MUST TRY food in #Singapore BAK KUT TEH #肉骨茶 (Pork Rib Soup) Song Fa VS Ng Ah Sio|Food Review #싱가포르

Welcome back to our channel. My name is Jordi and this is Hyekyong. Two years ago, we quit our jobs and left our
home in South Korea to do one of the things we like the most: To travel. We have been backpacking for the past two
years and we still didn’t get tired. Maybe it’s because, instead of rushing to
sightseeing spots, we prefer to travel slow, stay as long as we can in a place, and learn
how life is there. Rather than as visitors, we prefer to experience
new places as locals. We don’t plan much ahead and we are always
welcoming new opportunities. One of these opportunities was spending a
few weeks in a city that we always wanted to visit. Well, not just visiting. But to experience the daily life. Welcome to our new series,
We are the Lifetime Travelmates and this is LIVING IN SINGAPORE FOR ONE MONTH On today’s episode we are going to eat one
of the must try dishes in Singapore. bak kut teh. BAK KUT TEH is a pork rib dish cooked in broth
popular in Malaysia and Singapore. It literally means Meat Bone Tea. Our followers recommended a few places, and
we decided we are going to compare two of the most popular restaurants: Song Fa and
Ng Ah Sio Let’s see who wins! We decided to go first, the Song Fa restaurant. Song Fa
Song Fa Bak Kut Teh is a family business celebrating its 50th anniversary. Started as a pushing cart in Johor Road in
1969 and nowadays, the three children run the business with 10 outlets spread around
Singapore, and some more around China, Indonesia and Bangkok. Each one of their outlets have a different
atmosphere and decoration. We chose the one in The Centerpoint which
got inspiration from the Glutton’s Square. We know that Song Fa is one of the favourites
among Singaporeans. And we couldn’t wait to try it! Wow! I can taste the pepper and garlic. It’s not spicy. It’s very tasty. It’s… It has the pork strong flavor
It’s very pleasant. It reminds me of some soups back home in Spain. We have a similar taste I would say. Let’s try the meat! They say it’s so tender that it just slips
from the bone. kind of… It’s very tasty. You can feel it absorbed a little bit the
broth. I would say it’s good. I am quite satisfied. We also got this Youtiao. kind of fritters. Not sure if we have to dip them. I am gonna eat one first. It’s not warm. It’s room temperature. Oh nice! Let’s dip it? These are very nice combination. Finally we got this Ngoh Hiang, which is mix
of veggies and pork and shrimp from what I read. Let’s dip it a little bit. Oh my god! It’s like a mix of spring roll and dumpling. Maybe this is even my favorite.. Very nice! At the end, we paid more than we expected
because we ordered other dishes like fritters, rice, beverages, and the surprisingly good
meat rolls- Ngoh Hiang 노향 But the Bak Kut Teh cost only 7. 60 SGD for two of us. So we thought it was quite reasonable price. 4. And if you have a chance, make sure to visit
the Emerald Hill Road. It’s right next to the Centerpoint. There’s the part where you can see colorful
buildings and chill out bars and restaurant in traditional style buildings. The atmosphere is quite nice. We saw people taking photos and also it’s
a good spot to have a drink to cool yourself from the hot weather. Now it’s time to try another Bak Kut Teh from
the popular restaurant, Ng Ah Sio. Ng Ah Sio is the name of the son of the original
founder of this famous restaurant. The business was born in the 50s serving pork
ribs with You Tiao (요타오) and chinese tea. But in 1977 the Mr. Ng Ah Sio took over his
father and named the restaurant NG AH SIO Pork Ribs Soup Eating House. Since 1988, they served over a million bowls
of their pork ribs soup and expanded with four outlets in Singapore and three in Taiwan. It’s time to try this legendary dish and see
if it lives up to our expectations. There’s more thick fat in this. This layer! Okay, okay. And I have the rice,
And I have the garlic and veggies, Youtiao… and some…(chillis)
Oh… Ummm
Oh, this is strong! It tastes stronger than the other one ( from
Song Fa) Pepper!
just like strong kick right after one sip. It’s a bit harder?
you know what I mean? It’s pretty thick. The amount is good. It’s very tasty. The broth is stronger. Maybe the meat is not as tender but it tastes
very good. Oh peppery! This one has more kick! Very nice! Not as tender as the other one. It doesn’t slide from the bone. But it’s very tasty. This rice with broth is the perfect combination. Oh my!
Jesus! ThePork Rib Soup itself was quite expensive
compared to Song Fa but Ng ah Sio restaurant has this set menu which
includes the bak kut teh+ rice + Youtiao(요타오) + preserved vegetable if you pay just 1.80SGD
dollars. So we ended up paying almost the same price
as Sang Fa restaurant. The Bak Kut Teh from Ng Ah Sio has stronger
flavor. Even though the meat wasn’t as tender as the
one from Song Fa we enjoyed slightly more the Bak Kut Teh from Ng Ah Sio than the one
in Song Fa. If you have tried both of them, let us know
which one you liked more and why. And if you haven’t tried Bak Kut Teh in Singapre,
make sure to try it. It’s really good. Thanks for watching. If you liked this episode, help us and click
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