How To Download Call of Duty Black Ops 4 on Android

okay guys today I’ll be teaching you how
to download call of duty Black Ops 4 for your Android phone so first of all open
your browser and go to so this is the place from where you’ll
be downloading the game so there are a lot of games there you can check them
out if you like so call of duty black ops 4 is right up front and you
can just tap here or if you have a trouble finding it you can just scroll
down below and you to search bar over here and type call of duty so this is the place where you’ll be
taken after that in there just go down below and step on the download button
over here and step on down so the app is downloading so this app is not
downloaded from App Store so you’ll have to take permission from a device so to
take permission tap on settings here and click on a allow from this source after
you have done this this head on over here and you’ll be installing the game that and
it’s all so the game starting assorted countries to continue to be in
yoga and have faith and I have to complete an offer operate you’ll be able
to see the game –