GIANT INFECTION is AMAZING! (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Infected)

Giant infection? I thought the only giant infection for modern warfare was skill based matchmaking… Thanksgiving so yeah guys modern warfare has a brand new game mode called giant infection They put it pretty simply. It’s infected with way more players There are more infected players from the start so find a hiding place fast solid advice for all those campers Infinity Ward Let’s play it to be honest ever since they first teased this giant infection game-mode. It actually sounded like a lot of fun I really thought this was just gonna be another like boring playlist update week with nothing really going on So yeah, this is a pretty pleasant surprise. Okay. We got 48 player infected on anja palace You guys know I hate this map, but I’m pretty sure you can get vehicles on Hanyu palace So let’s try to run over the infected and get a Nuke. I totally haven’t attended this before and failed every single time Okay, so then towards the nasty Oh shitty. I see where he killed the guy. Oh, fuck. Hey, dude, you know flip over Alright guys 29 more to go I really hope I’m not initial infected. This is my first time playing giant infection I just want to run people over how many people are gonna be initial infected ten less. I don’t know Oh, the countdown hasn’t actually gone yet. It’s just been so long since I played infected How many people are infected to start? Oh shit, six so many people already rage quit if I can have some good luck this time Like look how many people are camping up there. Holy shit I can only imagine how terrifying it would be to be the last person alive and have 47 people coming after you Blue dots up there. This is hilarious Oh, oh my god. That guy was just jumping around Go go go Okay. So a quarter of the lobby is infected right now all that get I can’t get over that Do you even stop that many people up there do go away? Oh my god. He’s actually on top now. Oh, no Go goofy. This is why are so many people leaving? I don’t know what to think of this It’s kind of annoying that he’s on here But at the same time he’s kind of like a good meat shield for the throwing knives. So I hope they kill him first. Oh, Shit. Oh, there’s our first kill got scavengers Exciting stuff guys only need 29 more kills for a nuke. I’m totally gonna get it this time, dude No, you need to be on the back. You’d be like a riot shield for me Otherwise this plans not gonna work almost 20 people are infected right now 20. I got that hitmarker. Come on Ethan There you go, Ethan. Oh good. The infected have a vehicle. Oh shit. Okay. This is getting crazy. Half the lobbies almost In fact, I just realize it’s season permitting a warfare block and diamond Yeah, right dude, Mon Ethan go anything. Oh, hey, we got three kills. This is actually working pretty well Ethan. Why is Ethan planking? All day knifed Ethan. Well, I no longer have a meat shield. So I’m probably screwed now half the lobby is infected right now I can’t afford to just like accidentally bump into anything He’s gotta keep it moving occasionally get some kills not bump into anything and I’ll be good We’ll get this cheese ass new my battle past here. What huh? Oh boy Right. There we go. There’s four kills. I probably should risk it there. Oh, I got a hitmarker. This is intense, right? Oh my god, keep moving. Keep moving No slowing down. Oh Oh, we got that one right past me. Right right. There’s more. I don’t know. What what the deal damn it is Okay, there’s another one we got the specialist bonus is cool It’s gonna help me kind of helps me see there are trails of their feet now, okay Why are you just waiting for me? Don’t be that person do let it happen Come on, there we go. There’s another kill. I don’t even know how many I have there Just kind of accidentally running into me now. Got nine. Oh god. Oh no boo, this is so I’m gonna just take damage ten I’m gonna 10 kill streak Oh Mike, wait, are there claymores and shit what is happening to let me casually get this nuke don’t mess the move, okay dude You’re just waiting for me dude, I wanna try to be a little more unpredictable I’m changing my route I’m gonna go the other way now, this is really risky, but I have to do it I don’t know what I’m doing, but I have so many kills. I don’t have mess this up Go ahead first Adam poke on this chair. Oh, we’re good here. I’m tacky and stuff This is scary because I’ve never gone this way before. Oh my god chill in there Hey, how many kills we’re at 12 kills right now? I’m just gonna do the typical path now I don’t know if they’ll be waiting for me because they haven’t seen me in a bit. But oh I can’t really hit anyone There’s two we’ve got a double kill Right Oh, someone’s got a fucking Nuka ready? Okay. Well, hopefully this will help distract them from me three seconds. It’s going down Oh wait. Oh, is that the end of the game? Okay. Well, I can’t get my vehicle only nuke now I’m upset That’s pretty good though. Good first game on that was actually kind of nerve-wracking man. Wait, it’s a loss How is it a loss only the person who gets his nuke wins? I did pretty good though, just for being on a vehicle I was halfway there to the new who actually got it. I’m curious so it’s Zechs Ooh, I’m pretty sure that dudes related to truck said dang new trucks I hasn’t made any new content since black ops 3 it’s pretty insane might be time to bring it back Yeah, what’s