The Most Viewed Episodes of Talking Tom and Friends (Top 5)

So I crash landed the helicopter and saved the Queen, and the people cheered and sang with joy! Happy Halloween, aka Candy Day,
aka, the best day of the year, aka a birthday for candy! Who’s ready
to go trick-or-treating?! and that’s when I finally made
the switch from drinking cold water to drinking room temperature water. Ohhhh, I see. Yeah, that makes sense. What’s going on here?! Why are you
sitting around talking when we could be out getting free candy? Ginger, we’re adults. If we want
candy, we can just go buy some. Oh, so you’re just coming with me
while I trick-or-treat? I don’t think you understand. Trick-or-treating isn’t on our schedule tonight. But… Wait… Are you saying… Don’t touch it! Sorry! Listen, it’s cold, it’s dark, Hank still hasn’t returned my scuba diver costume… That was a costume? No wonder the
tag on it said “Do not wear in water”… The point is, we’re not really
doing Halloween this year, Ginger. Not… doing… candy? This is outrageous! You can’t NOT
do Halloween! What about you, Hank? You’re telling me even you don’t want free candy?! Ginger, I’m a grown-up now. I drink
room temperature water. I can’t be out running around with children in
costumes. You’ll all be sorry you didn’t take
me trick-or-treating! And you’ll be sorry you said such mean things about me! We didn’t say any mean things about
you, Ginger. Well I’m sure you thought them! He’s got us there. All right, who’s ready for this year’s Scare-A-Thon TV Marathon?! Woohoo, me! You are about to enter a place
beyond a place beyond another place. Some things are the same
here, but some are different. Are ghosts real? Do aliens exist? What
is the Tooth Fairy doing with all those teeth? Everything isn’t black
and white, but this show is. You’ve just crossed over into… the
Sundown Sector. Booooooring. Did you seriously pick
an old black and white show for this year’s Scare-A-Thon? Why does it matter if
it’s in black and white? It’s boring! This is Halloween! The Scare-A-Thon should be scary. Au contraire, mon scare… Black and white can be very scary,
especially if I use this. The Total TV Immersion app! It
makes it feel like you’re in the show. It’ll have you shaking in
your Halloween boots. Oh, I’m sooo scared. You will be. Wow! This is real? This is awesome! It’s just like
we’re in The Sundown Sector! Maybe we are. Total immersion. Today’s story is about a monster.
Not a monster that lurks in the dark. Not a monster with fangs or
claws. This monster… is an adorable little boy. Alright, listen up. Because I’m
nice, I’m going to give you one more chance: You can either come
trick-or-treating with me now… …or you can suffer the consequences. Ginger, this is getting annoying.
How many times do we have to tell you no? No, no, no, no, n– What just happened?! Where did Ben go?! Let me out! Let me out! Silence! Now… Do you want me to turn you
into an app? Or do you want to do exactly what I say? And what do you think you’re doing? We just need a break, Ginger. We’re exhausted from following all of your fun orders. Turn the TV off, Hank. I can’t, the Halloween episode of
Bongo and McGillicuddy is about to start! I mean, I can’t do that! The Halloween
episode of Bongo and McGillicuddy is about to start! Turn it off now, Hank, or I’ll send
you into my phone like I did to Ben! I… can’t… do it… This is your last warning… I can’t, I just can’t! Please don’t
punish me! I physically can’t turn off the TV
if Bongo and McGillicuddy is on! Anyone else? Come on, Ginger! This isn’t funny anymore, let us out! Alright, it’s time to go trick-or-
treating. Tom, you’re gonna hold my extra bags! Great! And Angela, you‘re gonna carry me,
so my feet don’t get sore. Great idea. Right, Angela? Angela, what’re you doing? I am finished doing what Ginger
tells us to do. Excuse me? You heard me. I said I’m not going to
listen to you any more! You’re just a little brat who gets
mad when he doesn’t get his way, and I’ve had enough– Look over there! Candy! You have to stop, Ginger! You can’t
just push people around and intimidate them into doing what you
want! That’s funny, because I actually
can do that! Ginger, Ginger, listen. I just want to
say that I’m reeeeally sorry for the whole running and chasing and
yelling thing. I actually like following your orders! Just give me
another one, I’ll do it right away! Sorry, Tom, it’s too late. You had
your chance. Ginger, please, nooooooooo! Tom! Tom! Oh hey, Tom. What is this? Wait, are we… Yeah. We’re inside Ginger’s phone. And by the looks of it, we’re
trapped. Things were pretty bad there for a
while, but then the couch and the TV just appeared out of nowhere! It
was awesome! Speak for yourself. When the couch
appeared, it landed on me. How did that happen? What’s that sound? What sound? Ben! To your left! I meant move to your left! Are you sure we can’t escape? There
has to be some way out of here… I don’t even see any doors or
walls. It’s like we’re in a totally different plane of existence or
something. Well at least we’re not just
sitting around the garage. We keep saying we need to get out more, and
we finally did. I’m proud of us. You know, this is just like what
happened to the characters in an episode of The Sundown Sector. I
guess we’ll just have to do what those characters did. Which is? I mean, not like “witches” but “which is?”. Give up. Give up? You mean just stop trying
to escape? Yep. There’s no way out, so we
might as well get comfortable. Are you crazy?! There’s no way I’m
giving up that easily. Hey, Ginger! You hear me out there!
