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so the important thing here ladies and gentlemen is that I passed even though I miss those questions and most of the questions were about pregnancy if you ask me [Applause] this will be testing my health promotion and maintenance skills in real time there's 20 questions you have to get a 50% to pass just like the NCLEX I've never seen this exam before I will talk it through so you could see my strategies in action okay when making a checklist for an older adult who is learning to to do self catheterization which action is most helpful pause the video if you want to see the choices I'm just gonna go ahead and answer the questions and talk about it as I see fit okay okay now the question was when making a checklist for an older adult who is learning to do self catheterization which action is most helpful and I chose the correct answer use short words and sentences again pause the video and read the rationale and you also might want to write these questions down for your own studies if you want okay the health care provider is teaching a patient with emphysema pursed lip breathing pursed lip breathing helps patients with emphysema because it you okay I chose helps keeps this keep the small Airways open and prevents air trapping and that was correct I'm gonna bring the rationale into focus for you so you can stop the uh stop the video and read the rationale so far two answers to questions answer okay after educating in nineteen year old client about possible adverse effects of oral contraception which of the clients concerns shows lack of knowledge and I'm going to pick I could see it right now this is a oral contraceptive so you know they might experience headache and might experience weight gain they might experience a but they will not get ovarian cancer and that's correct next question during a routine prenatal visit I'm not good with prenatal all right so if I was taking the NCLEX I'd be like oh my god a prenatal question but I have to stop take a deep breath close my eyes for three seconds open my eyes and what I just did was I pushed the reset button I'd tell my clients when they're experiencing anxiety to close their eyes take a deep breath and pretend that's a reset button so I'm not gonna worry that this is a prenatal and I don't know anything about prenatal let's read the question and try to use logical when answering this question okay during a routine prenatal visit by a woman at 24 weeks gestation the health care provider notes the woman's free pregnancy hematocrit was 42 percent but today the Ematic er is 34 percent which the following provides the best explanation of the change in hematocrit for this client again I don't know so let's take an educated guess above all we must stay calm for the NCLEX right so okay the first answer is about nausea and her diets been poor there's nothing in the question about diet so why would I pick that right you the answer could possibly be B because of the pregnancy related immune suppressant the woman is not making enough erythrocytes mmm that's blood related so let's keep that answer during pregnancy the increase in plasma volume exceeds the increase in erythrocyte production again I don't know so let's keep that answer right I like the woman is anemic because of her blood is being diverted to the placenta and fetus I like that one let me pick that one it's probably wrong but again we're not we're going to come across questions on the NCLEX that we don't know so we must stay calm don't worry just I'm gonna pick it because I feel it and I'm wrong but that's okay so the answer is C I'm going to move the question up to let you read the rationale pause the video to read the rationale here okay alright so I missed one it's okay I won't know I missed it at the NCLEX will I so so far I got three right and went wrong let's continue a client closed the clinic after her pregnancy test is positive which hormone will cause this result I should know this one but again you know pregnancy and all that is my weakness but let me go ahead oh I'm gonna pick I dunno this one HCG HCG because I called the doctor I told him I might be pregnant he asked me you know are your breasts tender no have you missed a period I don't know he did the HCG and I only had like 400 and he couldn't do anything for me he said how did you even know you were pregnant your HCG only 400 go home come back in a month when your HCG is 400,000 and the doctor was amazed that I even knew I was pregnant so I'm I know this because of my own experience and I'm gonna pick a I notice I said because of my own experience not what I saw at work okay alright so pause the video if you want to read the rationale I'm gonna continue because I'm taking this exam and we're like this is real this is like what it's gonna be like at the NCLEX okay you're gonna miss some you're gonna win some the key is not to be anxious a school nurse is performing annual school nurses screenings the nurse assesses students for all the following signs except I'm gonna say balanced waist angles because scoliosis you have that crooked spine all right they kind of lead to one side say you might have uneven hips I'm gonna say balanced waist angles because they'll they'll be unbalanced because of the spine being crooked that's my thinking see how I'm doing critical thinking skills here and that's correct again pause it to read the rationale Oh okay notice I just went oh why did I say uh-oh because I forgot about Ericsson so close my eyes take a deep breath count to three open my eyes reset button now I have studied Ericsson so if I feel I don't know we take my best guess right above all remain relaxed okay so what's appropriate for a 16 year old psychosocial development 16 year old I would say request the hospital chaplain stop