Camera Hand Strap REVIEW  | Rapid Fire Heavy Duty Safety Wrist Strap | By Altura Photo®

Camera Hand Strap REVIEW | Rapid Fire Heavy Duty Safety Wrist Strap | By Altura Photo®

Hi there Izzy from
showroom again! Well, Altura went ahead and did it again.
They actually listened to what us photographers and consumers were saying
about one of their products and actually made improvements. This happens to be the
Altura Photo Rapid Fire wrist strap, the first version of this was pretty much
only made for DSLR’s but there’s still a lot of us that work with pocket
cameras like these little tiny Powershots or the hybrids which give you the
capability of a DSLR in a little bit larger package and we wanted something
for these, we wanted something that we can use on our wrists and be able to
carry it around much more conveniently. Remember if this video is helpful to you always
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so you can see future sessions and tutorials like this, plus as always any
comments or questions please remember to place them underneath. Now let’s take a
closer look at this new version of the Altura Photo Rapid-Fire wrist wrap. They
actually completely redesigned the connectors you are now receiving two of
them you’re receiving this one which still has the quick release as you
notice but you now have the loop system so that you can feed it through smaller
openings like on our pocket cameras like this Powershot. It’s very simple to use place it through the loop and
then feed the quick-release Rapid-Fire connector
and now you can just clip it right onto the wrist strap. We still have our tried and
true DSLR’s again we’re going to put this through as if we were installing
the camera strap that we’re so used to receiving from the manufacturers so you
wanna unloop this and feed it through. Remember, this might take you a while but hey
you only have to do this once. Feed it through the little guide, which is
great because this allows you to tie-in the connection and feed it right through the little buckle system. Right through the top again and yet again one
more time. Again, this might take a while but you only have to do it once. There you go
now you can clip it back onto your wrist strap and notice this is my trusty 5DS
with the 24 to 72.8. I would say this is close to about four and a half
five-pounds worth of gear no problem it just hangs there with no issue whatsoever, so
this way if you’re out and about and you’re shooting and you feel just like
letting go.. it’ll just hang there nice and secure.