games while trying to complete a game. – Do you think there might be a clue up over on the game boards or anything? Anything moving, anything missing? We got to see. – Guys, it’s another neighbor. It’s another neighbor. – [Katie] Where was that? – Right here. – [David] You have the eyes of a hawk. – [Audrey] I know, I’ve got two now. Look. Wait, why does this look like a younger version of the neighbor? Wait, no wait. – Isn’t that in the game? That’s the actual player, that’s us. – [David] One more. – [Katie] We have to find
one more figurine, guys. Back upstairs, should we try? – Be quiet, just slow and steady. (evil laughter) (dramatic music) (Audrey yelling) – [Jordan] That was so close. – [Audrey] The neighbor’s crying. – That was so close. Wait, he’s crying? – [David] Is it because we
found two of the figurines? I’ve never seen the neighbor cry. – [Jordan] Wait, that’s weird. I think we should just try and hurry. – The neighbor’s probably mad. – [Katie] He’s right there. Hey guys. – What rooms have we not searched yet? – We’ve searched all the rooms. We haven’t searched the kitchen. We haven’t searched the kitchen. – [Katie] May find something. – [Jake] Found it! – [Katie] No! – [Audrey] You found the last one? – [Katie] You’ve got it! – Okay. – Wait, guys, we found all three. So doesn’t that mean that we won the game? Like, what happens now? I think, what is he doing? – [David] Ty’s back! – [Jordan] Ty! – What happened? – Ty!
– Ty! – What happened? – [Katie] You were the neighbor. – We had to look for three neighbor tokens to get you back out of the neighbor. – [Katie] You became the neighbor. – Did you make the– – Ty, I’m so glad you’re back. – [David] You don’t remember anything? – Do you remember anything about it? – Guys, guys, guys. There’s a check mark on the box. – So we completed it? – [David] We beat Hello Neighbor. – Yeah! – There’s a new box. – Guys. You hear that sound? – No! – ‘Kay guys, it’s been a few days. We keep hearing the noises. We know who this one’s gonna be. – I just don’t wanna open
it because all I hear, like I really can’t sleep at
night because I just hear this. (Audrey clapping) – [Katie] He’s coming for you. – It doesn’t start until we open the box. – Like literally, it’s so
annoying, so we have to open it. – Literally it just comes at
random times in the night. Like it will just start being like– – I hear it in my dreams. – And I’m like uh. – I just want to get rid of it. – It’s so creepy. We have to do it. We have to complete it. – Who wants to open the box? I call not it. You will? – I guess so. – Jake. (Audrey screaming) – You really do exist. – Guys, it’s Baldi. (ruler slapping) Oh no, where’s the family? I’m the only one left in the game. I have to defeat Baldi
and get my family back. I know how this works. I’ve got to get seven notebooks
and not get caught by Baldi. – Game starts now. (dramatic music) You really do exist. – I found a notebook. (Katie giggling) Um. Three, 10. Got this one done. – You are correct. Here’s a shiny quarter. – Yes. – Wanna play? One. Two. Oh, you messed up. Try again. One, two, three four, five. – Hey, there’s another notebook. Six, zero. Um. (ruler slapping) Two? (Dad imitating buzzer) – I hear every move you make. (ruler slapping) – No running in the halls. Detention for you. – Oh no, Baldi might get me. What’s that? You’re in detention. Solve to leave. Easy, medium, or hard? Hm, I’m gonna do the hard one first. So 10, 18, five. And the medium one. 11, one. And easy. Nine, 10. Got them. Gotta hurry before Baldi comes. (whispers) Baldi’s right there. I found another problem. One plus one is two. Uh, three. What is this? 17 plus 82, nine? 99 divided by 41? Two, I guess. Three? (Dad imitating buzzer) – You are incorrect. I am gaining more strength as
you get more questions wrong. You will soon be stuck in my game. – Oh no, I better hurry. (Jordan yelling) – No running in the halls. Detention for you. – Not again. – When will you learn? Your parents will hear about this one. – Okay, I gotta solve these problems. Gonna start with the medium,
then the easy, then hard. So six, nine, 18. Okay, 10 plus 10 is 20 plus three is 23. Then three times three