You’re not gonna get away with this! We’ll escape somehow and when
we do, you’ll– wait, what’s that?! Please stop, Ginger! Ow! We’ll do what you want! Ginger please! Now who’s gonna ????? trick-or-treating? That… Was… Terrifying! I told you old things can be good!
And scary! You guys don’t think something like
that is really possible, right? I mean, I know it’s just a show, but
you don’t think that– Hey guys, I’m back! And I got tons of candy! What’s wrong with you guys? Nothing! Yeah, nothing’s wrong! Everything is great! Juuuuust perfect! Okay, if you say so… Hey, The Sundown Sector! I remember
this show! I used to watch it with my parents. They said that I reminded them of some character on there I don’t remember who though.
Isn’t that weird? I said… isn’t that weird? Who’s the good looking guy turning
all the heads tonight at the scarf party? Tom! That’s right! Talking about Tom! Wow, not everyone can pull off a red scarf. Its warm color brings out my cool style. Check it out! It took all night,
but my new app is finally– Ah! No toilet! Not… …in the toilet. Finally, one of Ben’s
inventions is right where it belongs. Oh this is so nerve racking. I know. It’s like, “Gosh,
what’s my best runway angle?” No, I mean… Left? Right? Over the shoulder? Up the nose? Tom, be serious. This
is a big opportunity for me. This isn’t just some scarf fashion show, this is the Scarf Spectacular Runway Necktacular! I don’t know if you know this, but
the scarf industry is so hard to break into. And every year the SSRN, you know
the Necktacular all the scarfiers give one newcomer a chance to
show their scarves to the world. And this year, I am that newcomer. Tom! Angela, relax. I’m here for you. I’m actually here for the party, and
this party has everything! Shrimp: free, punch: free, cocktail wieners: surprisingly expensive. Just kidding, those are free too! I have to get ready, so please don’t embarrass me. Just try to act like you belong here. Don’t worry, I’m just gonna go scarf down some shrimp. Scarf down some shrimp? Angela, did you hear what I just said?!
And she thought I was gonna embarrass her. Still not working, huh? Nope. So what’s the problem?
The cloud storage matrix? No, you’d think, but what’s
really causing the main issue is– The cross-platform integration? Well, it’s more than that, it’s– The response sequencing
loop? Get out of the way, I’ll fix it. Go right ahead, I could use a laugh. For starters, you’ll never be
able to by pass the base matrix– -You have bypassed the base matrix.
-Wait, how did you do that? I mean… beginners luck. Whoa, no, no, no, the
food is for guests. Guests only! What? I’m a guest. How could you get invitation?
You’re wearing your scarf backwards. I know. Now you wear it sideways.
This is truly embarrassing for you. Embarrassing? Don’t embarrass me! You’re right, this is embarrassing… for you. You’ve obviously never heard about the
backwards with a sideways shift scarf trend. I don’t know why.
I’ve heard about all of these fashions. Of course I have. Then you obviously know who I am.
I’m Tom, of Tom’s Scarf Productions. I’m head scarf… producer… scarf-ducer. You… are a scarf-ducer? Couldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Let me pick your brain. What
fabric makes the best fringe for you? Well, it’s hard to say… Yeah, it’s hard to say! This is the
biggest debate in the scarf community! For a year. You know, to me, it isn’t
even about the fabric anymore. It’s the whole… scarf-sperience. Scarf-sperience? Yes! I pretty much want to use
technology to break down all scarf limitations. I’m talking about an app that will
allow you to try one very scarf ever invented, and even scarves that haven’t been invented! No limitations.
