– [Dad] So Caleb, why did
you want to get baptized? – ‘Cause I thought it would be great to like, restart and try again. (gentle music) – This morning is such a special morning. We have a bunch of our
family and friends together. Caleb has chosen to be baptized and he’s getting baptized
in the Caribbean Ocean and we’re excited to celebrate with him. (gentle music) – You know, in life there’s sometimes a lot of decisions we make. Some of ’em aren’t super important, like what kind of cereal am
I gonna have this morning. ♪ Teach me all that I must do ♪ – Caleb’s getting baptized. – He sure is. (upbeat music) There he is. How you feelin’? – Awesome. – So the kids found a
hermit crab at the beach and Jenae wants to hold it. She is braver than I am. You got it? – She’s like, stay on there, hermit crab. What should we name it? – What’s his name be Guana. – Guana? – Yeah. – We named the hermit crab Iguana. So Caleb, why did you wanna get baptized? – ‘Cause I thought it would be great to like, restart and try again. And I also want to follow Jesus’ example, that was another reason
I wanted to be baptized ’cause He got baptized and
how He always loved everybody. – [Dad] So what was it like being baptized in the ocean? – A little cold, but other than that I thought it was pretty cool. Since all my grandparents were here I felt very loved ’cause they
flew all the way out here to Puerto Rico just so that I, just to watch me get
baptized and be with me. – Well, the baptism was beautiful, it was just a great experience. So now we are coming home and laying low for the rest of the day. We have no plans except for hanging out with grandparents and have fun. (upbeat music) So we got a new family game that Isaac is enjoying
with his grandparents. It’s called “Ticket to Ride”. Who’s winning? – [Woman] We don’t know yet. You, right now, have six trains and then my other one I didn’t do either. – [Mom] I think he has
some strategy going on. – You’re making a cabin? – Yeah, I’m making the
color so it’s beautiful. – [Papa] Beautiful? – [Mom] And mixing your
colors, that’s fancy. Elise is working on her clay. It’s so cute. – [Elise] It’s a graham cracker. (upbeat music) – [Dad] Caleb has been focused. He’s making some major progress on this. So Papa makes what we
call Papa sandwiches. It’s peanut butter, and a
smorgasbord of whatever. You’ve done pickles, he’s doing tomatoes and cucumbers and pineapple, and Elise is wanting to try it. What are you gonna put on your sandwich? – I’m gonna put pineapple,
cucumbers and cheese. – Cheese? – [Papa] She’s breaking the mold. – And maybe some… – [Papa] A blueberry. – [Dad] And a blueberry. – And popcorn. – [Dad] Popcorn for the texture. – Yeah. – [Dad] Enjoy your Papa sandwich. Elise is going for it. – [Papa] It’s perfect. – [Dad] Popcorn and blueberry. How is it? Does it work? (laughing) – I didn’t get into the actual taste, I only got some popcorn. – [Dad] Popcorn and
peanut butter’s not bad. – Ready, I’m gonna get some
pineapple and cucumber. – This is awesome. Caleb when you finished it are ready. – If you’ve seen Harry Potter, look at the egg sitting by the fire. – And it lights up, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it light up? That’s super cool. Okay, I think my favorite
though, is the people. Like Hagrid, he looks like Hagrid. I love the details of
these kinds of things, how they do. – That’s definitely fondant. – [Dad] So fondant, if
it’s what I thought– – [Mom] There’s a lemon. – [Caleb] Cool! – [Mom] These are small cakes too. – [Dad] So Kendra found a video. She came to share it with all of us. – Can you see it? – [Dad] It’s cakes that
look like real things. So Elise, you’re making a beaded bracelet? – We’re gonna try. So you’re just turning it,
yep, turning it that way. You’re gettin’ the hang of this. – [Dad] Papa and Isaac
have invented a game. Oh, first try! Oh, it’s kind of like corn hole. – My dad has a gift; he can
make a game out of everything, even if there’s just a
dirty sock and a tile floor. So there’s North America
