Let's Play Rift - Part 3 - Time To Start Earning Our Keep

Let's Play Rift – Part 3 – Time To Start Earning Our Keep

or welcome back to this rift let's play your Sambo Seraph ascend oh my god what the hell are you doing teller hussy what are you doing welcome to you giving you a nice view of my heart there that is exactly what you do Thank You Carlton that was a great pickup by you if any of you guys watching at home saw our last episode you'll know that tallahassee AKA Romanova from our let's play DC Universe Online series picked up that this is indeed the Cowton dance from The Fresh Prince of bel-air couldn't agree with you more you're a big fan of that show no doubt mate yeah yeah I loved it too Philadelphia born and Rome oh dear it's gonna turn into one of those days isn't it anyway oh my God look at him that is the best dance ever period I love it so anyhow as you will remember folks we left off at the end of the last episode with me having to make a choice and thanks to her Tallahassee we had the whole concept of souls explained to us and I've got eight here that are taunting me saying pick me pick me and I only get to pick one but as you keep saying to her house it doesn't matter because at the end of the day we get to choose the three anyway one thing I just wanted to show you guys before we do move forward is that when you're at this stage of the quest and you're able to hover over these eight Souls you can actually control click on them so for example let's take elementalist if we control click and there we go what it brings up is the actual soul tree itself so this is giving you a preview of what to expect later in the game because like many games you decide on a tree you have no clue what's coming up in that levels ahead did you make the right choice is it your play style is it spells and abilities that you actually enjoy playing so in this case we've called up elementalist up the top here it's showing us all the talents so these are like the passives and enhancement abilities that we can tell and until you can see here zero five zero five let's take a look at one in particular biting cold increases this critical hit chance of your spells by one percent so this is where you put points very similar to the World of Warcraft talent tree but right off the bat we can see what they're doing and then down the bottom half of the window and this is a bit I like the most this is actually showing you what abilities will appear on your hotbar so for example if I was to choose elementalists right off the bat I'm gonna get these one two three abilities that I can put on my ability bar and they are crystalline missiles so that's obviously a salvo of projectiles I've got a dismiss pet function because yes the elementalist can actually summon a lesser earth elemental let's close that and for example we have a look at the storm caller control click on that and you'll see there you go it's telling me right away I can get electrocute which channels the electricity into the enemy and I can get a thunderbolt so obviously a very different style let's take a look at one more maybe the Pyromancer and that's again showing me a full preview right to the top of the soul tree where you can see up up the top there heatwave 3 minute cooldown that's obviously the big cooldown ability and wow that resets the cooldown of the mages fire spells and reduces their casting time by 50% so you know that would be a major goal if you're gonna solely spec into this tree and down the bottom half here we can see that I'll immediately get a fireball and a flame bolt which is kind of by the sound of things like a flame blast from the fire tree in Wales mage area so I've been arming and erring Roman over you were saying that pyromancers a good choice at the beginning I can't get over that dance my god pyro mance is a good idea at the start because you didn't notice any resistances to fire in the starting areas is that right yeah at least not here I haven't noticed any resistances right and have you observed any majors running around I mean is there a clear a clear domination of a particular soul going on out there or people all over the shop what's going on I think people are really just experimenting with everything at the moment I mean the games only what a month or so old yeah or less yeah it's true though people are basically making whatever the hell they want right and I guess that's the best advice anyone could give and of course that both of us give to you guys watching if you're going to be playing the game don't bother hopping up online and trying to you know min/max your character and get the most out of out of it read the descriptions ctrl click on them here hover over the abilities down the bottom and say to yourself hey and either sort of player that likes to cast lightning and thunder because you know that that is a totally different feel for example to somebody who's casting a salver of stone projectiles there or indeed a warlock who is obviously hurling off things like life leech very similar to the warlock and well by the looks of things places a leaching effect on the enemy and void bolt so there to be I'd imagine a lot like the shadow bolt in World of Warcraft Hills a ball of dark energy at the enemy causing 18 to 20 death type damage so just you know if anything be guided by the tooltip here as you'll see if I hover over the elementalists