#43 Stock News : Indiabulls Housing Finance , Sterlite Tech , JET AIRWAYS , YESBANK

hello friends welcome to day traders Villa ghouls so you Rosita markets monkey paws to look closer with his arrogant rinse and edit a minute coming based on i/o so what examine important levels at the supports and resistance smart radical non-zeros market Alamo in the choose to indiabulls Housing Finance as Bank and DeRozan Anil Ambani guard Prescott statements evidence arrogantly so Anil Ambani garu a which a pair also at any meaning ain't anything even smarter like a Sterilite technologies bridge they talk interesting new solution so the animator Kuno like a jet airways son farm on use could on different so white green squad room at Larkin you idiomatic law circumference here when Shannon Lee first time to annihilate a subscript just conference in the Pentagon channel lesson of financial money and stock market related videos and I owe me could I useful gaunt a soaker chose not Latia Mann ki it at the previous close on though almost monocle eleven thousand nine hundred and twenty two point seven zero editor window friends mark opening an eighth eleven thousand nine fifteen and the grinder man opposed to said it opening Jerry gonna went in Hammond if it downside it a movement at the orders reckon they almost eleven thousand nine hundred levels they get a valid answer in sense and then monkey hot cadential Monica pause to say more out of our the almost too well thousand acre katha velodrome try yoga eleven thousand 965 agura ante previous close ninja mark almost 42 43 points positively the closer ones arrogantly focus re nene amano resistance and support aim marklar Cunha a dog searched on friends so nifty go inch modular Kunta as usually a 911 fence so a pretty 911 so Melia watch it close and then tomorrow next time on indefinitely and to market any pause to site showed an Akuma next Jolicoeur chances 30 both a 900 below it's not let a resistance trends 12,000 into twelve thousand forty a lay them on a previous could chalice all September are they resistance Mangrum figurines modeler cool to thirty thousand eight hundred the great they own difference resistance at a thirty one thousand four twenty friends so II level Snooks are watching money and suggestions and friends who can so new synapses follows an aperitivo kercadiou entrance 11900 the greatest amount a definitely look important level any pretty sad he could have maximum chips in your jaw on top side just not related to one thousand and a level of importance resistance and twelve thousand forty so II modulo not zone is it although at each Allah or assistance cactus Manship Tony Austin impressed so mostly we need our levels coach Nepal by chance and a 2 volt thousand-degree Costa Celsius a Mankato 12,000 acre Cochin and taymir went enemy stop-loss makalah the squish translated by chance reverse sign on conde stop loss' trigger IP make a cool losses to raccoon on tie it at them on a mat raccoon her levels and IO resistance and support on e so what is the grid Cochin precautions on and friends okay so Monica table gainer son loses soos night letter Z and retirement Prague gain oregano indiabulls Housing Finance stop lose their governor Daniels friend so indiabulls Housing Finance going G sunflower greens at him and cooker new some difference so why to go into a discussion our delegate as mangu inch go down D so Dan goons could add discuss conference so it was a nifty we upset valid radically every cook of contribute to surrender almost I say say Bank 10 points and Reliance nine points TC ahsoka six points like a contribution evidence their candy and downside to stay indiabulls Housing Finance done for my item Monica downside at a negative contribution at Abraham's arrogance a nifty low sectors area when the contributor said just the financial sector almost 21 points energy 12 points I t8 and off points at the contributes a two methods a in the end all I get downside risk winter farm and construction in German cook back side pull right that our burdens are again be so bad critical inch monitor contain 31,000 265 friends are named mixtape and cousin in Amana martyred Coon than 31-thousand 420 resistance so eros at 8:30 1399 anti almost to 400 and a level of aku valid as there again difference so you could have I said mango almost 80 points in this in Bank 50 State Bank of India 31 HDFC 25 somebody could pause to work on tribute just in a bank's night and a negative guy tape at the girl a bad cook on trip with chilies and a chapter called friends but here it a you could a heavy weight soon io entail HDFC Bank on a Bundy like but they in the same Bank on ever DeRose a majority portion three scholars present a periodical majority portion T scholar they access back gonna Bundy so major weights my Rosamond kahega anti consume pasta side righteous no banqueta definitely I say it's a bank run shift code soup so fi da data June 11th it someone's in debt of friend city so fi same data almost manic in 95.7 t9 crores okay all the internet buying convention on da is there mg 151 crows at the net selling can pinch in the overall gotta rotate me mano balance just a fifty five point two two crores Monica market me to Exeter internship kochu and TechNet did I existed in Chiapas oh so criminal clear gakushin Boothroyd cold front sakura affairs the ninja 95.7 t9 at least to- Lorelei's first thing so past a few sessions which could have a lamonica pause to learn at or not or neuro and das Entente higher-level slow opening skeletons Monica opening ing selling cannabis – no into the higher-level slow so market at the Mauna Kea holidays means coca range-bound