is nine, plus four is 13, minus five, hmm. 13 minus five. Eight. ‘Kay, I better get going. (ruler slapping) (whispers) Baldi. Shh, Baldi. – Wanna play? Let’s play. One, two, three, four, five. – Gotta hurry. Okay, this one is two. 15. And, um. 240? (Dad imitating buzzer) – You are incorrect. Now I am more powerful. Look out. (ruler slapping) – Come on, we gotta go, fast. (Jordan screaming) Ah, I got ink in my eyes. I can’t see! That’s better. – [Voiceover] Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep. – Sweep, sweep, sweep. Sweep, sweep, sweep. Sweep, sweep, sweep. Sweep, sweep, sweep. Sweep. – [Voiceover] Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep. Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep. Gotta sweep, sweep, sweep. – I almost got caught by Baldi. – Okay. 11. 12. And 12 minus six is six. Is that what it says? Plus eight maybe? 14 divided by four, maybe. Uh, nine. (Dad imitating buzzer) – You are incorrect. I am about to win the game, short stuff. – Oh no, I better hurry. – Give me all your money. – Here. – The bully took my quarter. I see another one. Okay, the books are there. That’s zero. Four. Um, is that four times six? 24, maybe, and, plus eight. 32, maybe. 32? (Dad imitating buzzer) – That was incorrect. Just like all your other problems. But now you have a bigger problem. (ruler slapping) – Where’s the last notebook? – You are mine. You’ll never leave the game. Villains will win. You can’t escape. – Um, I checked the room. The last notebook must be
downstairs in the theater room. Last notebook. So. Is this eight? And then, six plus
three, nine and then 10. Um, 14 minus 80. 16? – Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Baldi’s going to win. (ruler slapping) – Give me your money, give me your money. I need more lunch money. I need more lunch money. – You guys are back! – What happened?
– What? – You were Baldi. – Baldi? – Baldi? – And Jake was the principal. – What? – And Mom was the jump rope. And Jordan was the sock puppet. – Are you sure? – And Audrey was the bully. – The bully? – What is he talking about. I don’t remember any of this. – [Katie] That was a dream
because we played Baldi before. Wait, he got a check mark on the box. – Maybe it wasn’t a dream. – Ty, you beat Baldi? – [Katie] By yourself? – He’s got all the notebooks. – [Katie] Guys, he did it. (all applauding) Good job, yeah. Awesome. – I think we’re done, I
think we’re finally done. – Maybe, I really hope so. – I don’t know. – [Katie] We’re not done. – Wait what? No. – How many more boxes do we have to do? – We already completed four. – Guys, it’s not making any sounds. What do you think it is? – [Jordan] Yeah, what could it be? – [Jake] I hear nothing. – I don’t either. – [Katie] I don’t hear anything either. I don’t like this. – Whoa, did you hear that outside. – What?
– Yeah. – What is that? – It’s the. (suspenseful music) – [Doc] The family will have 15 minutes from when the time the note appears to find all these trackers. If they don’t find the
trackers, (chuckling) the Bandits will be victorious and we will not only
get all the treasures, but we will take over that family. And they’ll be stuck in the game forever. (Doc chuckling) Bill, Henry, surround the house. – [Bill] All right, I’m gonna keep a watch on the outside in case that
family tries to get out. (Bill giggling) Doc and Henry have got them in the house. We’ve got ’em this time. They’ll never get out of the game. – Okay guys, we have heard things outside. Now, it’s probably been
like an hour or so. We just had dinner. We keep hearing like people
talking outside our house– – And we don’t want to wait for this one. I am like scared, ’cause
if I’m already hearing like weird noises, like I
don’t really recognize this one so like, I don’t think we should
wait another day for this. – But this one’s different. Usually, somebody comes out of the box. – [Katie] The villain. – [Jake] Dad, you touched it! – This box. – [Katie] Yeah, nothing’s happening. – Nothing. It’s like this is a totally
different type of a villain. – [Katie] Guys, Jordan
fell asleep waiting. I don’t know what to do. I feel like there is somebody
out there going around to all our windows and our doors. – Absolutely, I feel
like we’re being watched. – [Audrey] Logan, stay by us. – [Katie] I keep hearing things. – You guys hear that? Sounds like the Bandit’s laugh. – I don’t think any of us are going to be able to sleep tonight. What do we do? – Do you think the box could
summon a Bandit, though? – I think the boxes could do anything because these are villains
and the Bandits are villains. – I don’t know guys, do you think we should go check outside? – [Katie] I don’t really
want to check outside. – [Jake] Me neither. – Then how are we gonna know? (phone chiming) – I just got a text. – [David] You got a text from who? – It says from the Bandits. – What?
