Abandoned Mall Scary Story

Me and my friends were dumb teenagers who
liked to do anything for entertainment. We were playing a classic game of truth or dare.
Most of the dares were mediocre, things like ding dong ditching and prank calls. One of my friends asked me, “truth or dare?”. I picked dare, because the game was becoming a little boring. My
friends smirked at each other, then dared me to go into the abandoned mall. The abandoned mall was pretty famous in our
town. Everyone said it was haunted. It was rumored that if you went into the mall, you would never
come out. No one knew who owned it or why it was abandoned, but the city just pretended
like it didn’t exist. That didn’t stop dumb kids like us from breaking in and having
fun. We drove up to the abandoned mall and I got
out of the car. I looked into the car window while I walked out and saw all of them laughing
at me. I told myself I only had to make it twenty
minutes. How bad can it be? I walked into the mall with confidence, but
it quickly faded into the dark halls. Everything about that place just gave
me the chills. There were lots of disfigured but realistic mannequins, broken store windows, and
the mall was almost completely pitch black except for the moon peering from the
ceiling windows. I stood in front of a store window
with old TVs, it felt weird seeing my own reflection in the television screens. I froze
when I heard a creepy song start to play. I quickly realized it was coming from the
mall speakers. The place had been abandoned for as long as I could remember, so someone
had to be manually playing the music. As I stared at the speaker on the ceiling,
I realized I’d never heard that song before. I knew one thing for sure though, there was
something else in the mall with me. One look at my phone told me I had ten minutes
left. I wanted to have a good story to tell my friends later, so I went to the mall’s
office to see who was playing the music. The closer i got, the louder the music became.
I peered into the small glass window on the door. I saw a man sitting there with his
back turned to me. I almost knocked on the door, before I caught a whiff of how bad he
smelled. I stared at him to see what he was doing, but suddenly he turned
around. Even in the darkness, I knew he was staring
straight at me. He almost didn’t look human. While i was frozen in fear he stood up. He
was over 6ft tall, towering over me. I hit the wall while backing up. I held in my screaming
as I ran away. My adrenaline kicked in and I was almost at the front doors in less than a
minute. I tried to open the doors, but they had been
locked. At this point I was pretty much panicking, no thoughts ran in my head other than “GET
OUT”. I sprinted into a nearby store and hid underneath the counter. The music stopped playing, and I almost felt
relieved. But now that it was silent, I could hear footsteps getting closer to me. I sat
there with my hands over my mouth, trying to muffle my breathing. I could hear him dragging
something as he walked closer. I heard silence, and I peeked my head out
from behind the counter. There was no one there I was about to stand up before I heard
a voice whisper from behind me. “Found you.”