on eternal tone D and if T supports an instance just not lately 11900 and his support resistance I said to Waldo some friends like a banking institution it later is support an eight thirty one thousand and I still say thirty one thousand four twenty so he could clear go Commission mutlar Koonin fence eleven thousand nine sixty five million ad so 65 points the do run like I supported and Jerry give me lay the monkey that Gilligan cook support shaft Burkhalter aren't they eleven thousand nine forty range and mutters so eleven thousand nine forty range that goes to no prove question observation at one Sunday layered one could entail 11980 standard level friends and Danny can take in the closer eleven thousand eight eighty eight seventy kinder than will netilat a Monica downside start in on one chip kochu resistance I said twelve thousand eleven friends so he was exotica to all those in the grid coach Jim and I keep back said if this crowding to main reason energy bureau Kesari option chain analyst Sharon starches aren't a Miku yeah could I open interest change out tune the energy may coke ideally Sudan about immediate Chapel react resistances money so told thousand twelve thousand forty range I lay down to the friends by chance occur at a strong motor twelve thousand Pike a break or teaching us Eric twelve thousand Pina ante twelve thousand twelve thousand ten twelve thousand twenty and I levels look what I do in two positions this coordinate why shaken be twelve thousand forty pine amanaki closing Connie Wendy consistently the sustain how to new level and his number come me couldn't a twelve thousand forty piney Latham Anarchy next inning just no movement into no definitely the stronger no offense but in our between Monica twelve thousand twelve thousand forty intent a chances of my backside could have a letter Nikki I like a banker if T Tuesday 31,000 either manic psychological level in chip kochu previous liquid AMA no hoko thirty one thousand forty and a rocker supported a new resistance could i buttons are you can be so it could Amalia they support his Mankins thirty one thousand and at this condi resistance at eight thirty one thousand four twenty around four hundred levels at a definitely mind launch conference eros a correct a monarchy back killed in 2030 1399 like an inch will incur almost thirty one thousand four hundred so are they level strength in the core idea level Abrams yogini procured a level only so meek resistance indent a people to micachina ante premier Cunha bank level solid agreeing on these so next to oka Miku was two openings are it a resistance in is break of virtue Oh II resistance and it'll break at a thirty one thousand five hundred is 550 level 8a coding of mine launch conference okay so a level could have bacon at a thirty one thousand six hundred eight hundred and a levels monarchy cards mine owner on key most probably chances on my friends okay so indiabulls Housing Finance benchmark old friends here at American market almost eight to ten percent like a character ordered their Hindi so he'll 8h out our coca allegation and cheapo kochu so Monica tech conformed in new Scuderi allegation so allegation Tony Rose down in the main reason intent a indiabulls Housing Finance combination of a shareholder indent a Supreme Court law case made enduring in D so plea and toughen so cleave a dinger Hindi so tiny in chaplain aren't a indiabulls Housing Finance public that give me Chechen magneto undeveloped on some modern vakani so either okay third sources that India will salami overrated double hetero indiabulls Housing Finance law are double Novalis on top priority Knobloch also shell companies perto while inverse Jessie or the bullet Caputo Patancheru and chef better complain chaser friends so it couldn't even make a better guy exponential and K you said Miko cochina and take a drawing gesture piston okay so I want the public are good non-self friends okay so public on the intent a money knee or else investors hundred twenty balamani knee indiabulls Housing Finance kitchen Cunha so indiabulls Housing Finance Agra you could do almost public mannequin in D variable money can you and even these so indiabulls Housing Finance ain't chasin and jepner and de indiabulls Housing Finance or kershel companies key contain earlier with a parameter Aventine matter acyl companies Qaddafi only pepper me Dante so pepper me than a company ski tomboy anyway they were a code clue loans Ibrahim bara are shell companies Nietzsche voila covers and companies located tambien develop quarterly transfer chess kanaru Tom being the will quote in a trance watches kanaru thought voir evaluate a chain may never return arrow Sameera Nathan oh and while the director so lob up on Darwin's Naru so yen Duke initial companies come on pinches on throughout the very complex cramp in squad Monta suppose so it on brain they will quote Lee shell companies sketcher cada rape ooh by chance edit a value next coming here slow we later the company load double peter accompany flop by non-conference so flop ite company Jolla key legal guy overall a roux in the a will directly he company clone evil is a company Kamara Maloney cheroo so he intent a limited companies Inomata so limited companies and then I can take someone sinister direct a Mauna Kea Lani company in Mahara Makoto he's a notch a gala so donek someone inciarte a board of directors a mansion in cocoa company Mia and te company llevarlo in the Casa so our La Valle company location market chain Dublin table though so Don economy Lu in cocoa rules no arrival of area companies look double pump in Charo and Jepsen our friends okay so is it a purely