Sonic Classic Heroes – But does it work on Real Hardware?

Woah, how are you guys holding them? Because, we’re Sonic– All right, cut that out! I’m really sorry for that poor introduction
there. We’re all here to see if the Mega Drive version
of Sonic Heroes would work on real hardware. Sonic Heroes. It’s one of those games which is a bit like
Marmite. You either love it or you hate it. I’m not going to go into my personal opinion
but I will mention that I love the fact that you can switch between characters on
the fly. And use their abilities to your advantage. But what if we could take that mechanic out
of the game and insert it into Sonic 2 on the Mega Drive? Well, a Sonic ROM hacker going by the name
of flamewing, took this proposal on and showcased to the
world that this is absolutely possible. And what a great idea it was because it got
rave reviews. So much so that flamewing and another great
hacker, ColinC10, decided to join forces and put Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 together, with extra teams, extra gimmicks, for the full experience which was named Sonic
Classic Heroes. And today we’re going to be trying the latest
version of both series. Starting with Sonic 2 Heroes. [Laughs] Okay, I was not expecting that! Oh, dear! An address error has occurred on read from
hexadecimal numbers. Blah, blah, [Gibberish] And then even the game doesn’t even know what
it is trying to say. That’s how bad it is. So, I’m pressing every button to try to get
past it and it’s not working. Maybe while holding A, B or C or something
while pressing the reset button. Nope. Maybe Start with bypass it. Nope. The SEGA screen is kind of corrupted and the
rest of the game could be working for we know, but there’s no way to get by. So, does Sonic 2 Heroes work on real hardware? Well… Just before we say no, I did a little bit
more research. Now, before creating the video I tried this
game on different emulators and when I say different emulators, I mean
I only tried it on two. It was working on Kega because Kega works
with everything. And then I tried Regen, one of the most accurate
emulators that I know, and when starting it up, you get the same
report as the Mega Drive compiled. So, I just thought, “Okay, it just doesn’t
work on real hardware then and ‘No!'” But then after creating a video, I thought
just for giggles, let’s just try it out on my European Mega
Drive. And it works! It started up and the whole game works perfectly
fine. Huh? So, I asked people in Discord what was the
most accurate emulator? And they said, “BlastEm.” And when I tried BlastEm, it also didn’t work? Then that made me think, maybe it’s the language
settings. So, if you can see from here I actually set
the country on Regen to be USA and then if I reset it… it boots up! I then tried the exact same thing with BlastEm
and again it loads up. Which means that it will work on the European
Mega Drive and the Genesis. Now I don’t have a real Genesis to try it
out on. But if you have a Japanese Mega Drive, you’re
out of luck. So, for the rest of Sonic 2 Heroes, you’re actually going to see a previous version
as footage because that was the only way that I could
capture it. The only differences between the two versions is that there’s been a couple of bug fixes from what I can see. Everything else you’re going to view in this
footage is going to be exactly the same. Before we go into the game, we’ll just go
to the options to make sure that everything works. And we’ve got your character select here which
you can rotate the characters and pick how many characters you want that
to be in the game. You just might want it to be the traditional
Sonic 2. Or with Knuckles instead! Forget Tails! Who needs him? And you commence with Emerald Hill Zone. So, I played this game from A to Z including
getting all of the emeralds. Which grants you Team Super! Yes, every single character can become super
and you can still switch between them in real time. And unfortunately I’ve only got the Super
Sonic figurine. Don’t have Tails or Knuckles. The only place I found that you couldn’t choose between the characters were in the special stages themselves. But they do all follow you, which the third
character will get hit a lot. All characters can spin dash yet Sonic is
the only one that can Super peel-out where as Tails and Knuckles just spin dashes
