there's a video that goes viral of an armored truck in Dunwoody Georgia driving along the highway all of a sudden somehow the doors are released and money just goes flying everywhere then all you see is cars pull off to the side people jumping out trying to collect as much cash as they can carry and now the police department is coming out asking these people to return the money that they collected that day and I'm just laughing hysterically because these people are not gonna return this cash now you may get a few good Samaritans you may get a few people that may return the money for a good deed but the vast majority of them are not gonna return that money you somebody's light bill somebody's car note somebody's water bill just got paid somebody's rent just got paid y'all better look at this as an early Christmas present because I highly doubt that they're gonna return that money now listen you arrest who you want to arrest but somebody is planning a trip to the strip clubs this weekend and that's they tip that's they tip money at the government's expense now I know that there's somebody who is a millionaire a billionaire somewhere steaming-hot about they money but two things is for sure you need to get better armored trucks that have a better locking mechanism and you probably need a hire new drivers because how does that lock come how did it release I'm not saying that their drivers are released of the likes of money go flying but I don't know I'm just saying you know now what did they do that they call the police and have the police come are the drivers not allowed to get out and try to collect them I know it's like a risk because if their drivers get out then they become a target to where they can be robbed for the rest of the money but if you have the back of your truck already open you have people that can rob you anyway so I guess what is the protocol that they have to go by when things like this happen but they're gonna be waiting forever to get this money back and I understand it's still considered theft so if you did take the money if you're one of those people that was out on that Highway and they got your face on camera you might want to rethink returning that money because they might put your face all over the news and broadcast it to the world now if your face ain't on camera you got to do what you got to do if my face went on camera and I collected that money would I return it hell no I wouldn't return it but that's just me and you know that's just me I can't tell you what the next person would do but y'all are gonna be waiting forever to get that money back but good luck to you and hire some new drivers


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