allocation Fran's 100 percent allocation a so we loo ante indiabulls accompaniment Shepton ante Deepika frothy Somali black melchester ooh mother gah he knows only mere mark intimate inaudible epic both a maiming news name e kuu public chase has done so public just stay entertained Miku Miku no good name and at the post on there and go to bed condom you Lakshmi black man though edit a mirror all oh just neuroma gerontologist narrow me me the allocation such net like they are being a kind of Wendy left a very wearable could have Mickey D except Chihiro so me reversed inaudible in it we we could reach over there me goal Micawber to me remark inaudible if one day and shape I thought Iike rooms are again than ship indiabulls Housing Finance company attached up to me Danny taken another alumni Marco mainly in mediafire June 4th encoder file Jess I want to narrow 2019 so isn't the intent allocation friends and d h FL male could a cobra posted at a chase in those allegations say manny mota so company so the ninja value shell companies could double Petrino are shell companies in Qi Yi main ant indiabulls Housing Finance l'chaim incur named Wendy left the Board of Directors I work at a wall of Santa company's entire ass on the company's key money in from bitch cordon so Evie cable of allegations reference monarchy in cup proof on Israel I do carpet 8% apparently but in the reality Lord is o Muhammad room where a gown to me even his amazing card with the cable and blackmailing him until it's a matter of money back to the track costume friend Zoe the NT until a condom at round it be implemented on T counter Loma theory to interaction of his coat dude it's okay so next s penguins matter called friends Chapel ante oka Sarika results Porsche snap-on ETS banky w da da boom era de bono cultura achoo nini Entente Ajay Kumar non-executive director res NJ saroo eros Entente mukesh suburb all non execute to independent director resin gesture were cigar non-executive directors in the resin J Serpent's because I important thing in Adam Budi animator so Moody's an evil entity oka rating agencies again is okay rating agencies like mine k pls say I see array given me allow entire and stt rating agency oligomeric a moody scenario creating agency so Wally engine are it is Ben Kennedy Housing Finance key and monarchy non banking finance companies key almost six point four percent we Lou and they will total loan say that each internal exposure 6.4 percent to ninjetta Naru yet they will each in w ni o at the maximum wala key he put her out on earth accustomed in the context tells make a difference liquidity crisis to run north only and hold real estate he housing finance companies kinetic codec for cast aluminum in the cavity is mainly coming Quattro slip at the galava wavy window and just Anaru and recently to some Monica Anil Dhirubhai Ambani company someone in Chantay anil ambani examination companies cash bank innately a cougar ee Barada over companies he put a stern lawrence o'donnell on jasmine cat applause diorama nao canoe speculation later on Neruda and deeply learnt a noose around my they definitely negative anion Cavalli and he put a recent ago chin yousendit RBA has Bank me the fine with inch in there and chips an orphan see they walk around me the oka the enemies I didn't use to anybody Rosetta Monica's bank at a anti upside it a valid and drinking the Connie in a suggestion intent a Cody Rose let a quarter results or chill work West Bank love fresh investment site a 20-person low starch a du Vallon different friends are the untimely true Senate like they share price I could chemo reference in 150 Pine immensity and a mansion level and Japan but next to 150 level break I go once that take million him a Libra 140 Sloan the manly monarchy led to new silver on throwback Hilton and ox her friend was new overall a percolator now tune to the eight to one tenth a he couldn't do 20 30 percent upsetting will local movement I did as of now immediate to get the kind of in shock lido once monarchy is a now Comanche strong power students next to coming results low that a balance sheet improves a new season I'm encroaching on to definitely man channel love this the no next to Carl and him on a veto interaction and his coach Connie you need to take a level since you say drop both on Oprah Connie pollutant optic Arnie Mira short-term even a mere expect Jess discordant any investment prospect to let the present at the touch it then shipped on okay so anil ambani green smarter conference tonight a press meet conference in the career purchase gonna rent a recent time slow a plate a at a market low either a little karna Mandy so-called market experts entered a you play the company bar perform just don't though by ante a they take targets and tell you the ultimate targets just inter stop key you put it the company bar performs a though it can engine extinct I am under the cell and told Peru so anil ambani inject an event a marui edit a magical and llama company smith especially my company's me the meredith a so-called rumors Canavan deallocations can express chespin ro so avoid a character kadu in the context april 1st 2018 in c May 31st 2019 overcome a mortem cut in W 35 thousand crores and Shepton are so attractive 5000 crores Lowell almost a twenty four thousand eight and twenty four thousand eight hundred crores value principal amount and a main teaspoon amount cotton and Naru a legate 10,000 crores 600 okay so are they intend to what dick at Tarrant no ok so principal amount twenty four thousand eight hundred crores voila Kutner would be in twenty ten thousand six hundred of course cut down just not a total