Robokiller Review - Does it Really Work?

Robokiller Review – Does it Really Work?

Hey what is up guys my name is Thomas Park and today we're talking about robo killer now this is a cool app for iOS not sponsored or affiliated with them by any means but I thought this is a cool app and an interesting niche solution to a problem that's been happening more and more lately whether due to some kind of regulations that have undergone pressure from the Trump government that we reside in or whatever reason spam callers have been on the rise yet again and now it's not uncommon for me to get around five calls a day or so from people I don't actually want calling me now this is a big problem and it's very annoying and if you don't have an app to get rid of some of these calls you're gonna be silencing your phone turning it off doing whatever you can to stop these callers now you might think answering these calls and telling what to take you off your list would work but I've tried that and most of us a lot of the time they're just recording so there's not really much you could do and other times that you do try this well it doesn't really work most of the time anyways because these companies just want to keep calling you for no reason I guess they want to trick you into scams a lot of the time it's oh your extended warranty is up or something stupid like that and it's kind of scary to know how much these companies know about you most of the people that are calling me know my real name that they know a car that I have a lot of that times they know some of the companies that I've been working with so it's easy to find out this information it's a it's annoying and it's it's a little scary at times so what can you do with it well here comes Robo killer so what Robo killer does is you just install it on your phone and it automatically detects and kind of Flags spam callers you could set it up so that you're not even notified when someone is calling you so for me I could look at my phone at the end of the day never have my phone ring once and then I'll see that five people have called me my day but perhaps the best thing about this app is that you can actually trick scam callers and to think they are talking to you with funny pre-recorded message of your own or you know with pre-recorded messages I'm gonna play one of my favorites right here in which I trick a scam caller with the app and the scam caller thinks she's actually talking to a crying mother what's funny is that the way these scam cards in Iraq – these robo pre-recorded messages a lot of the time they won't admit they're calling from sometimes they get kind of mad trying to explain who they're asking for in general it's very easy to see that these are scams and I didn't want to talk to these people so here's my one of my favorites it's a scam caller talking to a mother whose baby won't stop crying and he actually tries to console her to make her feel better I'm sorry I have to check on my babies crying tell me why you're calling well I'm sorry are you spying on us you know later okay come on we'll call you another mom and my babies crying doesn't stop crying you know I can do to calm him down I just want a bottle this is easy easy easy does he want a bottle I'm trying and nothing works those first training oh hello is all is he a newborn is your baby a newborn hello yes is he a newborn ah willing much less a bottle I'm sorry can you hit I have to check on my baby his kind thank you so wasn't that pretty funny um it's one of my favorite ones that I've gotten but we're also gonna roll another one here of we're a scam caller actually thinks she's talking to me but it turns out it's actually President Trump oh no wait wait wait who is this if this mistake I don't accept that what made you think you could call this number um excuse me are you okay but I don't think you understand do you realize who you're called Do You Know Who I am another person on the other end of the phone you haven't realized I'm the President of the United States the most important man in America to tell me right now what made you think you could call me because I don't like the President of the United States bye-bye no no no no not a good enough answer you've got to be kidding me this is totally ridiculous you realize the amount of power I have I could end your job I could get you fired at the snap of a finger just like that you realize that anyway so those are two of my favorite from a robo killer now guys go ahead and check out the app on the App Store if you want so this is what the app looks like you have of course all the calls recorded that have been blocked and you could allow or disallow if you want these are the numbers and lists you can configure and of course we have the answer bots tons of pre required options available most of them are quite good and hilarious most of them work with that they if they detect the response they play the next portion so they work pretty well and of course we have settings here which are pretty robust and allow you to configure if you know fighter or not overall that app is pretty easy to use and very well done well this is just a helpful tutorial video in terms of how to protect your privacy or maybe just even your sanity while using your phone if you are looking to use your phone in internet cafes and stuff like that and you want to step it up as well as protecting yourself from scam callers you might want to step up your privacy as well by protecting yourself from snoopers and stuff like that at internet cafes now when you go to put someplace like Starbucks Target Airport or wherever you are and you access the public Wi-Fi you should know that your uh nag you're accessing unsecured Wi-Fi which means anyone in the cafe or anywhere near around um could access the information that you're sending through your browser finding out your passwords your logins and going through your stuff pretty easily so what can you do about that well install a VPN go ahead and check in the description down below or I look around on the channel some more for tutorials and tips about VPNs and why you need one anyways guys thanks for checking out this video about a cool app a robo killer as well as checking out some my other stuff about VPNs I'll see you again on the next video peace