No limitations, no walls, no boundaries. The scarves can go anywhere! That’s why it’s called the Infinite Closet. Whoa this is perfect. I
must take you to my superior. I heard everything… …and I love it! Ohmyfosh, ohmyfosh, ohmyfosh…
I can’t believe it. Agh! It’s like, how nervous am I? I mean, singing on stage is one
thing, but talking on a stage about scarves? It’s so totally different! All I know is you’re gonna do great,
because your scarves are great. My neck’s been warm all night. And I didn’t
embarrass you once. Everything’s going great. Attention, scarfies! Stop what you’re doing! Huh, that’s a familiar voice. We have a very special guest tonight.
I’d like to introduce a young visionary who I believe will revolutionize
the Neck Statement Industry. Angela… Stay where you are. You’re not the newcomer of the year anymore. Tom, come to the stage darling! Earlier tonight, Tom pulled me aside
and told me about his brilliant new Infinite Closent. No, I didn’t pull, there was no pull.
I think there’s been a mistake. Yes! There has been a mistake! For
years now, closets have been finite! Right. But can I just explain– You can explain! At nine 9A.M. in my office, on the
first day of your scarf-ternship! Oh, how could you? Angela, wait! All I wanted to do was show my
scarves and spread my message: Cool style and warm necks for everyone.
And you had to go and blow up my spot. Angela, I’m sorry. I’d never blow
up your spot on purpose. I don’t know how I became the hit of the
party, people just love me I guess– Argh! Tom, you’re– Look. I have a meeting with Autumn
Summers tomorrow, and she wants to hear about the Infinite Closet– Which first of all has nothing to
do with me… and second of all, the app doesn’t even exist! Yet! But I already have it all
figured out…in my head. Seriously! It will be an app all about your scarves. “Angela’s Infinite Closet:
warm necks are one swipe away” Ignore that last part, we can work on that later. No, that’s great! That actually
doesn’t sound that bad! That’s what I meant! Genius, right? No not at all. Now I just need to make the app. Alright so… Infinite closet. Can you do it? Can? Well, yes, of course I can– Great! So just let me know when
you’re done and we’ll be– But I don’t think I should. I can’t just bail you out every
time you make a mistake — you’ll never learn your lesson! Sounds to me like someone doesn’t
know how to make an infinite closet app. Do too. I just don’t want to
keep enabling Tom’s bad habits. I like to encourage him to fix
his mistakes. I call that Ben-abling. Call it what you want. All I hear
is a guy that doesn’t want to reuse the existing framework of an
app he already has to help his friend. What? I mean. Yes, I could do it.
But I would have to reskin it– And you don’t know how. Don’t know how? I show you
who doesn’t know how. Watch this! Nice work. You know I like candy, right? Are you sure this is gonna work? App-solutely. Tom, darling! Welcome to my palace
of scarf-spiration! So glad you could be here! Who are you? Ah Angela? I was supposed to
be the newcomer of the year. Rhetorical. Tom, I’m dying to hear your presentation.
I’ve completely cleared my schedule for the next seven minutes.
Take me to the Infinite Closet. Infinite Closet: that’s exactly what I have.
It’s an App with every scarf you can possibly imagine. But for the presentation I’d
like to turn things over to Angela. The real genius behind the idea. Thanks, Tom. Scarves! They light up
our necks. They provide us for something special, something extraordinary. Angela’s Infinite Closet will bring affordable scarves to
billions of people all around the world. Finally scarves can be for everyone! Everyone?! Tom, what is this? Uh… Angela’s Infinite Closet?! No, no, no! Scarves are not for everyone!
If everyone had a scarf how we would be able to tell the cool people from the… normals! Did you just say normals? Sorry, I meant to say ordinary regular normals. Hey! Some of my best friends
are ordinary regular normals! It’s OK Tom! Autumn Summers,
you know what? We don’t want to sell our scarves here. Go ahead
and keep your lame Scarf Spectacular! It’s a neck-tacular! I know what I said!