by because all the rest have to do with oh wait a minute ask parents to assist with missed homework hmm I still don't think it's 16 year old cares about the client chaplain if they should says most appropriate a most appropriate ask parents to assist with his homework that's appropriate then the chaplain what do you think about that let's answer oh I'm wondering if I answered this most approach I know oh okay I was thinking about this question wrong I know that friends and family are very important for a 60 year old so I missed this because I read the question wrong encourage friends to visit the hospital okay friends are very important first 16 year old again read the rationale I'm not gonna read it I'm just gonna keep going as if I'm taking the NCLEX okay during a home assessment of material which behavior indicates normal development tries to cup food knows how to eat with a fork tries to cut with a knife pours milk into a cereal bowl no uses a cup to drink of course so that was an easy one so I think that was easy because I missed my last question okay again read the rationale if you're writing the questions as you go let me take out this advertisement for you when teaching a client who is planning to get pregnant about the need to increase folic acid which food can the nurse suggest vitamin B I would pick the spinach I'm gonna speed up well no I'm not gonna speed up because sometimes when you speed up you mess up now if you're an RN you have 44 questions in an hour that's a minute 13 seconds per question if you're an LPN you have 41 questions an hour to answer okay if you want to not run out of time at the test center okay let's continue the home health nurse is visiting a new client with COPD who was just discharged from the hospital which is the most important topic for the nurse to teach the client just diagnosed with COPD so okay home health nurse so let's stay with the home right so removing potential lung irritants from the home I would do that important importance of maintaining social ties it doesn't talk okay this is COPD so does it say anything about friends so it's a choice between starting a gradual exercise and walking program now I would still choose removing potential lung irritants from home chronic obstructive pulmonary disease so when they inhale what are the things that you know those potential lung irritants will cause them to cough so let's choose that I think that's most appropriate better oxygenation and less co2 retention what quit smoking no no co2 it co co 3 is smoking hmm well I wouldn't have guessed that again let's read the rationale pause the video and read the ration out cuz I got this wrong okay alright let's continue by the way cigarettes have carbon monoxide in them which is co 3 alright let's continue a 17 year old girl and her mother are both in the exam room for the girls school physical before asking the girl about our sexual history which statement should the nurse take well the girl is 16 a 17 so in some states you could give sixteen-year-old girls oral contraceptives without the parents knowing it so I would guess it's asked the mother to leave the room let's see hahaha and that's where a is do you think your mother should leave the room now hmm I don't know if I would ask the girl that cuz she's gonna say no maybe let's read the other ones mother I'm going to ask you to step out so I can complete the health history I would do that one mother do you think your daughter sexually active of course the mother's gonna say huh not my daughter and the daughter might be right so so I'm gonna pick B as the mother to step out while you do her physical and that was the correct answer again I got the one before that wrong so maybe this was easier because the one in front of the last question I answered was wrong but pause the video read the rationale let's continue when caring for an elderly client who has visual and hearing impairments which of the following should the nurse assess I would pick social isolation believe it or not because maybe they cannot hang around other people because they can't see them or hear them or maybe they get irritated because they have sensory overload and you know this just says impairments it doesn't say which kind but I think social isolation let's try I got that one right again pause the video read the rationale let's move on the nurse notes the apical rate heart rate of a neonate born five minutes ago is 152 in regular what should the nurse do 152 in regular is one thing right I know it's not gonna steer higher zero right so when they're first born I would imagine it's high so again neonate being my weakness so what am I gonna do if I get anxious about it pause close my eyes count three reset button open eyes stay calm take my best guess right so monitors are rate every two hours I would document a normal heart rate up but again I think it's normal so let's see again I'm not nervous I'm just gonna pick what I think is right and I was right if you want to read the rationale pause the video let's move on as vision changes with age the ability to see colors can be altered hmm when the home health nurse helps an elderly client choose an outfit which colors are most difficult for the clients to distinguish and I know because I have terrible I'm terribly nearsighted and the most is red and green so I'm going to pick D and that's because of my own personal experience and what I know to be true all the NCLEX ah blue and green I always thought it was running green okay not gonna worry about it all I need is a 50 on the end clicks stay calm garrison read the rationale and move on a 79 year old client with severe arthritis of vannes tells a nurse she has difficulty instilling eyedrops for glaucoma what can the nurse plan to assist the client okay refrigerate the eyedrops to