that says hey a suggested set of pairings for the elementalist is storm storm caller and Pyromancer or if I hover over the Pyromancer as my primary talent tree or two primary soul tree it's going to say hey elementalist or Archon let's have one more storm caller it's saying go elements or elementalist or Dominator let's have a look at the dominated tree because that sounds interesting what is this okay it's first ability is transmogrify transforms the enemy into a harmless squirrel so it's like being shaped in WoW I'd say have you seen anyone got seeped yet out there in the real world no I haven't okay that could be interesting or a neural prada salts the enemy's mind with electrical energy I'm not sure I want to be domination at the moment that sounds like a bit of a shutdown class probably takes more skill than I have I just want to go boom-boom as Tallahassee gives us the cow Colton in the background terribly off-putting but never mind all right I'm gonna go let's see what do we got elementalist which has a stormcaller and a pyromancer elementors has the pet I'm not a big fan of pets maybe we'll go and on maybe we'll just go Pyromancer we'll go with your original choice there let's get this over and done with poor old teller has he's been standing here for hours on end white dying to get out into the action here we go accepting our quest approach banality and it has been ours just thank you for rubbing that in we just obviously want to make sure that we're covering off everything so we get it out of the way choose one of these here we go we're going to choose Pyromancer now Big Finish tada oh my gosh quest complete that's nice that's a nice big effect we have no doubt that we've had a quest complete there and as you'll see what has appeared on my hot body on the bottom is fireball Hills a ball of fire an enemy and flame bolt that one I've got on the first toggle there our first action bar is toggle autoattacks I've I always like to have them at the beginning when I'm newly playing with the game so there we go the quest is over now by the way Romanova Romanova I've got to get that out of my head Tallahassee where do I go to find my list of abilities for when I get new ones and I want to drag them out to my ability bar the oh yeah there it is the abilities the icon near the end there P there they go fantastic sights breaking them out into general I've got my racial passive there I've got my angelic flight my auto attack and ranged attack and then I've got a Pyromancer section so that's great obviously tell her see as I get my three Souls it's going to split them up separately so I have to wander through a great big list yeah yep the throat yep beautiful okay and you guys have became to notice at the end there I've got drinking water I've got a consumable they've given that to me out of the bet obviously restoring 220 health and 385 mana okay that's interesting so telehealth is is this no I don't know if you've played a casting class yet but is it typical that both health pots and mana pots are the same thing a local consumables rather or do you actually get specific ones labeled or if you're not seen you know you do get specific health and mana pods but I haven't seen any consumable the air okay all right all right well that's good that the consumable makes it a lot easier at the beginning for a start only takes up one inventory slot and you don't have to worry about it with your low on health or mana just pop one of those all right so now we have to accept this next one or does it did you brought back ba ba ba ba ba ba ba speak with fan outside the sanctuary to begin your holy crusade and you will have seen there also my little blue XP bar go up I've now got 18 percent of the way to level 2 let's accept this quest Oh you gained a soul you have attuned your first soul it's same to me soul abilities will automatically be added to your action bar open by pressing P which Roman over told us already now let's heaven now I've got some buff here blessing of passage no idea what that is and you can see on my mini-map there I've got to go north east 55 metres and if I hold em and choose my actual main mini map you see it's marked on the map there and don't forget folks look at me I'm moving the map is automatically fading out when I move one of the best features ever in a game I love it and there's the world map and you can still see our quest mark and if you hover over it it tells you what you need to do or I may finally the time has come can we through here we can and we're out into the real world I can hear you breathing a huge sigh of relief finally got out now I know you're gonna hate me but you must be used to it I'm just gonna check my settings because because folks I've set the ground clutter density to maximum so if there's ever anything that's gonna kill your framerate it's all these blades of grass seems to be okay at the moment getting about 25 frames per second which for me is fine for an MMO I'm just gonna play with it quickly and reduce them and see if it actually does up my framerate at all where are we here we go because pay to take the tension here pay attention here because if there's anything that's gonna kill your framerate is probably going to be this as we turn down the density and apply that you should see there you go you can see a lot of the grass has disappeared what's my framerate gone up to let's have