Come on, Tom. We’re out of here. And another thing! Despite what’s just
happened here, I just wanna say that you put on a lovely event and the food table
was first rate! See you again next year! No we won’t, Tom. No we won’t! Wait, why not? Because we’re gonna sell
our scarves on our own terms. You’ll never warm a neck again! It’s the end of fashion as we know it. Alright, Ben, music up! We’re
hauling heat in three, two, one: Come on, Hank! Work it! I thought you’d never ask. Are you wearing that
scarf or is it wearing you? I got this! That’s what I’m talking about! Look at him. He’s smoldering! It’s working! Orders are off the
hook! Everybody wants your scarves! No way! That’s awesome, we did it! We’re gonna be so scarfin’ rich! Haha! Yeah! And we are charging for it! Wait… You wanted me to charge for the scarves? I thought they were
supposed to be for everyone. Like, free! What?! Aw, yeah! It’s holly jolly time, y’all! Who’s
ready for the big Christmas concert? Well, that’s later… But right now,
let’s get some dress-rehearsal-style applause for Angela! Thank you! Thank you! Alright, guys. Here’s a Christmas song
my grandmother used to sing to me when I was a little girl. Now there’s just one
thing I want for Christmas. Here’s some things I like
about Christmas… presents! True that! Mistletoe! Uh-huh! Candy canes! Canes of candy! But you know what
I hate about Christmas? What’s that? Reindeer! Reindeer? Reindeer! Stomping on my roof! Stomping on my roof! Eating all my carrots!
Pooping on my snowman! Filthy, nasty reindeer! Get off the stage! Oh no! Why? Is there a fire? Your singing stinks as bad as your feet! A heckler?! In my club? You better show yourself
before I throw yourself. Sorry, Angela, I feel terrible about this! Then why are you doing the worm? Worms can feel terrible. Angela, why are you so
upset? It was just a heckler. No, Tom, it was more than that. Much more. It brought me back
to another time I was heckled… Filthy, nasty reindeer! Pooping on my snowman!
Pooping on my snowman! Get off the stage! Your singing stinks as bad as your feet! Who would do that? Who
would heckle a sweet, little girl singing a nice song about Christmas? Well, all the doors were locked,
we’re the only ones here. And I was on stage, so
you know it wasn’t me. So… So that means the heckler is… one of you! Oh! That’s my new ringtone. I for one, am shocked and appalled
that someone would heckle Angela. Well, you shouldn’t be,
considering the heckler is… you. Oops. Sorry. A simple Internet search of “Tom”
and “heckler” shows that you, Tom, received not one, not two, but three
after-school detentions for heckling. And one of them was
at a Christmas concert! Tom, you heckled? How could you? That was a different time! I was
young and desperate for attention. I never stopped talking.
I was a real blabbermouth. Couldn’t shut me up! I would just
go on and on and on and on. Tom! The point is, that was a different
me. Okay? I would never heckle Angela. I wish I could believe you. You can! Angela, wait! I have to find the real
heckler and clear my name! Luckily, I know everything there is
to know about solving mysteries, thanks to my favorite show, “Professor
Bloodhound and Constable Larry.” You know, that show where the characters
spout British cliches to try to sound smart. Indubitably, old chap! Without having done any actual
detective work besides wearing this hat, which I fancy, I can conclude, with some
degree of certainty, that the heckler is… Ben! If that’s your real name… You have no idea
what you’re doing, do you? I’ll ask the questions here! Yes, Professor Bloodhound
will ask the questions! Ben, is it or is it not true that you
recently developed an app called… The Hecklematic?! The worm hath turned! Well, yes I did, but… And what does the app do? Well, it heckles. Ah-ha! I mean “ah-haa” (British). Crumpets! It wasn’t me! I only made that app
to train myself to deal with hecklers while I’m doing stand-up.
Look, see, okay, here. Why do magnets win beauty pageants?
Because they’re so… attractive! Boo! Your comedy is terrible! Boo!
