How to Make Money Online | 10 Online Business Ideas | Work From Home |  Part 2

How to Make Money Online | 10 Online Business Ideas | Work From Home | Part 2

hey there Dan Lu here and in this video we're going to go through 10 more ways that you can build a business or make money online now this is a video that's a continuation from another video where I talked about 10 other different strategies that you can use which I'll link either in this video or in the description below and once again this comes from a guide that I put together called the ultimate guide to online business so in that guide I share 40-plus ways that you can create income online either through a business or through services so definitely check that out if you're interested in getting all 40 but I will be making videos sharing all of them in the future so if you're interested in that make sure that you hit the subscribe button and the notification bells so that when I release those videos and other videos related to money lifestyle business and marketing you'll get notified all right so let's jump into it so the first idea is becoming a social-media influencer so leveraging platforms like Instagram Facebook and of course YouTube is a great way to build a brand build a community and an audience now to become a social-media influencer you have to essentially become a content creator and that's how you're eventually going to build a following and build that audience so down the road or even during that process if you want to sell things if you want to build a company then having that influence is going to be crucial in that success towards your business so if you are willing to build an influence in an audience it's a great way to also build a company behind it ERG number two is becoming a social media manager so if you don't want to be in the front lines on camera be the person or be the face of a brand or a company then being the person behind the scenes managing the content is a potential way for you to again make money from the internet but you don't have to put yourself out there so there's going to be a growing demand for social media managers as social media continuously evolves and as more people of course get online so if you want to manage other people's social media you enjoy doing that but you don't want to be on the front lines this can be a great option for you the third strategy is becoming a YouTube influencer so YouTube is becoming of course the most popular platform and search engine of course right behind Google who owns YouTube as more and more people get on at YouTube and consume videos hours and hours each and every day YouTube could be a great place for you to start building your influence so rather than focusing on maybe Instagram or Facebook you might want to put yourself out there and start doing YouTube videos so personally I believe it's a great platform to be on because the fact that it is a search engine meaning that people are already looking for your content and when you produce videos it will stay on YouTube for years and years versus platforms like let's say Instagram where you constantly have to continue to publish in order for your content to be seen and from YouTube you can do a lot of things you can earn money through ads and monetization you can have your own products and courses you can do affiliate marketing you can do sponsorships so there's lots of different things or ways to monetize through a YouTube channel or your YouTube business next we have podcasting so if you don't want to put your face out there on the Internet if you don't want to produce videos but you love talking and you love creating content then maybe podcasting is the way for you to go so if you always want to create your own talk show if you always wanted to be able to connect with people and and be on their daily commute or whatever it is instead of creating video and having that production and all you want to do is turn on your phone or turn on a mic and just start talking then maybe a podcast is a great way to go and over time your podcast can evolve to having shows and you can have guests on there so that's a great way to also build a business and also leverage different strategies to monetize so you can again have sponsors that sponsor certain episodes you can do affiliate marketing for products and services that can benefit your podcast audience or you can definitely course sell your own products and services so let's say you build a podcast and over time you get X number of listeners every month while you can certainly create a mini course for the next person who wants to create their own podcast and that way you can monetize as well the fifth strategy is writing on Kindle so if you've always wanted to write your own book or you're a writer who's already publishing blog posts let's say then putting together your own book and selling it on Kindle is a great strategy because you're leveraging Amazon who owns Kindle and their traffic so people are already going to Kindle looking for books so publishing a book there is gonna be a great way to have a book up that you can make money from and not have to go and actually create physical books so people can rekindle books from their phone their tablets or from their computers anywhere in the world so definitely if you want it to write a book check out Kindle and if you're interested in a course I'm gonna put a link below to the course that helped me launch my first book which is called fear dee ology and fury ology is a book about how to reframe your idea about fear and how to leverage it in your life to actually live a higher quality life so it's a little bit counterintuitive but if you're interested in learning more about fear and if it's something that's holding you back from doing things that you want definitely check that book out it's gonna be a great help to you and number six ties into the previous one so instead of writing your own books you can create your own publishing company essentially so you can generate the ideas of the type of books that people may want to read and then you can hire out the actual writing and the work therefore you can create a lot of books and you can publish them and focus mostly on the marketing of those books number seven is creating an online magazine or newsletter so if you love content if you love writing and creating and compiling writings from other people then perhaps creating some sort of online magazine and newsletter is going to be a great strategy for you now understand that can be pretty challenging meaning that you're gonna have to find a lot of other people that want to contribute to your magazine or your newsletter but if that's something you're interested in you can definitely go this route and ways to monetize include advertising sponsorships affiliate marketing now one thing I want to mention with building this is that it will take some time and you likely will need a team in order to help you compile the information and build the website so it's not as an easy I love a strategy but again it's not about what's easy it's about doing what you want to do and what aligns with your vision number eight is selling online courses so great thing about online courses is that it's extremely high profit margin meaning it really only takes time for you to build and then there's no additional cost besides hosting your course or hosting your video so if you have a skill if you have experience or knowledge that can be packaged and sold to other people then online courses is a highly recommended strategy because knowledge and information is one of the most lucrative businesses that you can start so if you're looking to build an online course if you're looking to leverage the skills and you already have in let's say your current career or your current business and you want to take it to earn you some extra money then I highly recommend creating some sort of online course remember we always want to leverage everything that we can in our lives whether that's our time our money our skills our expertise learning how to focus on leverage is a great way to make sure you get the most out of everything that you do number nine is creating information products now an online course is a part of information products but information products is a little bit more broad so that can include things like creating ebooks blueprints and guides and PDFs and templates for people so it doesn't all have to be about creating online courses where you have videos or audios and and that type of work you could be the person that's creating the templates and their PDFs for the people creating online courses so this is more of a service-based skill but definitely something that is and high-demand as more more people learn to create online courses and want to create courses so there's always going to be people looking to hire out people who can quickly generate templates and graphics for them and number 10 is building a website design or a website building agency so if you personally have a skill where you can build people's websites or you want to create a company and hire a team of people to help people build their websites again this is going to be extremely popular in the future as more and more people come online as more and more people need websites for their business now a website isn't just about people who want to start an online business it also applies to people with physical businesses as well so you can focus in your local area and you can become the local agency that helps businesses build their websites all right so that's part two of the series of strategies of businesses that you can do online or ways to make money from the internet from home or from anywhere now the strategies that I mentioned in this video and in the previous video will vary in terms of skill upfront costs the amount of time so it's important to understand what you truly want out of your business or out of your career so I put together a free training called the lifestyle business launch so in that training I'm focusing on helping people number one is identify the lifestyle you want to live so most people get into business because they want to live a certain lifestyle so they want a certain income and for most they don't take the time to actually write down and understand what goals or what income numbers they want in order to live the lifestyle they desire so that's the first part the next part is then helping you identify the right business model for you that's not only going to help you live that lifestyle but also be something that you enjoy working in each and every day so if you're interested in checking out that program I'm going to put a link in the description below as well as other resources to help you out or you can go to lifestyle business launch com so also in that program is where you're going to find the ultimate guide to all my business so that includes everything I talked about here today when I talked about in the previous video and future videos so if you got value out of this video please let me know by hitting that like button and hitting the subscribe and notification bill if you're interested in more videos about money lifestyle marketing and business so thanks so much for watching appreciate your time and being here until next time take care and I'll see you in the next video