increase viscosity scatter arthritis so she can't even hold the bottle right some trouble holding the bottle instruct the client to lie down when using the drops teach the client to tilt her head back ask a family member to take over the ties hmm ask a family member to take over the task I don't know something like refrigerate the eyedrops to increase viscosity is probably the answer but let's do it I asked a family member my thinking is she's got arthritis up her hand so she has trouble holding the bottle what if she didn't have a family member let's try the family member dammit okay instruct the client to lie down when using the drops I don't know how that's gonna help rolled the bottle again let's pause the video and read the rationale and move on okay a mother tells the nurse that her eight-year-old client doesn't eat as much as her toddler or the teenager the nurse should explained that school-aged children have a lower metabolic rate no cuz they run around activity level no because they run around hormone level no that's where all the hormones are starting to build up in the body right release so I'm gonna say grow three toddlers tend to grow and teenagers tend to grow but around 8 years old they slow down their growth rate so all right let's read the rationale by pausing the video but let's move on to the next question the nurse plans to instruct parents of a four-year-old with cystic fibrosis about the child's nutritional needs which should be included during teaching hmm cystic fibrosis well there are a lot of pain when you have cystic fibrosis you have a lot of mucus when you have cystic fibrosis you can have mucus so the child is 4 years old so I know you don't want to give I'm gonna pick low-carbohydrate that makes sense that's even good for a normal diet the other choices I have is high fat no high calorie no no low-protein now I'm gonna go ahead with the low-carbohydrate kit you should have low carbohydrates even as an adult but I'm probably wrong let's see yeah I was thinking because the child's four years old so that child needs a lot of calories but anyway I missed it let's move on pause the video to read the rationale let's move on the nurse is instructing a fifty three-year-old male with the newly diagnosed type two diabetes how to care for his feet at home I think you're supposed to go to a podiatrist anyway which statement indicates the client understands okay you should not go barefoot every Sunday evening I will inspect my feet well I think you should inspect them every day I'm going to pick dry my feet very well after each shower yeah let's pick that of course that was right it might be because I missed the one before it but let's continue a patient report smoking 10 cigarettes per day for 40 years how will the health care provider document this patient's smoking habit in terms of pack years 10 cigarettes a day for 40 years that's a half a pack a day so that's 20 packs in four years yeah there it is 20 pack years what a dumb question again it might be because I missed the other I don't know I don't know pause the video read the rationale if you need to and let's move on remember on the NCLEX all you need to get is a 50% to pass here on this exam all I need to get is a 50% to pass and as we continue I will go ahead ahead and I really should start doing this where it's appropriate and in the next exam I'm going to actually that I do on video but I actually do clinical judgment and all the strategies that I teach you I'm I'm answering the question in this exam like most of you do but when you tutor me when I tutor you I'm going to give you tools and I want you to use those tools so I'm going to show you how to use the tools in my next video but in this video let's answer one more question and see how I did a thirty two-year-old client refuses to have any analgesia or anesthesia during her birth experience uh-oh first of all we're having a non medicated birthing experience second of all this is my weak area so what am I gonna do remain calm garrison breathe close my eyes for three seconds open my eyes I just pushed a reset button this is not my strong point so I'm going to have to take an educated guess I studied this it's just not my strong point as the nurse assists her during the second stage of labor which position should she use to begin pushing knee chest with head elevated I think that squatting with the body curved in a C position now lying on her left side in a Simpson now little with autonomy with high stirrups Oh the third taught me with high stirrups how about with autonomy with high stirrups so the doctor can assist getting the the head out with forceps should he need to do that it's picked d1 I would have never picked squatting with her body curved in AC position oh all right so now I know what position to use when you don't have any medication all right let's see how I did on my exam so the important thing here ladies and gentlemen is that I passed even though I missed those questions and most the questions were about pregnancy if you ask me I got a 65% all you need to do to pass is get a 50% so when you get nervous on the NCLEX one thing I do know is when you get nervous on the NCLEX and say oh my god I never studied this this is new to me every time you think that remain calm remain calm close your eyes take a deep breath count to three open your eyes and take an educated guess you studied it you just don't remember so I passed and that's my point all right now the next video I do answering questions I'm going to start using my concepts my strategies that I teach you doing during tutoring all right I'm not going to teach them to you but I will vocalize what I'm using all right this test is finished and thank you and I'll see you in the next video you

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