Get a real job! You’re awful! Ginger… that was a heckle! Oops! What? Oh, you think I’m the one
who heckled Angela? Well, you do enjoy heckling. Right, Inspector Bloodhound-Tom? Ginger, of course! It’s so obvious, it hurts! It wasn’t me! I’ll prove it to you. Hank, let me ask you
something: you sleepwalk, right? Sure, every night. And while sleepwalking, you scream
at anyone who crosses your path… Of course… And what was your favorite
part of Angela’s performance? I don’t know. I fell asleep. Oh, crumpets. Ah! This is ridiculous. Tom, your
investigation hasn’t proven anything. And you’re the only one who’s
ever heckled at a Christmas show. So as far as I’m concerned, you’re guilty. Please, Angela, you’ve got to
believe me! I’d never heckle you! Guilty! Angela’s honestly like the single
most amazing person I’ve ever met… If she think’s I’m the heckler, she’ll never fall You think I’m in love
with Angela? Oh, come on! Okay, righto… Ah… Look, I know
we’re stumped, but I promise, we’re going to find
this heckler… somehow. Hey, whenever Professor
Bloodhound’s stumped, he and Constable Larry always do two
things: have a spot of tea and then return to the scene of the crime… Oh, that’s dreadfully good! As a servant of the Crown, I
demand to see the security footage from Angela’s rehearsal! Aw, yeah! Follow me! Uh-huh. Zoom in there, if you please! Zoom that in. Enhance! Make it so. Ah-ha! Hank, I’ve got a feeling
I know who our heckler is… Jolly good work, Inspector! Boo-ya! Look at him! He’s doing the running bloke. Yeah. I have a different
dance for every mood! Right now I’m surprised
and kinda hungry! I’ve gathered you all here
at the scene of the crime, so that I can reveal not only
who heckled Angela tonight, but who heckled her way back when
in kindergarten… because you see the two hecklers in question
are in fact one and the same. Oops, sorry, I’ll put it on vibrate. And these bikkies, which I believe
you call cookies will prove it! Wait! Who’s that?! Hold it right there! Okey-dokey. Ah-ha! I knew it! Ladies and gentlemen,
may I present to you… your heckler! Santa?! Ho-ho-ho-ho. Guilty as charged. I knew it. I mean like
I didn’t know it but I like knew it. What?! Santa, why would you heckle Angela? Have you ever really listened to
the lyrics in her Christmas song? Filthy nasty reindeer pooping
on my snowman, pooping on my… Okay, I guess, you know maybe
out of context, those lyrics could sound a bit anti-reindeer. I’m sorry. Wait, Tom. How did you know it was Santa? Well, think about it. All the doors
were locked, which means the heckler had to find another way
into the club, like a chimney. Oh! There’s a chimney right there! Right. Stay with me, buddy. But what about the robot voice? You mean this voice? Ho-ho! Just a gadget that
the elves made for me. I’m sorry I heckled you, Angela. The important thing here is that
we solved the mystery and now we know for sure that
I’d never-ever-ever-ever do anything to hurt Angela’s feelings. Ever… Good. Now do you think you
can still play the Christmas concert? Let me tell you about the
dopest Christmas I ever had! Getting heckled by Claus, So… it’s Christmas Eve, bro.
You going to tell her how you feel? Whaaat? I mean, I think she’s,
uh, super swell and an upstanding citizen, but- Tom, I’m Santa Claus. I know when you’re sleeping,
I know when you’re awake, and I know when you’re lying. No… eh, no. No. Oh hey Angela, hi! I’m so psyched I can perform again!
And it’s all thanks to you, Tom. I got you a little something. You did? You didn’t have to do that. And I think it really sums up how
much you mean to me… Oh, gotta go. Oh! “Just Friends Forever…” Huh. Well, the “just” part
seems a bit unnecessary… Get some of that funky you, yo! Reindeer stomping on my roof, stomping
on my roof, eating all my carrots pooping on my snowman,
pooping on my snowman. Filthy nasty reindeer
pooping on my snowman. Are you ready?
I hope you’re ready! Because I’m definitely ready!
What am I ready for? I’ll tell you what I’m ready for.
I’m ready for you TV producers to give me my own show.
Ah. Ginger ! Pay attention! Sorry Tom, not sorry.
Okay, here it is! The Talking Tom Reality TV
Show Audition Video! Now, I’m not gonna come
on here and be like: “Oh producers, please, please,
please, give me a reality show!” No. I don’t need to do that. Why?
Because I know when you see my friends and my cool life,
you’re gonna be like… “Oh Tom, please, please, please let
us give you a reality show.” Hey, I’m probably being paranoid,
but I just wanted to make sure you knew I was kidding when
I was acting like you were gonna be begging me to do a reality show okay? Okay.
And cut! Thanks Ginger. Tom!
Hey Angela! I got here as quickly as I could.
Your message said it was urgent. Is everything OK? Yes, I am finally filming
my Reality Show Audition Tape. Oh, not really interested… Uhu. Now Angela, I need you to
check the acoustics for our new reality TV confession booth! Tom it’s a bathroom! Well, yeah!
People sound great in the bathroom! That’s why they sing in the shower. There is no shower in here, there’s just a toilet! Shower, toilet, use your imagination! What? Use my imagination?
Are you kidding me right now? That’s our Angela. She’s not only
my good friend, but she is also… kind of a pop star.