a look here so I'm getting about 25 frames per second there if I turn this up to max its redrawing it and I'm getting about 22 frames so you know what not enough of a difference to bother I'm going to leave it up high let's have a look how far it renders if I bring the radius back down to a hundred and hit apply and what's happened to my framerate it's staying the same so I might as well pump it right out you have no difference so Roman over you were saying earlier on went behind the scenes anyway that you feel that the the game settings scale really well like you don't seem to have to have an uber PC that certainly seems to be the case for me how's it playing on yours mean mighty PC I'm gonna say his belly ancient right and it's still Rocksteady at 25 frames a second right and your you've got relatively high settings I did it yes okay well that's good I'm getting about 23 to 27 so I'm thinking that's probably what we've got to expect and as you all know at home you don't need 60 frames-per-second for an MMO it makes basically no difference unless you're super into high-end PvP I don't think it's really going to make a difference and I'd much rather trade off frame rate for it looking like that look at that view folks the lighting the textures the amount of detail that's going on it really is a beautiful game teller has has been telling me for days now how beautiful it looks looks like you were right it's fantastic looking love it I get to be right every once in a while mate yeah yeah all right you'll be pleased to know I'm handing in this quest so we're probably going to finally be able to kill some stuff here we go wants us to kill a Shinto filers near the century in hello dill and I get some lesser healing potions for it accepting that and it's exciting because we're gonna have some combat and look at that we can still talk to her I do like this as an option when we speak to the quest givers they actually give you the quest or you can have a choice here to dive deeper into the law so if you wanted to know why we're going to be killing these a Shinto filers and how do I know that's what we're doing because I'm looking at the quest tracker on the right-hand side under my mini-map it tells me exactly the name of the mob it's also showing me whereabouts I need to kill them but if you don't if you want more than that you can go in and actually start reading about the law because obviously there's been a lot of effort put into that and as it says here maps and markers locations for objectives are indicated on the mini-map and the global map so that Sun symbol there is a specific location of the objectives circles are a general location so obviously if you're in an area you'll you'll get an area market and if you've got a specific thing to do it'll pinpoint it specifically which is great and objectives that are too far away to be on your mini-map are shown with an arrow now in this case you may not be able to see it on the YouTube video but there's effectively a big circle running through the map zooming out there we go that on the mini-map you can see there's an area circled out so that's basically saying hey anywhere in that general area you're going to be able to find the mobs for your quest if I hit my map button you get to see that even more clearly and of course combined with the fading as we run around here you can see they were running around inside that area that is exactly where we need to be in order to find the objectives for our quest so very simple very smart love it a lot and something's popped up here combat for mages right-click a hostile target within proximity to attack or you can also start combat by activating special abilities from your action action bar so you don't need to actually click the target as long as they're selected you could actually just use an ability and we'll come to that in a minute target health is the green bar we knew that majors use manner to provide spells and abilities and it does restore slowly over time but we can quickly restore it by drinking obviously and lastly majors build up a magical charge in this game by casting spells so the charge can then be used to cast a special spell that are more powerful than your standard mana bite based spell so if you've ever played games like Street Fighter Super Street Fighter 4 or Warhammer Online that have a very similar mechanic and it just means you can build or superpower in DC Universe Online means you can build up something special and use it when you think you need to so you'll also notice if I target that mob way ahead of us there a great big yellow market appears on its head clearly indicating where it needs to be and you'll notice that the numbers on my abilities here 2 & 3 which represent the keys on my keyboard white now that's saying that I'm in range I'm gonna run away from that mob and there you'll see a couple of things happen firstly if I turn away from the mob you'll notice that the numbers turn red that means if I click on it I'm gonna click nothing happens because I can't cast on a target that I'm facing away from this comes into play a lot later when we do PvP but it's turning red to indicate that you don't have line of sight and that's a really nice handy as we turn close to the target you'll see there that it's turned white now the other thing to note if I hover over my fireball it's got a 30 meter range let's run