again. The game behaves as you would expect just like the ordinary Sonic 2 but just with the extra gimmicks. Most of the bugs that I found were carried
over from the vanilla game and all of these happen on emulation as well
so the Mega Drive itself is not a fault here. One of the biggest issues that I will mention
is the amount of slowdown. It can be so sluggish at times. This isn’t something that’s unique to the
hardware itself and I know the game has got a lot on it’s
plate, I mean it is giving me an enjoyable playthrough
but this is something that’s just going to slip on by; You will be noticing it. I mean hopefully it will be improved in the
next revision of Sonic Classic Heroes but that’s for later. And then except for this one distinct glitch
that Sonic was doing. Come on, man, you could land on the floor! This game ran really well and I had a very
good time with it. Can’t make that ledge? I’ll have Knuckles climb it. Too high for Sonic? Let’s make Tails give him a lift. And how about this, even the Amy Rose is in
the game flying a tornado for our heroes. And once the end of the game is done, she
appears in the cutscenes, and it’s end game. I think this is one of those games that you
have to try out. Does Sonic 2 Heroes work on real hardware? Yes. Now, that was short and sweet and I really
enjoyed it. But now it’s time to move on to the classic
version. Now we’re talking! That title screen alone shows that we’re in
for a treat. With the whole previous Sonic game attached, a new team entering the ring, a Knuckles Chaotix style rubber band feature, brand new menus, extra cutscenes, a much-needed saving feature with up to 12
slots and customizable backdrops, just how can this game handle it all? Even Vector is in disbelief. Vector: Are you kidding me!? This is the definitive version to play although
it still has some drawbacks. A few zones appear to have some CRAM dots
placed randomly. The menu selection screen is particularly
poor in this regard. Something along the way the special stages seem to be a little bit screwed up with the character options. I mean Tails isn’t collecting the rings; Knuckles is! But even with those minor complaints, I still
had a really great time. So much that I completed the whole game from beginning to end getting all of the emeralds. Yes, there are 14 emeralds! 7 Chaos and 7 Sol emeralds. Get 7 Sol or Chaos Emeralds to become Super, and get all 14 to become Team Hyper! I don’t have any Hyper figurines at all. As for the slowdown, I can say that it has
dramatically improved. It’s still noticable in some places but it
wasn’t that bothersome. And while playing this for a whole hour and
a half, I didn’t discover any serious issues. It’s looking pretty good for Sonic Classic
Heroes. But before we answer that important question,
I think we need to do the ultimate test. Danny: Wait, I physically can’t move over anymore! RHS: I can get in! Ah! And how about that, it works! Player one control Sonic, player two controls
Tails and player three controls Knuckles. You can’t switch character in real-time while
they’re in control but wait ten seconds for the computer to take
control of Tails and Knuckles and then you’re able to press the A button
to switch characters. Therefore player 1 becomes Tails and so on,
so forth. The only thing you cannot change this to focus
off the camera. It will always be on player 1. There is a way around this though. Danny: Take it, boy! Danny: Have I got the Japanese one? RHS: Yes, you have! Danny: Oh, Bobjam, now we’re in! Let’s go! So, if you ever have a couple of friends around
that fancy playing Sonic 1 or Sonic 2, maybe this is the best route to go. With that in mind and everything else that
we’ve seen, does Sonic Classic Heroes work on real hardware? Yes. And, we’re done. I think this is one of the best Sonic ROM
hacks that you can play for your Mega Drive or Genesis. And you might of noticed that there wasn’t
enough of Team Chaotix in that footage. But there’s a reason for that. I will be live streaming Sonic Classic Heroes
on my secondary channel as Team Chaotix in a couple of days. The link is up in the corner. But until then, I will leave you with this… RHS: Alright, we can call it a night now. Danny: Call it a night? Rob: Cool, thanks, Ben.
Danny: Call it a night? Rob: Cool, thanks, Ben.
Danny: I’m going home! Rob: Can I have some— Rob:? Pizza! [Chuckles] Rob: Don’t put that in! [Laughs] Rob: Oops! Danny: Finally, it’s been revealed!