You might even know some of her songs. Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh baby, baby… “Yeah, yeah, baby, baby?” Why don’t you sing one of your songs? I love Tom! But my manager thought it might hurt my career
to sing one of my real songs on his crazy audition tape. As you can see, this is no ordinary neighbourhood garage.
It’s what we call “The studio”, and it’s where I produce games
and songs and apps with my best friend and business partner, Ben.
Hey Ben! Tom! Please tell me that
camera isn’t recording. Are you kidding me?
That was reality TV gold! Ben here is the owner of all this
high tech expensive equipment. Correct, Tom. So don’t you dare touch it. Ben’s mom won’t let him keep
the stuff at his house because a few too many — shall we say –ahem —
“power surges” caused a few too many — shall we say — “the house fires.” Not really my fault.
Our electricity grid badly needs an upgrade. So Ben, can you tell us
what kind of mind-blowing, life-changing, high-tech
invention you’re working on? I can, but I don’t see the reason why I would. Oh, come on Ben, tell us what it does! Well, if you must know,
this is a squirting flower joke app. Uuh! What’s that button? No no no no! Don’t push it! It doesn’t even work! Well it should. Haha now, that is the funniest thing
I have ever seen you do. What do you mean,
I’m often very funny. Ahhh… not really.
I Am so? No. Ah…Nope. You, reality show producers, You should know the following:
Yes, I’m a tech genius, but I also possess a well-rounded personality.
For example, I can be whimsical. I’m often spontaneous. I’m organized… In a fun way! And most of all, I’m humorous. You’re humorous? What? You don’t think I’m funny? You know what? Forget I said anything.
Oh, nononono, you’re not leaving until I have shown everyone that
I am more than just the brains of this operation.
Please don’t. Hello viewer, prepare to laugh
at the following standup comedy humour presentation. Joke number one: So yesterday I flew in from the west coast,
and boy are my arms tired? So you see, Tom, the word “flew”
has two different meanings… Ben! If a joke is funny you don’t
need to explain why it’s funny! Stop it, Tom, you’re embarrassing
yourself. I have studied a lot more comedy than you have…Good day! Oh of course, the best comedy
comes from a spread sheet! What are those two bickering about? Do they think that’s gonna
impress the Producers? And why am I talking to you
instead of talking directly to them? Huh ? … Take over! Ehm…Hi! I’m Tom’s roommate Hank. Ehm.. I’ve seen every sitcom made
from 1986 to 1994… And… in France I’m called Honk! Ginger? Oh Ginger? Ginger it’s your turn to talk! In a minute, I’m almost done… Hey, that’s my phone! I told you if you don’t behave,
I’m gonna send you home… I’m sorry, Hank.
Give me another chance, I’ll be good. Well…Okay. Hi, everybody. My name is Ginger,
and I’m seven years old! And when I grow up I wanna be
just like my role model: Hank! Aww, I’m the only one
who disciplines the kid… That’s why he looks up to me —
Hey! Give me that! Ginger, Ginger,
get back here with my phone! Have a seat on the couch
and tell the producers about yourself. Tom, you start.
I’m what people call a visionary… Some days I wake up and think,
“Let’s see, today I’m gonna design a hot air balloon that
can land on a passing asteroid.” Except a hot air balloon
can’t fly in space… That’s a minor detail.
Comments like that prove that you’re just not a visionary.
And you’re not a scientist. You two are a great team. Tell us
about some of the apps you’ve created. Oh! Tell her about the “Ray Ray”. Oh why did you bring that up?
The “Ray Ray” was an app that used bursts of microwaves
to locate people nearby named Ray. Wow! Nobody needs that.
Well, maybe we should talk about “Cook My Salmon” –- the app
that makes your phone so hot it can cook salmon.
Which totally worked, it just drained your battery.
Ben it set your pants on fire… Really guys?
So, tell us how you first met. Well, it was like a million years ago… No it was eight point three years ago. Cool! Eight point three? You are talking nonsense! Nonsense? You’re the king of nonsense! I am literally a hologram of positivity. No, the vibe I’m going for here is…
“everyone’s got their own whatchamacallit.” So Tom, is there anything about Ben that gets on your nerves?
Hmmm… Don’t touch that!
Don’t touch my computer screen. Now you’re touching me! Now, who wouldn’t wanna watch that on TV? That’s it ! I am never going to work with you again! Hey Tom! How’s it going? Not so good…
I don’t think my video is good enough to convince the TV producers
to give me a reality show. Then just turn it into a very
special Christmas audition video. Would that work?
Do you know that show “The Hermit Housewives of the Aran Islands”?