got thirty five thousand crores main page itself in the day almost took over one year one year two months gap low and next coming times local domains Oliver ku very aware of all the discussion Sloan Charlotte Salim assets nama Don Jose no mortem depth no coda clearing a cut s now so mom either I'd like to speculate to do sneak create Jesse Marsch shareholders can muster per se okay with Don Ramiro creates a demand a they take correct picado and chef dinero so we clarification intent a he shareholders cuz someone insurance in the continued clarity investors and our wall-e much just in a news based activity Tony Granato in the monarchy he shares an equal to Donna thorn I so I write a character cargo and ship with a knighted media come one and she disclosed shared a vintage elegantly okay so starlight technologies could intimate our conference almost eleven percent American difference intercession slow so reason intern today 52 percent on table a promoter send it a 52 percent does take me while the pledge chaser and matter okay now so I the 100 percent religious sir and the total value played chess in the 52 percent to the present at outstanding so that was 100% develop inches around a 52% to I look like Jason Shane inviting T said in their egg in D so absolute oka companying someone in cheap let Jason aren't a negative news ultimately so release just not a definitely cause to continue but till 100 percent released just gonna rent a definitely a super positive on to meet friends in the country while a company made the bulk strong confidence on 10 a 100 percent and anyone who religious come back these core devices are used on these over on you stay in demand exterior technologies monarchy heroes 11% upset well done the reunions on trovato Valley come take some mention a border while the people intent a statement Sharon's arrogantly Mamie leche de Martin amico in the next coming days Lamia mocha super speed to move he Industrial Moon Township once again so he overall he was trained under style a technology syros monkey paws to a close or is it again so next to Jay Davis benchmark old friends so recent time slow monkey Hinduja group company and Ithaca the indented Jet Airways flight investments Shea both an iron ship at a new search in Kedah monarchy so Danny Green's difference new Santa and uh Jade a whiskey some one inch in a bank say ingest Nantais and DJ discovery cologne cetera banks and nickel see path up at the investors Nicholas II so miru jet a reversal W patterned a jet airways número entire stake in American up Cunha and JP banks and Nick wouldn't this be a bigger banks and he could have very very path the path investors in contact or don't even they finally garlic Hinduja group Andretti ha the toy tay discussions just through narrow so Hinduja group at a panic attack in france under maybe investments perched on Jet Airways lunatic Nikita Gandhi and eighty hardcore intent a main fresh investments linkage a human she's not in the country I think how are they called ready Jet Airways lost a kundi so inkowl investments JL unquote lay that one negative on the jet airbase near the present the guy investments shell unquote lemony of new store Jet Airways euros mannequin down order methods are again they and dingo attendant a jet airways employ hunter girlfriend so wall Andre intent ance LT and matter okay so national company la tribuna so dealing more round could narrow so ent will Allison intent a you Prater work a company some money in see over at a and C lt-cable courante approval down could need ever employ son matter so he implies Connie NC Altec will not let the wall in the Collin couldn't impressive Maliki previous case down Ajitha laconic Bundy under financial commitments a the town Terry Jet Airways Nietzsche of Inca Valley runs Naru so once we Louie and CLT quily Jet Airways Miha Micucci Talia valiant a walk every Jet Airways company involvement on until the numbers Alger Hiss NC lt1 luminance lcac so our double in first ever kissed her ante we will accomplish in a bank skipper reference first to dental upon chespin Avila ki-moon do Corral Sanji t'lani Jesse 24 months advance novel Khajiit Olympia her serve in the country in Turkey company la franchisor makes tea company in mooses or cavity next coming 24 months common little advanced go Chester ooh d'entre wat a dynamic guilty banks crystalline matter so banks and heparin and a mere well let the kuraki very very in mr. Smith choose Coonan so investors money part are Lindy malevolent Stanley the national company law tribunal can Jeff Naru so true dolphins next to Jet Airways a month on an ad in the Entente Eurostar investment can chapter now Molly valium will occasionally Jet Airways and Japanese on taint and a box are pure academics are gonna elope petals are with two hundy okay so next to son Pharma wouldn't markali so indicate a rating agency reference so Goldman Sachs Entente San Fermin down great children's arrogantly so I let down Richard on throw interceptions Lumina calls must what percent the grabber to correct order and 400 below market a valid amethyst arrogant friends so he different see video right there and the video and even aluminum a today's no points on I or the monopoly could I use of known for difference definitely shared shouldn't cry chain day and you don't necessarily they liked infants and alike a man channel and subscript just connect later subscript just Cooney and Burkinabe a like honor some friends soba like on a textured with a matchbook on D and next interesting video thermally move the boss conference and our could take care Jane


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