– No you didn’t. – Wait, you got a text from the Bandits? No you didn’t. – [Katie] Whatever. – You didn’t get a text from the Bandits. – It says the Bandits. Guys, look what’s on here. It’s a message that
says you have 15 minutes to find six trackers. Guys, we have 15 minutes,
let’s get looking. These are what the trackers look like. – Wait, I want to see. – Wait, that’s the one,
that’s got keys on it. – Wait, we found that. We found that though. – What? That’s a tracker? – We’ve been carrying around
a tracker this whole time, we didn’t even know? – We’ve got to find
that and get rid of it. That’s the flashing
trackers that we’re used to. Those, I’ve never see
those type of trackers, so. Be on the look out for them. They could be anywhere, guys. – [Katie] Guys, the Bandits are here. The Bandits are here and
we have to find trackers. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Jordan, 15 minutes. – What? – [Katie] Go, find some. Just start tearing things apart. – Wait, is this something? – [Katie] No, wait. – Jake, get your phone. Jake, come here. Where’d you find that? – [Katie] Did you just find a tracker? – It was just sitting right here. I don’t know, is that a tracker? I don’t know, is that a tracker? I don’t know what it is. – [Jake] Yes it is. – That’s one of the trackers? Okay, we have one, we have one tracker. – [Katie] Okay, go, go, go. (electronic static) – [Doc] (chuckling) I just
got all their passwords, now I can track them online too. (Doc chuckling) – [Katie] Not one in there. – Classic place to hide would
be up underneath the table. – Logan, search. – I thought I found something but it’s just a piece of confetti. – [Katie] Nice try. – Here’s the tea. The Bandits are on their way here. – The Genie didn’t tell us anything new. We know the Bandits are coming. Thanks Genie, let’s go, let’s go. Turn the lights on. I don’t wanna be down
there where it’s dark. – [Katie] Are you finding anything? – I can’t find it. – [Jake] I found erasers. – [Katie] Wait, you found? No. Ah, we don’t erasers. Come on, find trackers. – Wait, how did the Bandits
hid a tracker in our house? – [Katie] Yeah. – I have no idea. – [Katie] The box placed them? – [Jake] Yes. The box has to be magical, you know. – Did you just hear a door open? Do you think the Bandits
are coming in the house? – How did I not see that? Clearly, it’s like the last one. – [Katie] Good job, let’s
get back to the piano. (western music) – Keep looking, we’re making good time. I wonder if they can be high
up in the lights or something. – Oh my gosh, if they are, how
are we ever gonna find them? – The boys ran downstairs, let’s go check. – [Katie] Let’s go, go, go. – [Audrey] Come on Logan, let’s go. – [Katie] Logan, you’re a tracking dog. – Do you we have a tracker? Where’s a tracker? You’ve got your tracker? – [Audrey] They’re upstairs. – Go grab them. Let’s have Logan smell them, see if he can find another one for us. – [Katie] Yeah, ’cause he tracks things. – Yeah, he can definitely find a tracker. He’s a tracker. – [Katie] I’m closing these
blinds, that’s creepy. I don’t want anybody looking in at us. – Guys, guys, I found one! I found a tracker! – [Katie] Did you just find a tracker– – In the popcorn. – [Katie] In the popcorn, what? Where? – Right in there. – [Katie] Wait, the popcorn thing’s on. – Did you guys leave the light on? – [Katie] Jake, have Logan smell it. – [Audrey] Wait, do you hear it? – [Katie] Wait, what? (whimsical music) – The tracker’s making noises. The tracker’s making,
Logan, smell the tracker. Logan. I didn’t activate it, it just started. Okay, go find the tracker Logan. Go track the finder. Find the tracker. – [Katie] Find it! – Let him go. – [Katie] I think we have
probably, we might only need to find one more tracker
’cause then Logan’s a tracker. – But Logan wasn’t in the
picture of the trackers. – [Katie] Oh, that’s true. – We’ve only found a couple. – [Katie] So Logan won’t count. – I don’t know.