away from this as far as we can and there you go even though I'm facing that target way off in the distance there clearly I'm now out of that 30 meter range and you can see click nothing's happening because the numbers are red I'm just literally too far away so that's all the basics of combat there let's start off by not using spells let's go up to it actually we can talk to this person we got a garden guardian spirit who yeah if I right-click or rather if I hover over the mob you'll see my icon for my mouse turns to and a sword that means I can attack them if I right-click I'm going to begin to mail a attacking presumably with my staff and there we go and there it looks like it's Auto Attack in this game here comes Tallahassee and look at the health go down when tower has his tux going into him great effects there great combat effects and obviously for me as a mage I don't want to be doing that too often only in a pinch because really what I'm designed for his long-range casting for offensive spells Tallahassee what have you got in terms of spells if you got a combination of ranged and upfront melee or what's the go with you I will have a combination of ranged and upfront right at the moment that although we've got the one spell which is an upfront one okay all right so obviously you've leading us over there there's something glowy and shiny before we get there we're going to try out and use spell so a big difference of course between this and DCU is the fact that I'll now notice that when I'm telepathy and the mob are in combat they're portrait flashers red so that means you know they're actually in a combat State so that's really good to know and you can also see the dots and buffs debuffs that Tallahassee's combat is putting on that mob by looking at it it's portrait but what we want to do is look at that Ben so you can see teller has killed two mobs there it came up on my quest vlog and I can see in the tracker here I've got two if six even though I haven't actually killed anything yet because he's in my party he's helping me contribute to that score now one big difference between this in DC Universe Online is remember this is like wow this is a game that has Auto Attack and we're kind of used to DC Universe Online where it's not Auto Attack the combat in DCU oh is active combat meaning that if you don't push a button if you don't do anything you won't do anything your character won't attack it's very hands-on here we have Auto Tech attack so if you right-click on an enemy just like well you will keep on attacking sense an important thing to remember now what are you going to show us over here all we've got glowy books let's cast our very first spell it looks like and you can see you've got a casting bar down the bottom there and whoa that took a huge chunk out of the ashen defile I'm going to right click on it to finish her off with your help and now what's the go with looting here we go if you can not loot for a second as you notice guys or you may not be able to see cuz it's a bit small as we hover over that mob my icon turns to a bag obviously indicating that there's loot and also you'll notice that it's corpses sparkling so it's just like wow right-click on it and we've got some vendor trash in there I'm not going to take it though because what we can do is we can auto loot and if you hold down shift and right click it will actually simply drop there you go I didn't do anything it just dropped those items you saw it pop into the bag there down the bottom right that has now automatically gone into my bag now I'm gonna leave auto looting off for now but you can actually turn it on so you don't ever have to actually loot and we will turn that on later but for now we want to see what we're collecting because we might get new gear that's the only reason I don't want something to go into my bags and not realize and tell AHA see you've kindly found us another collectible because he knows that I can't resist it we've got another book look at that permanently bind that to your character thank you very much mate we'll look in our inventory by hitting B and obviously we can right click that book to collect move it into collections yes and then if we go to our character log and go to books there we go we've now got two collected all lots of addictive collecting going on I'm imagining so we're up to four of six let's see if we can try out our other spell which is a flame bolt blasts the enemy with a fiery attack oh no tell her house he's too good he killed it before he got a chance tab tab tab targeting seems to work let's use our other sphere oh look at that it set it completely on fire and a big boom bang fireball to finish it off I love that and we're done I'm going to just take another book around the corner always another book good good we're just going to try these attacks again because I want to check the casting time looks like one's an instant and one is a cast year so this fireball is has a casting time of two seconds so you probably want to fire that off first and then blast with the instant flame bolt which has an eight second cooldown so let's try that away we go pumping up the fireball you can see the casting bar down the bottom and then we do the big boom instant and finish it off hopefully no will do do another fireball and there you have it alright so this is definitely gonna be fun liking the combat already