Sure, everyone does! They were almost cancelled.
And then they turned every episode into a very special Christmas special.
Would that work for us? Don’t ask me, ask this guy! Somebody called Santa? HOHOHO!
Where did he come from? Okay Ginger. Cue ‘The snow’!
And… Action! This season children all over the
world are going to be asking me for the same thing. Santa, they’re saying,
all I want is to see a reality show starring Talking Tom and his friends.
Hey, what is this? It’s a public service announcement…
for children who want me to get my own reality show.
Kids watch enough TV! No, my show will be good!
It will be like a Christmas miracle. But I’m not sure the TV producers will like it. What do you need a TV producer for?
To make all my dreams come true? HO HO HO! Good one, Tom!
You don’t need some out-dated washed-up TV producer to make
your own reality TV show. I don’t? No, all you need is a video camera,
a computer and a bunch of crazy goof-ball friends… Which you definitely have…
I do? HoHoHo. Yes, you do!
So just make the show yourself. I can do that. Thanks, Santa!
This may be the best Christmas ever. Angela, come sing with us! Anybody has seen Angela? Until that awful singing stops,
I’m staying right in here with you, “Confession Camera.”
You’re welcome. Santa, Santa! Santa wait!
You forgot my Christmas list! Hoho! Email me!
Okay ! Guys, I’d say our first annual
indoor fun day was a big success. It sure was. I’m glad the Landlord
sprayed all those chemicals on the lawn so we couldn’t go outside. Well, look at this, Angela even
set up an arts and crafts table. I made friendship bracelets. See,
the different threads represent… ahm, different colors of friendship. Angela. I don’t ever exaggerate.
But these. Are. Mind-Blowing. Oh, well, do you want one? Do I?! Ha! I mean, you know, if you
happen to have an extra one, yeah, sure, I’ll take it off your hands. Awesome. There. Now we have matching
friendship bracelets so everyone will know we’re friends. But remember, you can’t
remove it. You have to let the bracelet fall off on its own. What happens if I take it off? I think technically, that means
we wouldn’t be friends anymore. No! Anyways, I’ve got to get home. Hey,
do you think the lawn is safe yet? Hmm. Maybe if you hold your breath. Okay, thanks, bye! Not breathing, not breathing. I’ll never take you off! Got you. Ow! Ginger! Man, you weren’t even
trying to dodge me. Oh. You missed me. Ginger, slow down or I
won’t be able to catch you. That’s the point. I’m the most
excellent player of every indoor game there is. From
indoor tag to indoor catch… Tag, you’re it. No fair. I was giving
a speech that doesn’t count. Indoor fun day will now conclude
with a traditional game of hide and seek. Though it’s not exactly a tradition
since it’s the first Indoor fun day. But I’ll allow it. Gotta start somewhere, right? You guys are going down! Now, I’ve developed a completely
fair method to decide who’s it. All we need is a spoon, fishing
line, a number of hooks – Last one to touch his nose is it! Last one what ? Tom’s it! Everybody scatter! Hold on, I wasn’t ready – oh, all right… See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. We’re out of here. One Mississippi… two
Mississippi… three Albuquerque. Ben, always hiding by
your work. Oh-huh. Alright. If I was Hank, where would I be…? Well, these cushions look
suspicious. Hank, I’m on to you. Hmm. So no one’s decided to
hide in the most obvious places… Well I like a challenge. Alright
guys, come out, come out, wherever you are. Uh-oh, this is not good… Um,
guys? Time out, real quick, okay? I need some help here! Hey! I’m stuck! Oh, come on, Tom. I’m not gonna
fall for the oldest trick in the book. I know this seems like the oldest
trick in the book, but my arm is actually stuck in the couch! Do you really need help?
Or when you said this wasn’t a trick, was that a trick? No, it’s not a trick! Okay. But what about a double trick – And it’s not a double-trick
that I said it wasn’t a trick! Alright, I’m coming out to help!
But this doesn’t count as you finding me! Uh-oh. Did you say “uh-oh”? I’m stuck in the bathroom! Just like the last time I was stuck
in the bathroom! Remember that? Hey, can you come in and get me? No, Hank, I’m stuck too, remember? Ben! Bennnnnn! Ben, where are you? No. But this is the perfect place… Fine. Hey, that was you! Good hiding. Yes. Fortunately, you rarely
give things a closer look. Well, maybe not so fortunately
because me and Hank are both stuck. Hank, where were you even
planning on hiding in there? Not sure, but hide and seek
makes me nervous, and when I’m nervous I have to go. Ngh! This is really jammed.