– Oh man. – We’re doing good though,
we’re halfway there, we’re halfway there. How much time do we have left? – [Katie] Guys, we have 10 minutes. 10 minutes. – Who left the bathroom light on? Audrey? – [Audrey] I didn’t do it. – Logan, go in there,
go, come on, come on. Go, go, go, go. Someone in here? He’s acting funny. – [Katie] What Logan, what do you see? What, what, what? – Logan. Is it in here? – [Katie] Where is it? Where, Logan, where? Where do we go? – [Audrey] Guys, where is it? Where’s the tracker? – [Katie] Where should we go? Where? Which way Logan, which way? I don’t know. What do we do? – Let’s keep going.
– I don’t know. – Do you think that it’s
underneath these chairs? – Wait, do you guys remember
when we were in Europe and we were being chased by the Bandits, we were able to find trackers. I have a tracker locator on my phone. You think it’ll work here? – [Katie] You can try it. – All right, let’s see. I don’t know I deleted that tracker app. Let’s see if I can find it. Any luck anybody? – [Katie] Logan, are you finding? – [Audrey] Logan, where is it? – All I found was gold. – Wait, what? – I found it somewhere in here. – Wait, is that treasure? – [Katie] Wait, you found treasure? – Yeah, I found gold. – [Katie] Wait, let’s see. What did you find? – [Jake] 24 karat pure gold. – Wait, do you think the
Bandits left that by accident when they were putting the trackers? – Maybe. – [Katie] Ty found gold! He found a treasure. – Oh my goodness. Do you think the Bandits left it behind? – I think maybe it may have
fell out while they were putting the trackers around the house. – Let me see if it’s a tracker. – Is it gold is a tracker? – [David] I don’t think,
that’s not a tracker. Here, let me see one of the real trackers. Let’s see if this comes up different. Guys, that’s definitely a tracker. Okay. – [Jake] Who wants this? – Here, you hold onto that. – [Katie] Let’s take the
trackers up by the piano. Let’s go, go, go, go. Logan’s going too. – Guys, I haven’t been able
to find anything upstairs. – [Katie] We found a tracker downstairs. How many have we got? We need six trackers. How many have we got? – We have three and a piece of gold. – [Katie] Okay, so we have three trackers. We need three more trackers. – We don’t even have 10 minutes left. – [Katie] We have seven
and a half minutes. I don’t know, we just kind
of start tearing apart– – I found this chapstick. – It’s beeping faster, guys. It’s beeping faster. – [Katie] Wait, Dad’s onto something. – [David] There’s something in here. – [Katie] In here, in
the kitchen, guys, go. – [Jordan] Search the kitchen! – [David] It’s beeping faster. There’s something in here. – In the candle? No, but it smells good. – [Katie] Go, go, go. – Could it be in the apples? (Audrey screaming) – Oh my gosh. – [Katie] Wait, where Logan, where? – Guys, it’s right here, it’s right here. – There it is. That is, there is a tracker. Let’s just verify real fast. Yes, that is one of the trackers. Good job Audrey. Good job.
– Good job, good job. We have just under seven minutes left. (electronic static) – We have four out of six trackers. – Okay, keep looking. Oh my, we’re gonna lose. – [Katie] We need two more trackers, guys. We’re doing really good. – Logan, do you know where a tracker is? – [David] It’s beeping slower now. – [Katie] Wait, where are you going David? – I’m going down here. I’m wondering if they
put one in Logan’s bed. – What?