going on YouTube? It’s too much Ross. This is gonna be my first auto mordirith video make sure to take your grandma by the hands and force or to slap that like button and subscribe and turn on notifications if you’re Brand new to the channel. Alright, sick transition back to the gameplay. So yesterday I ate a Bing thing was good I also did other thing other thing was not good Whoa, that was a close one. Double Claymore. I’m Bobby. Alright now, okay, that’s enough trucks it I’m not exactly sure If on your palaces the only map you can get for a giant infection But it kind of seems like that’s the case 99% of the game is just people camping on this gas station That was easy, oh There goes someone. Ok, there’s 37 people infected now, which means 9 people are just randomly hiding somewhere on the map There’s a dude just chilling right here Oh there goes my one chance for a kill There’s a dude just like right there. Oh god. Damn it dude brennick Oh, my girls are getting jack meat meat meat when one person left eye’s camping up there. There’s a claymore right there. Come on Let’s gonna claim or quad feed Out there, ok, it’s over become no the people in this room there’s almost 10 people in this room trying to kill that guy I want to try and see if I can get a different map I’m not sure if I wanna palace is the only map for giant infection But they should probably throw in some other maps, too Even though it’d probably be like terribly broken terribly one-sided an unbalanced It would be so much fun to play this on like quarry if that were the case probably no tanks But you can still have like land vehicles maybe Helicopters and the infected players would also have the chance to actually get in all those vehicles. I don’t know I think that sure would be crazy. It could be a lot of fun Ok, I’m pretty sure on your Palace is the only map you can get for this. It’s a little disappointing I mean this is a fun game mode, but I wish there’s more map variety. I just want my vehicle I don’t even want to try to shoot these people. Just let me get to the vehicle Just when I get to the view ha, oh fuck. He’s got the Dickel. Oh shit. You’re not running me over Fucking God No, no, no Come on, man. That was the most terrifying shit. I swear just in the corner of my eye I see the vehicle coming from behind to run me over. Good lord I’m pretty sure there’s a turd my pants now that was fucked up man You can’t do that to a person and trying to camp in a different spot Let me know how to get up here man, I’ve never even fucking camped up here. Oh shit. Oh my god What am I doing? I couldn’t so many people What why could okay took six people to get that guy only two left now? There’s a claymore right here. There’s probably someone near Wow really he actually died from that is these our are I are his eyes be okay. He’s fucking dead. Where’s a lot? Oh the last ones on the other side for the lame The sad thing is it wouldn’t be play though because the play the game is always someone just camping on the gas station Got your boys sellout. He’s the last one alive his you know, why he’s dead. What did I say? Play is just this dude up top of getting the triple Nice actually really kind of sucks joining these matches while they’re in progress because you never know what’s gonna happen looks actually just really hard To get into the game to get a cus we have a 10-round m4 Okay, I’m pretty sure this is not gonna go Well, whenever I would get just like regular infected Onion Palace. All I wanted to do is get on the vehicles That’s still just what I do now But when you join late everyone’s pretty much taking them so holy like all the claymores just to get up here my god Good luck surviving. All seven of those. Oh my yep this seems about right when you guys doing Annie. There’s one That was terrible that is a risky place to go. I don’t think I’ll ever go back there again just like chuck-e-cheese I mean what I don’t even know what that comment was chuck-e-cheese is a fine establishment They’ve got the HAYTCH’EST-D quality of the pizza flavors faaaak am I talking about just one of these times? I want to try to kill one of the last couple people alive. Oh my god I got just got a quality running people over five, man. Oh, come on then There’s like four people on this one Jesus. He got a six man dude. Where is this vehicle? I will end this person this dude’s definitely taking the smarter out of just like trying to survive and then go like on the big path because the way the Only way you die if you’re playing infected is if you get stuck somewhere the second you slow down it’s over. That’s it Almost has a nuke on the vehicle. Oh, no, that’s how that miss. Come on, man. Dude. Holy shit. Oh They got him no dang I can’t wanted to see that guy get the nuke is this kinda glitch. Oh, come on This dude is not in some place right now Holi today. Just run. I’m over Why don’t we got rock glitches, man? What is this fuel from Modern Warfare 2 you would have thought Infinity Ward would have this fixed by now Oh my god, that’s there’s the six man. Holy shit. Dude. Nicely done. Gotta get props big head Jimmy Well done, sir, but since I’m starting to lose my voice, thank you guys very much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed watching me play giant infection of modern warfare If you guys did enjoy this video and you want to see more fun new game O’s add it to modern warfare Make sure to drop a like that’s it guys later