I don’t know how you pulled the doorknob off so easily. It’s like I suddenly had super strength. Stand back, I’m gonna try something! Never mind. Some internal piece must
have worn down. No worry, I’ll just get a spare doorknob
from spare doorknob storage. Let’s see. The Polished Elegance,
hm… the Emerald Turner, ah, there we go. A good ol’ bathroom spare… Wait, don’t let that door – close. Uh-oh. Tom! Why isn’t there a handle on
the inside of the storage room? I took it off. And why did you take it off? Because I trapped that
thing in there that one time. What thing?! Don’t worry, it probably went away. But, yeah, you can’t open
the storage from the inside. Why didn’t you tell me that
before I got locked inside here? Okay, well, nobody panic. Ginger’s
still hiding somewhere around here. He can help us. Ginger! Ginger!!! Ginger! Sounds like Tom found everyone
else, but they still can’t find me. Haha, This is gonna take a while… So, Ginger’s not answering, and
struggling just gets the friendship bracelet more stuck… Maybe Hank
is having more luck than I am. Tom! My head is stuck in the sink! I mean, maybe Ben is
having more luck than I am. I call this new invention the
Emergency Door Opener Five Thousand. Wait… Nine Thousand. No, that’s
too much. Five Thousand is better. Anyway, my troubles are about to be… You don’t need to eat that pizza.
You don’t need to eat that pizza. Eat that pizza, eat that pizza, eat
that pizza, eat the pizza, eat the pizza! Tom, what are you doing? Just cleaning the table. It
sure was messy. Tables… Oh, yah, don’t get me started on that. Man, Angela. I’m so glad you’re
here! But wait, wait, wait, why… You went home a while ago,
so how are you back here? Angela… You’re floating. Yeah, do you like it? The chemicals on the lawn turned
you into a ghost! Or a superhero… Wait. Are you a ghost or a superhero? Oh, neither. Actually, I’m a hallucination.
Your brain created me to deal with the loneliness of being stuck. So you’re not the real Angela? If I were the real Angela would
I say this? My favorite things in the world are Tom, Tom,
Tom, singing, and dancing and Tom. In that order. Wow, you are a really
cool hallucination. So, you’re really stuck, huh? It’s the friendship bracelet.
Alright, it’s caught on a spring. And I don’t know what to do
because on one hand, I don’t want to be stuck here forever.
But if I cut it, that means we aren’t friends anymore. But how good a friend are you if
you can’t even answer my calls, or help Ben and Hank? Not a very good friend. A friendship bracelet is just a
bunch of string. If it keeps you from helping friends who
need you, then, you should cut it. Wait, how do you know I’m
making the right decision huh? I mean you’re just a hallucination. I know, but I’m yooour hallucinaaation… Oh, Hallucinangela, come back. His name is Ginger! Baw ba bah baaaoowww! Like an invisible ninja! Okay. My brain made up that
hallucination. And my brain has never led me astray before.
Right brain – right. Left brain – wrong. Or maybe I don’t need to rush things.
Maybe if I just wait long enough, the friendship bracelet
will just come off on its own. Tom, help! My head is caught in the
sink and I can’t turn the water off! Hank, why did you
even turn the water on? I was thirsty. Sorry… the sink… is filling…
faster than I can drink… the water. Tom, get me out of here so
we can get Hank out of there. Alright, guys. Hang in there! I’m on my way. Carry the ten to the twelfth
power and this proves that this is one-hundred percent Tom’s fault. What did you just say? Never mind! Take this and go free Hank! Yeah, right. I’m here, buddy! Thanks, Tom… What were you thinking? Can I explain later? This water
is going right through me. Uh, you’re welcome. Tom, why didn’t you answer your phone?
I called, I texted, I even sent you an email. Oh, okay. That explains it. You
took off my friendship bracelet. Angela, I had to! We were playing
hide and seek and the bracelet uh – it got stuck on a spring in the couch.
Then Hank got trapped in the bathroom – And I got trapped in the storage room – Don’t worry, Tom. I knew
something like this might happen, so I made an extra. Oh that’s great, that’s really. Oh… pink. Helping friends is way more
important than a bunch of string. You made the right decision, Tom. I am not sure about that… What? Uh, I mean… Hey, whatever happened to Ginger? I guess the real problem with hide
and seek is, when you’re as good at it as I am, the game
can get pretty boring. I’ll give them another hour… or two.