– Logan’s bed? – It’s not beeping fast, though. Logan, get your toy. Is there a tracker in there? – He’s itchy. Logan, this is not a time to itch. – I don’t see one in here. It was a hunch. I don’t see one. – [Katie] Okay. – Is it anywhere else in here? – Keep going. – We gotta search high and low, you guys. They literally could have put it anywhere. Wait, I have an idea. What if, do you think they
put them in the attic? – [Katie] I don’t know. – We’ll leave that as a last resort. Let’s just hope they didn’t. – They might have.
– Should I check it? Let me scan it and see. Uh, does not show a tracker up there. Nope, no tracker. – [Katie] We need how many more? Two or three? – [David] Two more, two more. – [Katie] Two more trackers. Two more. Okay, how many were upstairs
and how many were downstairs? – Two, two. – [Katie] Oh no. – I bet you they split it up by half. There’s probably another
one still down there. – [Katie] Okay, we should probably try to find something downstairs. Yeah, let’s try again. – Hey, I’m getting a stronger signal. – [Katie] Down, down, down. – Go, go, go. – Guys, I think I just
heard the Bandits laughing. I have a feeling one of
them is in the house. Okay, it’s getting a stronger signal. A stronger signal. It’s over in this area somewhere guys. – [Ty] It is? – It’s over here. It is really fast signal. It’s like I’m right next to it. – [Jake] Like where would it be? – Oh, there it is! Found it, right there! We found it. – [Audrey] We have to find the tracker! (electronic static) (bells jingling) – How many do we have left? – [Katie] We need one more tracker. – Is it downstairs or is it upstairs? – [Katie] Guys, we have just
a little over four minutes. – Guys, listen. Let’s hide, hurry. There’s a Bandit in the house! – [Jordan] Go, go, go! – [Katie] Hide, hide, hide, hide. – [Jordan] Take cover! – [Katie] Where am I gonna hide? I’m hiding over here, too. – [Ty] I’m over here. – [Katie] Okay. – There is a Bandit in the house, guys. There could be more than one. – [Katie] Shh, Logan, be quiet. – I wonder if they all came after us. If it unleashed all the Bandits. – They downstairs? – [Katie] I don’t know, do you see them? – No, but if we don’t get these trackers. – Wait, guys– – [Katie] Ty just saw
them go in Jordan’s room. Hide, hide, hide. – We left all the trackers upstairs. What if they take the trackers? – Guys, I think we can go. We only heard one, so
maybe it’s in Jordan’s room and we can hurry and go upstairs. – [Katie] Should we make a run for it? Guys. – Quiet, tippy toe. – [Katie] Quiet, quiet, come on, come on. – [Jordan] Are you sure? – [Katie] Yes, come on,
hurry, they’re in your room. Let’s go. – [Audrey] Just go. (dramatic music) Trackers. Oh they didn’t take the trackers. – [Katie] Okay, good. – There isn’t one in the house, guys. Keep searching. – [Katie] Search Logan,
yeah, that’s a good idea. – Oh yeah, did they place one in Logan? – I think Logan would guard. – Wait, what if it’s on us? – [Katie] Everybody search yourself. – [Jordan] Check your pockets. – [Katie] They’ve done that before. They’ve placed them on our backpacks and. – You don’t think this
is a tracker, is it? No, this just goes to the car. Seems like they always plant one on me. – Keep an eye out on the stairs to make sure the Bandit doesn’t come up. – How many minutes do we have? – [Katie] Guys, we have
less than two minutes. Less than two minutes. – [Ty] Over here. – [Katie] The lights? – Where is it Logan? We don’t have time to
be scratching yourself. – Logan, you’re an expert tracker. – [Katie] I don’t see it anywhere, guys. Search, search, search. What about down in the books? (Dad grunting) Come on. – I’m trying. – [Katie] Lift it. Lift it! – It won’t move. It’s not there. – [Ty] It was going out a little, but. – [Katie] Audrey, any signs of them? – I hear them talking. I don’t know if there’s one or two. – Wait, guys. They might be walking over them because we might be
walking over Jordan’s room and then they can hear our footsteps. – [Katie] So you gotta be
quiet, you gotta be quiet. – Guys, the footsteps are getting louder. They’re coming, they’re coming. They’re coming, the Bandits are coming. – Guys, let’s get out of the house. Let’s go, let’s run, run, run, run, run. – Guys, look! Guys I found the last one. – You found the last tracker? – The tracker, just in time. Wait, we found all the trackers. – [Katie] You found the tracker? Guys, that’s six of them. We did it. That’s all, right? – Just in the nick of time. – [Katie] What about the Bandits? Go check. – I don’t hear them anymore.
