4   Social Job Sharing (SJS) – Learn About Sharing Jobs from the Scheduled Tab

4 Social Job Sharing (SJS) – Learn About Sharing Jobs from the Scheduled Tab

This video provides you with an overview
of how to manage your sharing by using the Scheduled tab. From the home page,
select the Scheduled button and then click Schedule a specific job. From here,
you can prioritize specific jobs that you want to share by locating them on
the jobs list. When you locate the job you’d like to schedule to be shared, click on the Schedule button. In the box that opens for you, you want to unselect
any of the networks that you do not want to share this job to. Next, you want to
select the date along with the time that you’d like this position to share. If you’d like for this job to be shared automatically more than the time and the
date that you’ve selected, click on the Frequency button and make your selection. When you’re finished, click Schedule and
this will save your selection and successfully add your job to your list
of scheduled jobs. You can schedule as many individual jobs as you’d like as
there is no limit in the scheduling section of the tool To see what jobs you
have scheduled, click on the View Scheduled jobs button and this takes you
back to the main scheduling tab. This page offers you a list of your upcoming
shares. Based on your selections that you’ve made in the tool, you can see which
job is going to share when and to which network. If you’d like to remove a job
from the scheduled list prior to it being shared, hover over the row of the
position that you’d like to delete and click upon the X. To learn about other parts of the Social
Job Sharing feature, please see the additional video vignettes available.