hello every body my name is chase and
today I’m going to be talking to you about something that is major and
happening right now in the United States regarding LGBT individuals and
employment rights so this is something that is not being talked about enough
and I think that as people on the internet and understanding the people
that are in power right now in the United States it’s super important to
know what’s going on and to know what the rights are and to know what the
rights are going to be because things change all the time just to give you a
summary the Supreme Court is about to review three cases of employment
discrimination against LGBT individuals and they’re going to decide if gender
identity, transgender status, and sexual orientation are actually applicable in
these discrimination cases so you don’t know what the Supreme Court is it’s the
highest court in the United States and not every single trial that you see will
go through the Supreme Court it’s usually federal cases or states like
multiple state cases and they usually need to be approved and they’re usually
like a big deal so that’s just to give you a little example like it’s not just
like random little ones here and there there are big deal cases that go to the
Supreme Court so the Supreme Court is making this decision if gender identity,
transgender status, and sexual orientation are applicable in these
three cases all right and the three cases here I’m talking about two of them
are gay related and one of them is trans related if the Supreme Court rules
against being able to apply trans status gender identity and sexual orientation
in these cases this could mean a lot of bad things for the trans community and
something that we need to talk about and we need to understand so now I’m sure
you’re saying but chase it’s like 2019 we had Obama like aren’t
trans people protected hello listen I agree with you but someone else is in
power right now and really he doesn’t like trans people so there’s this thing
called the Civil Rights Act of 1964 it is a landmark legislation that prohibits
discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national origin this
Act also granted complete equal access to schools employment and public spaces
within this act there’s something called Title 7 now I feel like a lot of people
have kind of heard about Title 7 so let me just give you a brief explanation of
what it is so under the Civil Rights Act of 1964 title 7 prohibits
employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, and national
origin so the argument that’s happening right now is that they’re saying that
gender identity, trans status, and sexual orientation aren’t actually stated in
title seven that title seven really only talks about sex discrimination here’s
the thing though let me tell you that these three categories gender identity,
trans status, and sexual orientation are actually under the definition of what
sex is if you go to the website it is literally there it literally says gender
identity transgender status and sexual orientation the issue right now is that
some people are arguing to go back to the old definition of sex and not to
talk about gender identity or trans people or sexual orientation they want
to go back and read the text and interpret the text as it was written in
1964 instead of accounting for like 40 plus years of like activism and
evolution and like language changes and acceptance you know let’s all disregard
that and just go back to the original text the Trump administration wants to
go back to the old definition of what sex is and the thing is that in the past
this administration that says that they’re very Pro LGBTQ “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens” how can you be Pro LGBT and say that you are alright and then do
something like this which has literal malicious intent to talk like it’s
targeting trans people and people in the LGBTQ community it’s it’s there so it
wasn’t always this way okay things changed when this new administration
came in so I want to give you a little timeline of what has happened and how
the definition of sex started to include gender identity and sexual orientation
so when it was written sex meant male and female alright this is 1964 in 2012
the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee ruled that gender identity
does belong under title 7 and is protected under title 7 in 2014 the
Attorney General from the Department of Justice in the United States took a
similar stance and said yes absolutely gender identity, trans status, sexual
orientation this is protected under title 7 now obviously I’m telling you
these dates you can remember this is the time of Obama Obama is not perfect
however when we’re talking about rights like this
there are some good things that have come out of it in 2017 under the Trump
administration the new Attorney General issued a text and in this text they are
officially withdrawing from the position from the 2014 decision to protect gender
identity and sexual orientation under Title 7 let me just tell you about this
2014 text because I read it all it’s so cocky no joke there’s a sentence in
there that says “title 7 does not prohibit discrimination based on gender
identity….per se” listen I know what per se means but the way that it was written
in this article I was like it just read like a very very condescending article
because then he goes on to say this is law and not policy like very very like
angry almost at this listen man times have changed okay the Equal Employment