– Let’s see. Guys, they’re not coming. – They’re not coming anymore. – [Katie] I don’t see
them, I don’t hear ’em. – [Jake] The box! – [Katie] Guys. – No.
– No! It’s the black box. – No. – We beat them. – It’s the black box is next. – Does that mean the
Bandits are gone though? So we’re at least–
– Safe? – We’re at least safe for now. – Until we open up that box. – What’s the black box? – Guys, this is the last round. – [Jake] Hopefully. – You hear that? (airy roaring) – Guys, it sounds like zombies. (thunder cracking) – [Katie] Guys, why’d the lights go out? Guys. Guys? (thunder cracking) (thunder cracking) (thunder cracking) (thunder cracking) (chain clanking) – I can help you. Free me. – David? Audrey? Jordan? Jake, Ty, where are you? What are those noises? Guys, what is that? Oh no, this is so scary. Guys? Where’d you guys go? Where are you? I keep hearing noises. Where’d you go? Audrey, is that you? Jordan? Who’s there? Audrey? Audrey? Oh no. Oh no, guys. No. No. This can’t be. Oh no. Okay guys, this is not good news. I think that we unleashed zombies. I think my family just. I know this game. This is zombie based survival. The villains are the zombies. I have to find the
survival items to escape and get my family back. Guys, I just found something though. What is this? This will come in use. Okay, zombies will be attracted to noise so if I blow the horn, maybe
I can corral the zombies. I’ve gotta find the survival items fast. Who is that? Hello? Who are you? – If you free me, I will help you. – [Katie] How long have you been here? – I will help you. – [Katie] No, no. – Free me! – [Katie] I can’t, I’m sorry, no. Oh my gosh, no. We gotta go. Logan, is that you? Logan? Logan, where are you? Logan, what’s going on,
what’s going on boy? Are you okay? Are you okay, Logan? What’s going on? No. Oh no. Guys, we gotta get out of here, no. Oh no. Go. Come on Logan, let’s go. (air horn blowing) That was so scary. I thought that they were going to get me. So I used the horn to
see what would happen and it knocked the zombies out. That was really loud. Okay, so far Logan’s good. I’ve got to find Logan and
get these items pronto. Let’s check the basement. I didn’t see anything up here. I don’t know. I’ve gotta get going. Hello? Anybody down here? Where could items be? I know we need a walkie talkie. That’s a survival. How many of you are there? – Can you help me? At the first aid you seek. – [Katie] Where? – The cemetery. – [Katie] First aid? – That way. – Okay. Guys, I don’t know how many of those guys are chained up, but
I think that we better get to the cemetery and try to find. We need to try to find the first aid kit. Okay. Whoa, oh my goodness. Oh no. Okay. I don’t like that. We need to stay away. But it’s somewhere around here. Guys, we need to look for a first aid kit. Oh no. There’s the cemetery, okay. I’m not seeing a first aid kit. I’m looking. Is there anything here? Guys, I just found it. Okay. This is great news. I just found the first aid kit, but I have a feeling
that I’m getting cornered here in the cemetery so I might have to use the air horn once again. I don’t know. I don’t know how many more items. I think there’s two more
items that I need to find. A walkie talkie I know for sure. We need to find that walkie
talkie so we can get help. Oh no. Okay. Oh my goodness, I had to use it. I had to use the air horn again. Okay, so far, so good. Where do we go, where do we go? It’s getting really misty in here. Oh no. – Free me. Help me. I need water. I need water. – [Katie] Where do I find water? Help me find the water and I’ll help you. – Come back. – [Katie] I will help you. I have to get the water. I’ll help you. – Free me! – Okay, I don’t know how
many of those guys there are. But there are tons of guys
chained up around this house. I know I need to get to
