1. First mistake was using bondo as a filler.always use kitty hair or short strand fiberglass.it doesnt shrink and fills in big dented areas.ha bit harder to sand but well worth it in the long run. bondo is only used for small shopping cart dents and final finish for sand scratches..then maybe a small bit of glaze putty to finish off the bodywork.the dough will look great for about 6 mths then you will have problems

  2. Great video! Truck looks even better!
    Maybe you could give us a little more details on products and sand paper numbers?
    And whatever else you used? It would be even better then!
    Thanks for the lesson though!

    BIG D

  3. I am having a problem. The Base paint keeps peeling off the area where the Bondex is. The bondex is only about 1/16 thick I sanded it with 220 wiped it down with alcohol waited about 4 hours sprayed the base waited 24 hours then started to sand with 400 grid. Why is this happening? what is the solution?

  4. I remember the first time I painted a car.. It was my pride n Joy Mustang Cobra.. I bought it cheap cuz it needed a paint job.. I drove it for a year and then decided to do it myself.. I was nervous as hell, but, It turned out to be simpler than I thought.. Watch the videos and read the books.
    "The only thing you have to fear, is fear itself" ..
    I practiced on an old sheet of plywood first.. I took my time cuz, "The Devil is in the details" .. It came out great.. 5 years later, I sold it for a lot more than I paid for it..
    Painting is actually fun and rewarding.. I like it, So, I painted my girlfreind's car, both girlfriends.. I went on to painting racing stripes on my car, Flames on my Father's car, my Mother's kitchen chairs and then everything else. LOL..

  5. Great video
    I want to ask what's the flash time for primer if you spray more than one coat and what's the sanding paper used for sand primer
    Also how long to wait before base coat and what's flash time between base coats it's laquer acrylic
    And how long do you wait to spray clear for the base coat?
    And what's flash time for this to spray more than one coat
    Sorry for too many questions but Iam in the process

  6. you made a few mistakes in the first minutes of video ,when you pop out you dent from the inside you need to work it some more ,you dont just pop it out and thats done ,including hammering the swage line [belt mould] downwards to hold out your main dent you just popped out ,not smash it down ,just lightly to put pressure pushing out so when someone leans on your ute it wont pop back in where was before you started .
    Another point ,the yellow tape around the window , thats going to protect 1 inch around the window,when you grind the dent back to bare metal grinding sparks fly and hit the window /rh door mirror and burn into it,rub your hands over the glass now and it will feel like sandpaper and you will notice rust spots later in the glass ,better option is mask it up properly and at least first 1/2 metre with paper on door and 1/4 panel and double or triple up on the tape ,layer on layer,paying extra attention to the door handle this way if you accidentally hit the door or handle with your sand block when working with 36 grit [thats probably what you started with on plastic filler] it wont scratch it with the sandpaper and avoids another job,also you wont get overspray with your primer ,a pair of disposable overalls are cheap . you may spend less time denibbing your job .when you spray your basecoat you spray your grey patch first ,and work out ,that way you get say 4 or 5 coats of colour on the patch and say 2 or 3 on the rest of your door.you sprayed it like you were doing a repaint.


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