and South America. Can you show me where you live? – Here? – Puerto Rico. – This actually somewhere. – We learned about the continents. How many of them are there? – Seven! – Seven and we learned the names and where they are. Africa. Yes. What is in Africa? – There’s giraffes? – [Mom] Yeah, giraffes. – Lions, jaguars? – [Mom] Yeah, and zebras. So beautiful. Show me where Australia is. – That one? – [Mom] This one, this one’s Australia. – That’s the one I was pointing to. – [Mom] Great job, you did awesome. What lives in Australia? – There’s a lot of cute stuff but there’s a lot of fires happening. – [Mom] There has been a bunch of fires. So what are the cute things
that live in Australia? – Kangaroos? – Kangaroos. I showed Laura pictures of
kangaroos and koala bears and when she saw the koala bears she said, “That’s so cute, it’s not
real, it’s a stuffed animal”. I’m like, no, koala bears
are really just that cute. Where is Asia? – Aqui. – [Mom] There it is, up there’s Asia. Now where’s North America? – Aqui. – [Mom] There you go, North America. Where’s South America? – Aqui. – [Mom] Very nice, where’s Europe? – Aqui. – [Mom] Wonderful and where’s Antarctica? – Aqui. – [Mom] At the bottom. What lives in Antarctica? – Penguins. – [Mom] Penguins. – Pen-gwa. – I got my shoes on. – [Mom] She got her
shoes on, are you ready? – Yeah. – [Mom] Are we gonna go to the park? – Yeah! – [Mom] Yes. (upbeat music) Isaac and Papa are playing tennis and Jeremy and his dad are
back there playing pickleball. (laughing) (upbeat music) Did you win? – I won. – [Mom] Poppy Rod won. Jeremy’s gonna be begging for a rematch. – Oh yeah. (upbeat music) – [Mom] She has an idea. She’s off somewhere. Wait, Jenae, the park’s this way. She just wants to walk on the hills. You’re climbin’? – Yeah, I’m climbing this. – [Mom] You are, you are strong. Good job, keep practicing. Ready, set, go! – A little hot. – Yeah. – [Mom] Earlier today Laura was just havin’ a rough time, she
was feeling a little grumpy. I don’t know if she was bored, tired, who knows what, but I was holding her and we were talking and all the sudden I looked up at the map and I just decided to start teaching her about it. And it was interesting because it brought a new way for us to engage and play together and it kind of lifted both of our moods and we had so much fun learning together. I think we forget what a great distractor learning can be. When kids are grumpy,
teach them something new, give ’em a new responsibility, help them grow and progress and so often that helps all of us in life. I think that’s true for kids and adults. Jenae, you’re doing awesome. – I am? – [Mom] You are, you’re doing a great job. Look at those feet, moving
forward with confidence. – Super Nae Nae. – [Mom] Super Nae Nae. (upbeat music) Oh, this is gettin’ big. It’s okay, keep goin’. Keep goin’. So you guys are playing football in a basketball court? – You know, yes. – So they’re playing
three-on-three football in the basketball courts
because it’s nice and shady. (upbeat music) That looked like a really good game. – It was. I scored a couple of touchdowns. – [Mom] Way to go. Was it fun to play with
your grandpas and your dad? – Yes, but they crushed us. – [Mom] Uh-oh. – I brought my new toy boat. – [Mom] Yes. – [Caleb] What? – [Mom] Is it workin’? There’s the boat, cruisin’ around. – [Dad] It’s goin’ through the waves but first doin’ a Titanic. – [Mom] Woo! Made it back all the way to the edge. What do you think? – Awesome. – Whoa, where’d you go, go the other way. Go the other way. – [Dad] Get set, go! So we had dinner and now
we’re playing Scattergories. So what’s great about this game is that you’re into five different teams. We have five adults and five kids so we’re rotating which
kid is with each adult and it’s working out really well. (all) A. (upbeat music) – [Mom] You think I’m here filming but I’m really here spying. Jenae is on my team right now. She’s a little more interested in Legos. Jenae, do you wanna help me? – I’m making this better. – [Mom] Oh, you’re busy? Number 11, types of drinks. – By Halloween we’re gonna be right here. – Ginger ale! – Gator-ade. – [Dad] We did grape soda. – Yes, all right, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah. – [Mom] Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Jeremy and Laura demolished us. – All right, let’s do it. – [Jenae] Good night, JLSL. – [Mom] Once hard. (laughing) Did you just drop an entire egg? (squealing) (upbeat music) – Hi doggie. – [Mom] Rug angels, it’s a thing. I think we got it, all right,
swim team, here she comes.