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hey so my name is Jacob and I'm a tutor here at Czech tutors so today we're talking to about fluid intelligence now before I talk to you about fluid intelligence I wanted to take some time to talk to you about intelligence as a whole so there's many different ways that you can view intelligence you could view it as your ability to memorize and recite information you can view it as your ability to solve various logical puzzles you also view it as your ability to be able to navigate a metro system and a city you've never been to all of these are equally valid views of intelligence because intelligence about one thing now having been said rain and cattle came along and he and his graduate student John horn came up with the cattle horn theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence which is one of the first times of the action broke down intelligence to see if there were different ways that we could actually view it so in this video we're talking about fluid intelligence so what is fluid intelligence then so Blut intelligence is your ability to recognize patterns engage in abstract reasoning and problem solve it's often viewed as street smarts this is because it's not really all that well tested for and formalized education for instance if you think back way back whenever you were in elementary school you were given a spelling list by your teacher would you had to take home and you had to memorize how to spell all the words and then you had to memorize definitions for some of those words and then a week later um back to school and your teacher gave you a spelling test and then you had to retrieve all of the knowledge that you learned and studied that's crystallized education Chris lives and that's what tested for a lot in formalized education now fluid intelligence would have been if your teacher had had you go and learn a bunch of animal and then you came to school and your teacher is this randomly gave you a word and was like okay what do you think this means and you had to use the knowledge you already had okay the etymology had to learn and you had to try and figure out what that new word meant so that would be more fluid intelligence a fluid intelligence is powered by working memory now if you've taken a cognitive psychology course then you'll be very familiar with working memory we're now for those of you haven't taken us out in psychology class I'll break it down a little bit so working memory is a theoretical concept that tons of colleges have come up with and it's a framework that we look at and it is in charge of the processing retention and manipulation of new information that we take in its do not getting abused with short-term memory which is an older concept they came out of the multi-store model and because so short-term memory is only responsible for the retention the information is not involved in the manipulation of it at all that's why we have working there instead of short-term memory now so how do we test for fluid intelligence you may ask well so there's something called a Ravens progressive matrices which is a collection of 60 puzzles like the one you see right here and it's given to the person and they have to look at the puzzle and try to figure out logically which of the options best fits with all of the other options that are given for instance on the one over here you can see that as it goes from left to right there they add another dot onto the top column on each row so therefore logically you could figure out that the ninth piece would be number three so that would be the one that you needed again there whenever you're taking major Ravens progressive matrices tests each one there's sixty of them in each one gets harder this would be an earlier problem so that is food intelligence if you want to have me help you with any other fuel in psychology or any math up to calculus or any science with standing physics then you can go and look me up on check tutors and I can help you with that alrighty


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