Opportunity Committee which is literally appointed by the United States
government and it is a huge influence in law and policy and they have literally
added gender identity and sexual orientation to the definition of sex and
yet you’re gonna disregard it why is the new administration on a warpath to
destroy all of the rights that trans people have acquired over the last years
first it was protection for trans kids in school that was taken away then of
course we’re talking about bathroom bills then the military band that
literally just happened about a month ago “the High Court is allowing president
Trump’s ban on transgender service members to serve in the military” if
you’re trans you’re literally not allowed to serve in the military
we went through this like years ago Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repelled trans
people were allowed… “we’re ending the ban on transgender Americans of the United States military” like why is this going backwards another big concern is health
care there’s huge concerns right now and this issue is way bigger than I could
explain in this video so I’m actually working on another video so please stay
tuned for that and now we’re talking about employment rights and like I said
the beginning of this video this could end pretty badly if the Supreme Court
decides hey gender identity doesn’t actually fit under the definition of sex
so we’re gonna try this case as it’s not related to gender identity everything
was so hopeful in the United States and I feel like the u.s. took 50 steps
forward with all these new legislations that were happening like I said not
everything was perfect however under this new administration it’s almost like
the US has now taken 4,000 steps and the amount of work it will take to
get back to that place is so hard and long however we can’t give up we need to
fight we need to keep doing this so what does this even mean for us
well people could potentially be losing their jobs if gender identity and let’s
say trans people are no longer protected under Title 7 then you are literally
opening the door for discrimination to happen against trans people and of
course other LGBT people in the community but I’m just gonna focus on
trans people right now this decision in court will literally legally decide if
it is legally okay to discriminate against a trans person I know it sounds
like I’m being dramatic and maybe I’m extending this way farther than it needs
to be but we need to talk about what’s happening and we need to talk about what
may happen and the consequences that will happen if that does one of the
cases is a trans woman who works at a funeral home announced that she was
going to be transitioning the boss the funeral home director fired her because
he said that he didn’t accept trans people a trans woman was literally fired
for being trans from somebody who’s extremely transphobic like that
literally happened and now it’s in the courts hands to decide is this actually
discrimination this is extremely dangerous and could absolutely harm the
community it could harm trans women especially trans women of color like we
need to take a stance we need to talk about this we need to open up the
conversation when you allow somebody to be othered and marginalized even further
you’re allowing for more discrimination to happen you see the person is less
than you and they’re inferior to you and you’re superior to them this feeds into
the harassment that the trans community goes through every single day it feeds
into trans people feeling outcasted it feeds into isolation and this ends up
leading to violence I’m so tired of things like this happening I do not want
us to lose more people in this community laws like this allow people who hate to
actually act on their hate and I’m not being dramatic this has happened before
maybe not to the trans community maybe to other communities but it is important
that we talk about if anyone has any information about this or wants to talk
about it let’s put it in the comments below let’s talk about this let’s have a
conversation let’s support each other and for people who aren’t trans and who
aren’t in the LGBTQ community this is a time for you to stand up for us we need
people on our side more than ever right now let me tell you that I’m actually
really sick of saying more than ever we need to
stick together like we absolutely do but the fact that I have to keep saying that
and we has a community have to keep saying that because things keep
happening and things are bad and things get worse like it is draining but these
laws will hurt people in the community in the LGBT community and this opens the
door to way more discrimination that could happen other things that could be
misinterpreted and let’s just go back to the old definition in 1964 which you
know was such a great time for everyone so let’s stand up for ourselves stand up
for people who are marginalized show your support and let’s be there for each
other thank you for watching this video below I will be putting links and phone
numbers of hotlines that people can contact to get support if they’re
feeling not good about what’s happening right now and let’s just stick together
and let’s absolutely hope that the Supreme Court makes the right decision
and actually goes with what the Equal Employment Opportunity Committee has
stated that gender identity transgender status and sexual orientation are
protected under the sex discrimination under Title 7 all right have a great day
I will see you later bye [Mellow Music[