how's the melee combat by the way you enjoying it pretty good I like it yeah good if you've got to find a book bit button much better tahn that's alright as long as it's fun oh my god there's piles of bodies here that's disturbing you look at that that is gross oh my god Wow yeah it's pretty full on it's helpful to come on a say over there boom alright where's this book you promised me a book over here oh he's teasing me already he's just playing with me can't you tell I don't like it I have someone to make money right now you know before now okay we can see the damage like the scrolling combat text there that's what we we set that option up in the options menu itself so we definitely want them and see the XP nor the rest of it is the damage meters that we were talking about earlier is that basically the little mini health bars that's appearing over their head when they start taking damage and ours in fact as well is that what the damage meters are the little mini is three little bars yep okay all right so whether I leave them on or off I may turn them off later but anyway tab to target guys and then obviously using your hotkeys on your abilities easy peasy now what about the loop rules how does that work and can you change them I actually haven't had a look look look oh yes you're the man would be oh I am I'm the leader here we go go for sorry Mike I am – I obviously thought you were leader okay so right-clicking on my own portrait and yes Luke we've got free-for-all group round robin or master circus the usual suspects there and of course a threshold for them which is uncommon at the moment we can set there to rare epic or common so you should all know what that is about we've got a ready check Wow let's see if that works for does that work for a party did you get already check pop-up yes everyone is ready abut it lovely alright so that's good that it's actually in a party as well we've got PvP the fault or always-on so there's a PvP flag we can as a party leader reset the instances oh and we can mark targets okay let's just quickly mark I wonder if I can mark our partner in crime let's have a look mark target number one oh okay this works a little bit differently okay oh I think it's because I'm marking myself because I'm right-clicking on myself that's interesting let's clear the targets clear the marks right-click on teller hesse himself oh that's a bit different so rather than the target you actually got selected you have to right-click on the portrait and mark target and it's a big number do you see the one above your head mate it's vertically yeah all right it must be annoying for you and it looks like this up to year eight targets so rather than symbols you know what at first I thought that's a bit naff but how much easier is it to just say target number one two three or four rather than skull etc etc action like that yeah let's hand this puppy in because we've only got four minutes left in this episode we get ourselves some illicit healing potion oh my lord what the hell was that that's the biggest level up I've in this level yeah that's huge oh there's no doubt that you miss the fact that you level up is there no just so over the top that is fantastic oh it's classic and we've had a tutorial pop up here about level so each level grants you a soul point which you can spend to unlock new traits open the soul tree by hitting level in okay so let's just quickly close this quest giver for a moment and you're right Roman God gotta stop doing that right Tallahassee we've now got a soul tree open to us which is in and there it is folks that's our real live soul tree I've got two points remaining for myself to spend I won't bore you with those you know tell you what the abilities are improved fireball so the crit strike increase of 5% we've got ignition which decreases the cast time of your spells by 4% per point and we've got concentration which reduces the amount of spec's suffered while casting by 33% I will I will point into those offline so we don't bore you and tell her how see with my terrible terrible decision making and no doubt when we do put you can answer this question actually teller has it when we put points into the soul tree up the top is that what opens up the abilities down the bottom it appears all right and now there are numbers on the abilities down the bottom I presume that that's level is it that's saying you can only be level two before you get that ability that's right so the more points that you put into a specific tree yep the more powerful I get bilities you get from down a ball ah you're right I see so write down the very bottom of the ability here tree tree here we're looking at one that's got the number 51 on it so we need 51 points in the tree in order to get that would that be right that's right I see okay right so I need two points in this tree to get our next ability here which is flame jet smothers up to six enemies in front of the mage with flames or my lord we want that and I have two points here so obviously we're going to be able to get that soon now can you answer us another question mate it says here I have two points remaining now is that ultimately going to be across all trees or is that just for this tree like that that mark that number down the bottom is that for them all or just one tree it's actually for ball though because you have to save your changes oh so if you have