Fun Emily Pretend Play Professions for kids Story in the Children’s 0 +

No money? Idea Gotta go for a work I will be photographer Hi I need a photo Can you help me? Sure, come in! Sit down please That one is cool! Done Very well What’s that? Very bad I don’t like it You don’t like it? No! Smile please! Oh NO. What’s that?! I’m going out! Goodbye! I don’t want to be photographer! I will work as a ballerina! Idea! I will be a stylist Hi Emily! I wanna dye and cut my hair Come in, Please! Done! Wow! I like it! Thank you! I will come again! Hard work I don’t like being a stylist I will work as a model! My leg… hurts I don’t wanna be a model Maybe doctor? No, Doctor doesn’t fit me I’ll go to school! I need to study Bye Bye