the room and get water. What was that? Oh no. Audrey, it’s me. You’re not a zombie, please, no. Audrey. Guys, I have to. (air horn blowing) Okay, okay, run past her, run past. Okay. We can do this. Oh, I’m so scared. Water. Water. Is Ty there? I’m so afraid to go in there. Okay. Not there. Is it there? Oh Logan, you scared me. Okay. Okay guys, I’m gonna
search the room for water. (dramatic music) Guys! This is good news. I just found a canteen of water. Maybe I can see if that
old man can help me find the third item. I don’t know. I think I need one more item. Oh my goodness, I don’t know how much more of this air horn I have. Go away. I’m getting cornered, no. (air horn blowing) Okay, I gotta run. Guys. Who is it? Who’s there? Who’s there? Okay. Try and sneak past her. Let’s go down here. (Katie yelling) Okay, let’s go down here. No. Who’s there? Who’s there? No. (Katie yelling) (air horn blowing) Okay, I took down two of them right there. Took ’em down. Okay, there’s one, I got the other one. No, no. (air horn blowing) Okay, I got three. Oh no, let’s go see the old man. Where’s old man? I gotta bring old man. Hey, sir, where’s the last thing? What am I looking for? I got you water, look. I got you water. If you tell me where the last
item is, I’ll bring you it. (air horn blowing) – You must find the communicator. – [Katie] The walkie talkie, I forgot. Gotta go. Guys. – [Old Man] Help me! – Okay, he’s right. I don’t know why I just
was stressing so much that I forgot about the walkie talkie. This whole time I knew
I needed a walkie talkie and then I forgot it. I’ve got two items. I need the walkie talkie left. And then hopefully my family
will turn back to normal. Where else would another one be? Oh no. Let’s check the bathroom real fast. This is so scary. Okay. Guys, I’m gonna hide in the shower. Hopefully they won’t find me. Okay, I’m hiding in here. I hope that they can’t find me. Just hide in the shower. It’s okay, it’s okay. They won’t find me in here. I’ll be all right. Maybe they’ll just go away. Shh. Shh. (zombies growling) Guys, I think it worked. I think they left. Okay, you know what? There was a zombie in the office. I’m wondering if the
communicator is in the office. That makes sense because
if you’re at headquarters, you would be in an office. I bet it was the Colonel
turned into a zombie. I need to get to that office
and retrieve the walkie talkie. Let’s go. Okay. Okay. I got this. Okay. Okay. Okay. I got this, guys. Let’s go. (Katie screaming) (air horn blowing) (air horn blowing) (air horn blowing) Oh my goodness, we gotta run. (air horn blowing) I’m going. Okay, guys. I gotta find it in here. In here, where is it? We gotta search, search, search, search. Where is it? I see a laptop. Okay. Wait. I just found it guys. Okay, I got the three items, let’s go. No, no. (air horn blowing) – Save me. – [Katie] I’m sorry, I can’t. Oh no, I can’t. I gotta get ’em back. I gotta get ’em back. (air horn blowing) Go away zombies, go away. Guys, I got all the items. Right there, it’s all three. I did it. Guys, we did it. I got you back, you were
zombies, I got you back. We did it, we completed the last villain. That’s gotta be it. You were all zombies. That’s what the last box was was zombies. – Zombies?
– Zombies? – [Katie] Remember when
we did zombie base camp, that’s what it was. – You won? – [Katie] Yes, I won it! – Yes! Look at the boxes. – [Audrey] The boxes are all done. – [Katie] See, we’re done. – We’re done with the game? We beat the game! (all cheering) – Wait, what now? – [David] Guys, guys, what do you? – [Jordan] Where’d the lights go? – [Katie] What? – [David] What’s going on with the boxes? – [Katie] No. – [David] Are those new boxes? – [Audrey] Listen. (evil laughter) – [David] What? – [Audrey] Oh no, not again. (dramatic music)