looked down the bottom it says to saving cores I've only got closed but I haven't made any changes it so let's just randomly click on one here okay save and exit okay yep so you can actually go back and edit these so you put two points into a tree yep if you don't like those points you can go ahead and take them and put them put them somewhere else I see look at that folks he's dead right of course unless clicking on these talents at the top which is putting a point into them a right click to remove it so it's great it's like a preview isn't it it is everything I sort of wish well the Warcraft had this way back in the day yeah let me about 17,000 gold oh I'm with you on that one mate totally with you on that one and notice as well folks no matter which and this is where the flexibility really stuck gosh it's really starting to become clear in my mind now and there's our timer we've reached in the episode is that any I can put any two points in at the top and you watch what happens down the bottom to that third ability here 401 to get ready to watch there it is it opens up it flames up so it does not matter which particular ability I do up here this is at its own little strategy game up the top all in itself as long as there are two wholesale points going on across any of the trees then that flame jet ability will open up so that's really smart really clever and really flexible so like I said I'll close it for now I won't bore you with that we'll pick up this new quest before we log out for the episode summary is wants you to collect imbued swords in hallowed Hill which is where we are now and we're going to get ourselves a new staff and look at that automatically built into the game if I hover over the crest quest reward it's automatically comparing the weapon that I have with the weapon that I can pick up so there you can see right away that the one I have equipped is a gray item does two to three damage every three seconds and yet the green item on this reward there shows that I doing four to eight and I can see that tooltips straight away a teller has he does that happen when you hover over items in your bag as well is an automatic comparison tool tip pop up it had oh yeah brilliant he's off in the background they're killing stuff because that's the kind of guy he is we're gonna accept this quest and someone has walked up to me named Harry Potter who the hell would name their character Harry Potter that is disturbing although actually without giving the game away I understand that you've created yourself an interestingly named character mate hmm it's like test out the penalty filters for the names oh is that the excuse apparently apparently Gareth gobble cock isn't quite a bad thing Gareth gobble cock trust you to pick that name oh my lord they're to be right now also notice by the way folks as I hover over Taylor Hathaway in the distance there notice the tooltip down the bottom it shows me as level where he is what is classes it even shows me as health bar so that's nice and handy and we've got sparkly bits here these are obviously lutes that my turn to pick up because Tallahassee's been mercis mercifully slaying at mobs left right and center in our absolutes oops so we've got lots to do but we need to stop the episode because we've run out of time we'll pick up right from here in the next episode thank you once again for joining us mate this is certainly an awesome fun game I can't wait until you get further and how long till we get to rift once we get out of this starter zone will see roots but at the very ends of this starter zone will actually come across a rip well okay so it's not far away looking forward to that so there you go folks hope you enjoyed that episode again once more not much combat lots of chat lots of investigating the systems it's important that we get their stuff out of the way at the beginning clicked on a mob straight away yikes get that stuff out of the way at the beginning so then we can concentrate on the boom boom BAM bang having lots of fun and making sure everybody understands what's going on in the game although as I'm sure you'll agree it's pretty simple it's pretty familiar if you've played any mmo's before they've really done a great job and making sure that it does all feel familiar and you're not going to be bogged down trying to learn new systems everything's well explained so there you go we're over time oh my god there's a pit the help she is a rogue and she's got a razorbeast pit interesting anyway is there would you like to give us a special dance to finish off this episode surely you can't can't in the episode without some countin Buster moves and then there you have it one little-known fact folks is that actually this is how tallahassee dances in real life when we go to the comic store on saturday mornings and then to the Yellowbird cafe to have our brunch he's up on the tables busting out accountant move you've really got to stop doing that made it it's it's really embarrassing the ladies love it the ladies will love it yeah well we'll let you continue on thinking that and in the meantime guys it's me Sambo it's tell aha see it's Sierra for saying thank you for joining us hope you enjoyed this episode come back and see us next time when we really get into some combat and start getting ourselves out of the training zone take care have a great day and we'll see you later bye bye