TeleCommuting SMR

hi I'm Romney merzedes vice president of global client services and operations at Cisco today cisco announced the finding of its teleworker survey an in-depth study for about 2,000 employees across five regions from Asia Bank emerging markets European markets Japan US and Canada the data collected from the survey highlights the valuable gains that a sound telecommuting strategy provides for both employees and employer let me share with you some of the findings and highlights sixty-nine percent of the survey employees cited higher productivity when working from home eighty-three percent said their ability to communicate and collaborate with coworkers are the same if not better when working remotely eighty percent cited an improved quality of life when given the option to telework telecommuting can also lead to a higher employee retention rate as more than ninety one-percent said telecommuting is important to their overall satisfaction we at Cisco are achieving new levels of efficiencies and effectiveness by enabling people to work together no matter where they're located we see telework as the foundation for the next generation workforce and to accommodate for this shift Cisco IT is working closely with employees to provide them with the flexibility and technology solutions they need to have successful telework experience we simply enable them through cisco virtual office telepresence collaborative work to do and cisco webex as a working mother of three teenage children I often have to go to parent-teacher conferences or doctor's appointment being a teleworker and Cisco allows me to be able to attend those conferences and also be able to work in the evenings or early during the day to make up for that time I very much appreciate the opportunity to be able to have this type of flexibility and allows me to remain productive remain engaged with my co-workers as well as continue to meet the personal demands of my family

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